Written by Aldo Colombini
Work of Aldo Colombini
16 pages (Stapled), published by Mamma Mia Magic
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Aldo Colombini Introduction
Aldo Colombini The Chinese Purse chinese coin vanish and appears on rope between two knots
Aldo Colombini The Slip Knot
Aldo Colombini Interchange two Queens transpose with two random cards, identical with Miguel Gomez routine
Related to 3
Aldo Colombini Jump and Pass two selections transpose with four Kings, Hofzinse Ace problem with two selections, inspired by a Phil Goldstein routine
Aldo Colombini, Peter Duffie Imaginary Journey two Kings travel to to of second half of the deck, then two selections appear
Inspired by
  • a routine by Peter Duffie in "21 Card Trick"
Aldo Colombini Y2K Deck "Double Signature Transpo"
deck of double-blank cards, spectator and performer each sign a card, they transpose, then both signatures on one card
Also published here 5
Jerry K. Hartman Blow Away Change card secretly turned over when blowed on
Unknown Paintbrush Change
Aldo Colombini Printing Ahead four blank cards, on one a back appears and on one the face of selection, then they fuse together
Steve Pressley, Aldo Colombini Same Time, Same Place card reversed in center turns out to be later selection
Edward Marlo Cover Up Cut
Aldo Colombini Half Binding bill is torn into two pieces and two balls restore to one bill in spectator's hand
Aldo Colombini Ring Up ring off rope, knot
Stephen Tucker Sponge Away to spectator's hand
Also published here 10
Meir Yedid Ring Through Finger from third to fourth finger
Also published here 11
Stephen Tucker, Aldo Colombini King-Ko's signature multiplies on blank cards
Inspired by 12
Jay Sankey, Aldo Colombini Pyramid selection in pyramid, formed with deck an rubber band
Inspired by 13
Peter Duffie Pick Me, Pick Me Not! two cards among six Jumbo cards are selected, only cards with "Pick Me" written on it, on the other card is written "You Won't Pick ME"
Aldo Colombini The Ruler impressions with a carpenter's ruler, eventually selection is formed
Also published here 15
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