Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Harry Lorayne

148 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by William A. Morales.
Language: English

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Harry Lorayne Foreword vii
Harry Lorayne The Flip-Up Double Lift single-handed tilting movement 11
Harry Lorayne The Mind Boggler any card thought of, then a dealing procedure, scratched distant key card 13
Edward Marlo Direct Statement Fishing 15
Harry Lorayne The Half Force slip force handling 18
Harry Lorayne Quick Crimp corner crimp of bottom card 20
Harry Lorayne A Fast Repeat Reverse selection turns over twice 21
Unknown Spread Half Pass 21
Harry Lorayne Half-Force Aces spectator cuts to the aces, they change to kings, aces produced from anywhere 23
Unknown Cop Lap 24
Harry Lorayne Half-Force Open Prediction three prediction cards, spectator cuts deck into three packets, top cards match 26
Harry Lorayne The Double-Cut Lap 28
Harry Lorayne The Chopstick One-Hand Cut three packets 30
Unknown A Red-Black Shuffle Zarrow where cards are tilted onto edge, as full deck false shuffle in Afterthoughts 34
Tony Mullé The Riffle Diffle block shuffle, no strip-out 37
Harry Lorayne The Super Riffle Diffle block shuffle, basically variant of Spade ShuffleRelated to 40
Unknown Red-Black Riffle Shuffle reds into reds, blacks into blacksVariations 43
Harry Lorayne Three Table False Cuts 44
Tony Mullé The Retention of Vision Cut Variations 48
Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne, Bruce Cervon Amazing Prediction two cards, some dealing and counting 52
Harry Lorayne One-Hand Top-Palm Method handling of standard method 57
Harry Lorayne A Top Palm 59
Larry Jennings A Multiple Palm 62
Harry Lorayne Controlled Spelling a card is instantly spelled to from a shuffled deckRelated toVariations 64
Harry Lorayne Step Handling step in pack while dealing 65
Unknown Bottom Card Glimpse 67
Jeff Altman Cast a Triple Spell setting three cards for instant spelling in a riffle shuffle 68
Harry Lorayne Cast a Triple Spell Variation setting three cards for instant spelling in a riffle shuffle 69
Bob King Spell Again a card is instantly spelled to from shuffled deck 71
Tony Mullé The Rockin' Chair glimpsing cards while dealing them 73
Harry Lorayne The Ribbon-Spread Palm with lapping option 76
Harry Lorayne Deal Location 78
Unknown Tilt Glimpse 78
Harry Lorayne "Wired" 81
Harry Lorayne Half Deck Turnover 81
Harry Lorayne One-Hand Instant Crimp of isolated card 84
Derek Dingle The Lap Switch strip out switch 88
Derek Dingle Color-Full aces lost and found, color changing backs, change to kings 90
Harry Lorayne The Status Quo Shuffle retaining top card in single shuffle 91
Harry Lorayne The Utility Deal Peek during deal 93
Harry Lorayne The Persistence-of-Vision Control 96
Unknown 6D as 7D 98
Tony Noice A Switch-Control card in spread is touched, displayed, apparently put on table 99
Harry Lorayne Quick Matching the Cards 100
Russell T. Barnhart The "Clipper" Switch as pen is placed in tabled card 102
Russell T. Barnhart One of Four aces on table, named ace changes into selectionRelated to 106
Russell T. Barnhart Riffle Square Up Lap 108
Russell T. Barnhart Card Case Escape card is lapped as deck is displayed and placed into case, Center Table Steal 110
Harry Lorayne Improvisation Location placing two key cards 113
Harry Lorayne A Poker, or Four-Card, Switch Related to 115
Frank Thompson Spectator-Challenge Aces 119
Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell spelling to any ace called forRelated to 122
Harry Lorayne Spell-Mell aces lost, four packets formed, one ace spelled from each, faro 124
Harry Lorayne Two Simple Controls obtaining a jog above a selection 127
William A. Morales The Dribble Control tabled, setting a jog 129
Harry Lorayne HaLo Aces using HaLo CutVariations 131
Harry Lorayne HaLo Bottom Slip Cut 131
Harry Lorayne HaLo Again four Ace productionVariations 138
Unknown Slip Shuffle Force 138
Harry Lorayne HaLo Mates 140
Harry Lorayne HaLo Reverse 142
Harry Lorayne Two Rubber-Band Ideas (that I don't know what to do with!) magically (?) removing a card from a banded deck & lapping move as rubber band is removed 144
Harry Lorayne Last Word 147