Written by Bob Ostin
Work of Bob Ostin
88 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Don Fortescue
Language: English
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Bob Ostin Preface
Bob Ostin The "Sky Hooks" Routine coin is put on invisible sky hook where it also becomes invisible, then it appears again and finally changes into a die
Bob Ostin Coin Vanish pushed in closed fist
Bob Ostin The Vanishing Biro pen wrapped in paper vanishes
Bob Ostin A Coin from Two Cards coin appears between two cards
Variations 7
Bob Ostin Perfection Penetration handkerchief on table and coin placed on top, coin penetrates
Related toVariations 9
Bob Ostin Card-To-Wallet
Bob Ostin Bottom Palm
Bob Ostin The Production of the Card from the Wallet
Inspired by 13
Bob Ostin The "One Cup, One Ball, One Move" Routine normal cup
Also published here 14
Bob Ostin Ball Vanish
Bob Ostin The "Four-In-One" Routine coin changes to matches, coin flurry, coin changes to cigarette and lighter is produced
Inspired byVariations 17
Bob Ostin The Coin on the Pipe Cleaner coin with hole appears on pipe cleaner wrapped around hand
Bob Ostin Name Spelling name is spelled to find selection
Also published here 23
Bob Ostin Copper to Silver
Bob Ostin Reading Cards - Behind Your Back deck held behind back, cards are named
Bob Ostin Coin Through Ring coin placed inside handkerchief is secured with a ring, coin escapes
Bob Ostin The "No Load" Dice Stack Climax large sponge rabbit produced from cup as climax
Bob Ostin A Novel Penknife Routine complete routine, with half-colored knife and small knife
Variations 35
Bob Ostin The Cigar Tube Mystery small ball vanishes from cigar tube
Bob Ostin The "Good Company" Penetration handkerchief held by spectators and coin placed on top, coin penetrates, with variations
Related toAlso published here 42
Harry Idanov The Lie Detector impromptu
Related toVariations 46
Bob Ostin A Routine for the "Pencil Through the Penny" with small piece of paper
Bob Ostin A Clean Finish for the Coins Across disposing extra coin, sleeving
Bob Ostin The "Swivel Up" Card to Top double undercut from bottom to top, using swivel cut
Bob Ostin Adding a Stack to the Pack holder for pocket, to steal cards
Bob Ostin The "Peg" Coin Change coin held with peg is changed to other coin
Bob Ostin Perfection Penetration (Part 2 with Follow-up) Perfection Penetration, without hooked coin, two phases
Related to 61
Bob Ostin The "Backward" Card Trick homing card, with back of cards
Related toAlso published here 64
Bob Ostin My Coin in Bottle Routine with cork
Bob Ostin Diminishing Cards - Vanish for Last Set
Bob Ostin The One-To-Ten Red and Black Mystery Ten cards from Ace to King are used, five red and five black cards. Spectator thinks of a number and adds a number from the cards, performer produces two cards which equal the total
Bob Ostin Impossible Coin Plates marked coin appears between two plates, held together with rubber bands
Bob Ostin The Travelling Joker Joker between two cards travels up and down and from pocket back between other cards
Bob Ostin The "Which One" Coin Trick with a handkerchief on the table
Bob Ostin A "Sucker" Coin Trick penny changes to silver coin with hole in center, penny is show to also have hole
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