Written by Richard Bartram

Work of Richard Bartram

45 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Methods
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram.
Language: English

(34 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Richard Bartram Four Coin Vanish four coins vanish one by one and are produced again, last coin found in purse 2
Unknown Kick Move credited to Jennings, coin flicked under purse 2
Dan Huffman Coin to Purse Sequence signed coin to purse 3
Richard Bartram Phert! idea when spectator's hand is covering cards / coins on the table, so they feel the magic moment, plate-lifter 4
Richard Bartram Purse of the Damned four coins are invisibly removed from an invisible purse, last coin with real purse 5
Richard Bartram Alternate Handling apparently coin is put in purse, with Himber Vanish 7
Richard Bartram, Dan Huffman The Scars of Magic gag, steamiron is vanished behind huge card 8
Richard Bartram Coins to Purse four coins vanish one at the time and appear in a coin purse 9
Richard Bartram Close-Up Tips 'Outs' gag 10
Richard Bartram Cointainmint coin appears in sealed and stapled self seal coin holder 11
Richard Bartram Coin Assembly of the Damned! four coins, three cards in a row 13
Richard Bartram "Downs Palm!" humorous comic 16
Richard Bartram Popped Top! broken and restored flip-top from canInspired by 18
Richard Bartram "This Ain't Psychokinesis!!" "UP" elevator button always turn over in performer's hand 19
Richard Bartram This Ain't Psychokinesis, Either! coin under glass moves and spins 21
Richard Bartram Close-Up Tips "Scoring" gag comic 21
Richard Bartram Psycle Chain! number lock is opened by spectator, numbers selected by chosen cards, inspired by 7 keys to Baldpate 22
Richard Bartram Close-Up Tips "Ethics" gag comic 23
Richard Bartram Fun Page black humorous gags for dealing with hecklers
- Gag Rag
- Crap Out
- Sit Tight
- Forced Laughter
Richard Bartram Hairy Riser rising card, sponge ball method, also ungaffed method 25
Richard Bartram McDonald's Aces w/Cheese 27
Jerry Andrus Squeeze Vanish 29
Richard Bartram False-Cut of the Damned! deck is turned face up in the process, three packets 30
Richard Bartram Close-Up Tips "Children" gag comic 31
Richard Bartram Color Coordinated Triumph! color changing deck climax 32
Edward Marlo Rise-Rise-Rise Cop 33
Cardini Cardini Snap Change 34
Richard Bartram Atlantic City Split with signed card sandwiched as climaxInspired by 35
Richard Bartram Trained Aces! two aces change into signed selections, third selection ends up sandwiched between aces 38
Edward Marlo ATFUS Variation 39
Richard Bartram Half-Wit Pass secretly cutting deck, while showing card in center 41
Richard Bartram F-U Open Travelers with signed cards, last card through table 42
John Benzais Card Through Table 44
Richard Bartram Loose Ends, ETC... 45