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Written by Joaquín Navajas
Work of Joaquín Navajas
83 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joaquín Navajas
Language: Spanish
34 entries
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Joaquín Navajas Introducción
Also published here i
Arturo de Ascanio Prólogo
Also published here iii
Joaquín Navajas Prólogos de Aparición
Also published here 1
Joaquín Navajas En la Punta de los Dedos four coin production with one hand
Related toAlso published here 1
Joaquín Navajas La Dejada - Caida coin switch
Also published here 2
Joaquín Navajas Cambiando de Posición hands are moved over the table and one by one four coins appear
Related toAlso published here 3
Joaquín Navajas Moneda a través de un Vaso coin through bottom of glass
Related toVariationsAlso published here 7
Joaquín Navajas Cobre, Plata, China y... Climax copper coin vanishes and appears again, then it changes into a silver and into a chinese coin, finally the coin becomes a jumbo coin
Also published here 11
Joaquín Navajas Throwing Coin from one Hand to the Other showing same side
Also published here 12
Coin Transformation
Related to 12
Joaquín Navajas Transfromación de la Moneda Gigante visual transformation of a coin into a jumbo coin, coin grows in closed fist
Also published here 13
Joaquín Navajas La Caverna coin switch on table
Related toAlso published here 17
Joaquín Navajas "Pasa-Pasa" de Monedas four coins travel from hand to hand
Also published here 19
Joaquín Navajas Transposición Cobre-Plata two coin transposition, using La Caverna move
Also published here 24
Joaquín Navajas Otras Aplicaciones al Pase de la Caverna
Related toAlso published here 25
Joaquín Navajas Wild Coins four coins
Also published here 27
Joaquín Navajas Coin Change visual transformation
Joaquín Navajas Cambio de color "Caverna" visual transformation, using La Caverna move
Joaquín Navajas Cambio de color "Pases Mágicos" visual transformation with coin on table
Joaquín Navajas JK. Desaparición complete coin vanish, to top pocket of shirt or jacket
Also published here 35
Joaquín Navajas Apertura Matrix four coins appear under four cards
Also published here 39
Joaquín Navajas Okito Final four coins
Also published here 45
Joaquín Navajas Kick Move Variation
Joaquín Navajas Wiped Clean Vanish
Inspired byAlso published here 47
Joaquín Navajas Refuerzo F. D. convincers for coin vanishes, pretending the coin is in the hand
Numero Uno: "Por Saltitos"
Numero Dos: Por empuje del Pulgar
Also published here 49
Joaquín Navajas La Catapulta coin is shot out of fist
Related toVariationsAlso published here 51
Joaquín Navajas Aplicaciones para el Pase "La Catapulta" using the Catapult for sleeving, lapping and the Topit
1. Enmangue
2. Descarga en el Regazo
3. Descarga al "Topit"
Also published here 57
Joaquín Navajas Pasaje Magico four coins using the catapult, different ending variations
Also published here 59
Joaquín Navajas Vuelo Metálico four coins, one by one
VariationsAlso published here 65
Joaquín Navajas Interior Okito four coins, wth the catapult
Also published here 69
Edward Marlo Spider Vanish
David Roth Shuttle Pass
Joaquín Navajas Okito Box Load using the catapult
Joaquín Navajas Monedas Canguro four coins through table, into glass
Also published here 79
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