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Justin Higham Foreword originally released at Neatcon, July 2023
Selected Card Notes (2023 Lecture)
Justin Higham Double-Crossed Aces performer cuts deck into four packets in square formation, top cards are shown to be indifferent, then they change to Aces, using pick-up from wrong packets
Inspired byRelated toVariations 4
Justin Higham Cognitive Transpo - Alternatives two cards transpose, and then the suits on the cards transpose
  • Second Method
Inspired by 5
Justin Higham Illogical Retention Change face-up/face-down discrepancy
Also published here 6
Justin Higham Impressionistic Ace Controls - Part 2 four Aces cut into deck one by one, end up together on top, no crimps, no shuffles
  • Method Twelve
  • Method Thirteen
  • Method Fourteen
  • Method Fifteen
Related to 7
Table Drag Shift brief
Justin Higham Stripcut Aces Plus Table Shift Aces produced during strip-cut action one by one
Justin Higham Multiple Shift Finesse forgetting one Ace during multiple shift and losing it afterwards
Shiv Duggal K.M. Sandwich Production two cards appear between sandwich cards one by one on top of deck
Inspired byAlso published here 9
Justin Higham K.M. Ace Production four Aces produced between sandwich cards on top of deck
Inspired byRelated toVariations 10
Justin Higham Four-Way Thompson Cut
Inspired byRelated toVariations 11
Justin Higham Monte Plus Move - Finesse out-jogged handling
  • Credits (credit information)
Inspired by 13
Justin Higham Geiger Meets Hofzinser
  • Phase One (a card is moved along spread, clicking sound changes at selection)
  • Phase Two (three Aces change and Ace matching the selection remains, Geiger Counter Card changes into selection)
Inspired by 15
Noah Katznelson Radiation Everywhere variation in which Geiger Counter card becomes selection in follow-up phase
Inspired by 16
Edward Marlo Reverse Mexican Concept switching the in-the-hands card
Also published here 16
Justin Higham All's Well That Ends Well version without stack
Inspired byRelated toVariations 17
Justin Higham Count-Action Double Deal cards counted from left-hand dealing position into right-hand dealing position
Also published here 17
Justin Higham Speed Larreverse Handling two cards are turned over book-wise quickly
Related to 18
Justin Higham A Pedantic Poker Player's Picnic top cards are used to count down
Inspired by 19
Benjamin Earl Spectator's Holdout Shuffle spectator shuffles deck in stages yet set-up is retained, brief
Also published here 19
Justin Higham Deal-Cut-Shuffling Lesson spectator shuffles and cuts and turns over and gets Aces while performer demonstrates the actions with the other half and gets Kings
Inspired by 20
Justin Higham Finessed Dealing the Aces spectator deals and stops, then deals into four piles
Justin Higham Easy-Going Gambler Gambler vs Magician version
Justin Higham For The Less Perceptive odd-backed card placed in deck, spectator should find it, he finds one with a third back color and rest of deck changes back color
  • Second Method
Inspired by 22
Justin Higham Palm-Down Illogical Riffle Force
Also published here 23
Justin Higham Thought Card Across Finessed
Justin Higham Bonus Section (Second Edition)
Justin Higham Impressionistic Ace Control - Method Nine, Version Two four Aces cut into deck one by one, end up together on top
Inspired by 25
Justin Higham Be Honest, Did You See It? two methods for Fechter's effect
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Inspired by 26
Justin Higham Secret Full House spectator draws cards face up, performer still gets a Full House, Reverse Mexican Concept
Justin Higham Open-Switch Coins Through Table with discrepancy
Related to 28
Improvised Card Notes (2023)
Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham A Short Introduction to Improvisation
Justin Higham The Trick That Can Be Explained Again
Related to 31
Justin Higham The Workshop - Aide Mémoire list of tricks that were part of the workshop with references
Justin Higham Live Improv Examples
Justin Higham Game or Demo? some culling improvisation stories
Justin Higham Improv Coins #1 improvised one coin routine at table
Justin Higham Improv Coins #2 coin travels on top of tabled card case
Justin Higham These Walls Have Ears phone call anecdote with David Carré about an overheard Ace production
Justin Higham Impromptu Bullseye card chosen, indifferent card placed under smartphone, it changes into card from same value, other cards of same value are produced and selection is found under phone
Inspired by 36
Justin Higham Slapped Card Under Mat card under close-up mat at end of Nerve Trick
Related to 37
Justin Higham Anson Chen Improvises on improvisation, fake faro principle idea
Justin Higham 20 Reasons for Improvisation
Justin Higham Real Versus Fake Interaction
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