Written by Jochen Zmeck
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32 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: German
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Jochen Zmeck Das Zmeckt!
Jochen Zmeck Gleiche Gedanken three numbers named, cards at those numbers are predicted with mates or from another deck
Falschabzählen durch Zurückziehen counting off the deck with faces towards audience, top card pulled back on deck to make it appear at any number
Jochen Zmeck Das Gehirn des Teufels three cards chosen, positions of all three cards named one by one, last card cut to by performer
Inspired by
  • Howard Albright routine
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Kartensteiger card rises from case by shaking
Inspired by
  • "An Anti-Gravitational Marvel" (G. E. Arrowsmith, Magical Originalia, 1943)
Jochen Zmeck Kuniberts Brautschau five toy swords and five shields, spectator pushes a sword through a shield, then the others as well, first chosen shield divined
Inspired by
  • Herbert Paufler routine
Jochen Zmeck Der FBI-Test one of six different-colored chips chosen by naming a number from an invisible die throw, predicted on blank paper by rubbing ashes on it, alternatively a two-way stencil to put over letters
Inspired by
  • Hanns Thielemann routine
Jochen Zmeck Die J. Z. Kartenships name of chosen card appears on chip, two methods
Jochen Zmeck Table Spread Force chip or object moved over tabled spread until spectator says stop, repeated with elimination procedure if required
Jochen Zmeck Durch das Tuch chip through handkerchief
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. Gold und Silber both coins in hands of spectator, sliding shell with half rim
Also published here
  • Magie, Vol. 48 No. 2, Feb. 1968, p. 367
Jochen Zmeck Durch die Hand two phases, first phase as in Genii
Inspired by
  • Loyd, Genii magazine
Jochen Zmeck Kon-Fu-Zme Kon-Fu-Tse version, chips with hole threaded onto string with a chip on it, they are freed
Jochen Zmeck Noch einmal: Die Würfelbüchse uses for the dice box (three parts, lid and bottom interchangeable), see following items
Ottokar Fischer 1. Zahlenerraten three dice added up three times, performer divines total, dice box
Also published here
  • Wunderbuch der Zauberkunst
Jochen Zmeck 2. J. Z. Forcieren with dice box
Jochen Zmeck 3. Würfel und Spielkarten dice shaken in dice box, card at that position remembered, shaken again and card then found at the new number
Jochen Zmeck 4. Nochmals Würfel und Spielkarten two cards chosen with dice thrown in dice box, they are in same position in two packets
Jochen Zmeck 5. Die Brautschau King and chosen pin-up girl are in same position in two packets, using dice box
Inspired by
  • "Die Brautschau" (Jochen Zmeck, Magie, 1967, p. 14)
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. Voodoo small sword pushed into one of seven holes in voodoo doll, in chosen card of seven cards with a figure on it appears the same wound
Inspired by
  • Jochen Zmeck version in Magische Welt
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Kartenbalken stick of wood with card suits and values, finger are moved together and where they meet the suit and then value are found to match a previous selection
Inspired by
  • version in Magie and "Das große Buch der Magie"
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Karten-Zauberstab paper strip wrapped around stick, letters on paper then form name of selection
Jochen Zmeck Durchdringung two wand held by spectators, rope wrapped around penetrates it
Inspired by
  • Tom Sellers routine
J. Z. Verschwindetüten
Jochen Zmeck, Robert Harbin 1. Doppeltüte mit Automatik newspaper with hidden compartment for vanishing things
Jochen Zmeck, Tom Sellers 2. Tüte und Glas paper cone placed in glass, things put it vanish
Jochen Zmeck 3. Verschwindetüte zum Zerknallen paper bag for vanishing things, bag then blown up and burst
Jochen Zmeck Die J. Z. Anziehpuppe chosen clothes appear on figure on slate
Inspired by
  • Eddie Clever routine
Jochen Zmeck Perfekt wie Dunninger... card freely chosen from one deck behind back, performer finds duplicate in different deck removed from different pocket
Inspired by
  • idea from Max "Arcanus" Schybol
Related to
Jochen Zmeck A-B-C Hellsehen three chosen ABC cards divined
Inspired by
  • Len Belcher routine
Jochen Zmeck Das J. Z. Farbforcieren using cards with color dots on them to force a color
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