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Paolo Cavalli Coinport dated 1992, one of three different invisible coins is selected and materializes in performer's hand, then an ESP card is selected and the matching symbol appears on coin while it is held by spectator
Paolo Cavalli E-Wave dated 2001, ungaffed B'Wave
Related to 10
Paolo Cavalli C. K. C. Planet Earth dated 2003, with prediction of amount of wrong cards, performed as mind control spectators get cards offered and they can take them or refuse them
Inspired by 14
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Corinda 2005 Outdone only description of effect, some random person is called to name numbers which match prediction
Inspired by 18
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Any Card, Any Number several phone numbers are written on a pad, one person names a card and a other person is called to name number, only description
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira The E.C.P. Principle dated 1998, several phone numbers are listed one is chosen and called, force of assistant
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Shades of Mind performer divines thought of color, number from one to ten and name of person, psychological ploys for number and color
Paolo Cavalli A Penny For Your Thoughts dated 1997, four chairs and three spectators, prediction of empty chair in envelope, 100$ on empty chair, pennies on the other chairs
Inspired by 30
Paolo Cavalli Beer-It Twice dated 2004, three bags with bottles, spectator guesses brand of beer and in which bag bottle is, other bags are shown empty
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Dove-It Out three paper bags, one chosen and smashed, shattered bottle or bird found in other bags
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira N.G.R.R. spike in one of three bags, verbal
Related to 38
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Death Warrant II° message appears on chosen Tarot card, revelation of name
Paolo Cavalli W.D.W. Book Test impromptu book test, pen put inside book to select a page
Paolo Cavalli Pun thought of word is whispered to other person, who has to come up with a new word, repeated with 5 more people, last word is named and performer divines word, then a word written on a business card is read by one person and apparently mis-remembered
Random Thoughts and Other Bonus Experiments
Paolo Cavalli Radarama Deck as Tossed-Out Deck or as Mind-Power Deck idea, brief
Related to 52
Paolo Cavalli Chairvelope - Alternative Ending (Yes!... The one I was using!) only ending, see Omicron for full routine
Related to 52
Paolo Cavalli Riffletome variation on Maven's Autome Book Test, brief
Inspired by
  • "Autome" (Max Maven, VideoMind Vol. 1)
Paolo Cavalli Con-See-Stency two words from book are written down, both are divined
Paolo Cavalli Technicolor Will Prediction effect with three colored envelopes
Inspired byRelated to
  • Deddy Corbuzier's "Free Will"
Paolo Cavalli Psictionary several words chosen using a dictionary and written on square of paper, chosen one is duplicated
Related to
  • Richard Osterlind's "Odds"
Massimo Tira Center Dead dated 2002, name of dead person is divined, using a pendulum
Paolo Cavalli Chair Night dated 2003, four chairs, four people four envelopes under one is a 100$ bill
Paolo Cavalli Extreme Overdrive card is thought of before the show, number is named by other spectator and card is found at position
Inspired by 67
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