Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Various

59 pages (Stapled), published by Harry Stanley
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ali Bongo, Eric Haylock.
Language: English

(20 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lewis Ganson Introduction 2
Bob Hummer Change kind of one-handed second deal, Downs Change 3
Lewis Ganson Free Choice including a handling adapted for childrenInspired by
  • Raymond Beebe (Genii, Oct. 1945)
Cy Endfield Card Penetration and Change card placed in handkerchief "penetrates", in its place selectionAlso published here 11
Lewis Ganson Bags of Everything cups and balls with felt bags 15
Lewis Ganson Moves with the Bags and Balls 1. The basic move
2. To show a bag empty when it contains a ball
3. Loading a ball secretly into a bag
4. Loading from the pocket
5. Production of a glass of wine
Eddie Ward Zombie Card Rise under handkerchief 21
Bertram Millidge New Move with the Jardine Ellis Ring through ribbon 23
Bertram Millidge Silk through Ring larger ring through ribbon 24
Bertram Millidge Silk through Silk 25
Ken Brooke Knot-Out knotting for setting up unknotting in sympathetic silks
- The Reef Knot
- To Upset the Knot
Ken Brooke The Sympathetic Silks 30
Ken Brooke The False Count for Sympathetic Silks 31
Ken Brooke Presentation of the Vanishing Card Case and Cards case vanishes, is produced from pocket, deck vanishes and is produced from case 33
Frederica Close-Up Thimble Routine Part 1 - The Production
Part 2 - The Vanish (with silk)
Lewis Ganson Diminishing and Expanding Cards in stagesInspired by
  • Ganson's routine in "Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards"
Peter Warlock The Cardboard Prisoner deck put in paper bag with ribbon through it, selection penetrates onto ribbon 46
Tonny Van Dommelen Front Page Cards three selections cut out of paper sheet, Eight of Hearts, Eight of Spades, Four of DiamondsRelated to 50
Marconick Gypsy Thread VariationsAlso published here 53
Ali Bongo Ali Bongo's Addition magical needle threading combined with Hindu Thread 58