For attendees of The Second Deal Convention in New Orleans, March 2002
Written by Jason Alford
Work of Various
34 pages (Stapled), published by The Second Deal (Jason Alford)
Illustrated with drawings by Jason Alford
Language: English
11 entries
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Peter Duffie Not as Impromptu one of four cards selected, other three cards added together and number counted in deck finds mate
Inspired byAlso published here 3
Nathan Kranzo Triple Erdnase face card changes three times
Inspired by 4
Jason Alford Elevator4 Ace through Four penetrate Kings packet one by one
Inspired by 6
Mark Aspiazu New Orleans Slip one-handed bottom deal and flip-over of the card onto the packet held in left hand
Inspired byAlso published here 11
Steve Reynolds Out of This Gathering - Out of My Mind both spectators deal simultaneously
Andi Gladwin, Ashford Kneitel 8 Hour Fan Change card on face of one half changes when fan in other hand is waved over it, used in routine in which a card of same suit than selection changes into card with same value, then into selection itself
Also published here 14
Tomas Blomberg Late Key two selected cards from a deck, one is lost and the other one is placed in spectator's pocket, this deck and another one are dealt at the same time, magician stops at the first selected card and at the duplicate of the second selection
Related toAlso published here 17
Jason Alford Angled After-Burner! kind of a variation of Tom Ellis/Wesley James Loading move sequence
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 20
Peter Gröning Estimation card chosen fairly, performer removes a card and pockets it, it turns out to be the selection
Related to 24
Peter Gröning Center Action Cop a card is out-jogged and a block from the center put in gambler's cop position
Luke Dancy 4 for Daley Daley's Last transposition, then all four cards change
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