Written by Bruce Bernstein
Work of Bruce Bernstein
56 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Bruce Bernstein Introduction
Bruce Bernstein Picture That Tell a Story four envelopes, spectator selects one which matches ring, story presentation
Inspired byAlso published here 1
Bruce Bernstein Trans-Premonition spectator thinks of a card before the show, during the show two decks are displayed, named card is missing in one deck and is found in other
Related to
  • Stan Loebstein's "Premonition Outdone"
Also published here
Bruce Bernstein Impossible Bank Night before the show, bill is signed and placed inside envelope, spectator hands stack of envelopes during show and all but one are burnt
Also published here 8
Bruce Bernstein Let's Try One More Time number written on envelope and spectator tries to divine it, prediction of number of guesses in envelope
Also published here 10
Bruce Bernstein Mentalist's Insurance Policy prediction of named word in form of an insurance policy
Also published here 12
Bruce Bernstein Getting Ahead of Myself mental epic, with insurance where last word is predicted
Also published here 15
Bruce Bernstein Thoughts on the Nail Writer thumb tip swami, with holdout
Related to 18
Bruce Bernstein A Prediction in Code prediction is coded as number and sent in advance, code is shown and prediction can by deciphered, headline prediction, sport event etc.
Related toAlso published here 22
Bruce Bernstein Psychological Card Force card placed on the table
Related toAlso published here 26
Bruce Bernstein Breaking the Bank prediction of named amount of money in piggy bank
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Minding the Store"
Also published here
Bruce Bernstein Love Connection two chosen cards end up together in the deck, with the Queen of Hearts in between, sign of love, two methods
Also published here 32
Bruce Bernstein Hummer Psychometry three people seal person object in envelopes, they are switched while performer's back is turned, correct allocation
Also published here 34
Bruce Bernstein Marked For A Reading four piles, spectator selects cards from piles according to question, 20 questions game, reading
Also published here 36
Bruce Bernstein Thoughts on "Nelson's Best Kept Secret" getting affirmation by sitter, while doing reading at a party
Also published here 38
Bruce Bernstein Prediction Plus prediction of which spectator divines number, second spectator is used to help and also freely predicted
Related toAlso published here 41
Bruce Bernstein Logical Headline Prediction
Also published here 45
Bruce Bernstein Win Some Free Information collecting information before the show setting up a raffle
Bruce Bernstein Third Person Psychometry spectator's necklace is placed in envelope and envelope shuffled with other envelopes, spectator locates correct envelope
Also published here 48
Bruce Bernstein Ultimate Psychometry spectator's necklace is placed in envelope and envelope shuffled with other envelopes, spectator locates correct envelope, duplicate
Also published here 50
Bruce Bernstein Emergency Mentalism blank cards are handed out before the show and spectators can write words are draw anything, method to use certain cards which can be allocated as well, concept
Also published here 54
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