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Patrick G. Redford Introduction
Colin McLeod Welcome
Colin McLeod By Association game of word association, last word is predicted on business card inside envelope
Colin McLeod Direct Flight word is formed by association of letters, last word is divined
Inspired by
  • Joshua Quinn's "Thought Chunnel" in "ParaLies"
Colin McLeod Truly Epic triple prediction, amount of sceptics, people who had a paranormal experience and a word formed by the audience
Colin McLeod The Anthology Deck words written on playing cards, divining words or cards
Colin McLeod Here Comes Someone divination of three cards, one just thought of from a bunch of cards
Inspired by
  • Paul Vigil's "Here Comes Everyone"
Tenkai Ishida, Arthur H. Buckley, Edward Marlo Book Break Turnover Glimpse
Colin McLeod Tossed Without Deck tossed out deck without deck, three cards are thought off and divined / predicted
Colin McLeod Mesmerised Deck cards are shuffled and numbered from 1 to 52 with a pen, memorized by performer, teaching list of objects
Colin McLeod Double Card Prediction Essay two cards placed on two chairs, two spectators divine card, one by selecting the same card from a deck and one by just naming it
Colin McLeod The Dunninger Ploy thoughts and ideas with the Dunninger Ploy
  • Invisible Deck
  • Train of Thoughts (Lee Earle)
  • Confabulation
Colin McLeod Safe Opener with two bags, one filled with shards of glass, same basic concept as Cavalli's "N.G.R.R."
Related to 88
Colin McLeod Note to Self which hand routine using the last three digits of a bill to determine whether to put the bill into the left or the right hand
Colin McLeod Perfect Prediction which hand, hand's are connected with words, coin is found and words predicted, using Hugo Shelly's Sixth Sense
Colin McLeod Noted with four bills removed from a wallet, odd bill is found as well as the different scenarios the spectators are thinking of
Inspired by
  • Stephen Tucker's "Visa Cabaret"
  • "Kurotsuke" (Max Maven, VideoMind 1, 1997)
Colin McLeod Additional Thoughts spectators write differente pieces of information on a piece of paper, other spectator selects one and information is divined
Inspired by
  • Banachek's "Q&A Pad"
  • Docc Hilford's "Questa"
  • Jeromey Finley's "In the Madhouse"
Colin McLeod Diced Thoughts die is rolled in a cup, each number stands for a feeling and people think of a memory, memory is divined, using Craig Filicetti's Real Dice
Related to 130
Colin McLeod Billet Ballet... thoughts on using billets, justification
  • The Center Tear
  • Billet Peeks in General...
Colin McLeod Devil-May-Care mailed prediction contains two envelopes, one predicts which one spectator will select and the other predicts first couple of word of newspaper
Inspired by 148
Colin McLeod Remarkable Effect three items, spectator decides how they are distributed to three locations, this is predicted
Inspired by
  • "Free Will" (Deddy Corbuzier & Paul Richards)
Colin McLeod My Journey (So Far)
Colin McLeod, Peter Turner An Interview with Peter Turner
Colin McLeod In Closing using the book "Divine" itself
David Gerard Outro
Colin McLeod Thanks & Crediting
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