Written by Neal Elias, Karl Fulves
Work of Neal Elias, Karl Fulves
118 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Foreword
Neal Elias The Twirl Pass
  • Introduction
  • Technical Note (difference to Cervon's Free Turn Pass)
  • The Twirl Action
  • The Twirl Palm (left-hand grip on the packet)
  • The Twirl Pass
  • Alternate Handlings
  • Points To Keep In Mind
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Neal Elias Variations Of The Twirl Pass
  • The Riffle
  • The Double Riffle
  • The All-Round Square-Up
Neal Elias The Pencil Pass Twirl Pass handling with pencil between fingers of right hand
Neal Elias Twirl Turnover Pass Twirl Pass handling
Neal Elias Turnover Spread Pass
Inspired by 22
Neal Elias Card Controls - Placing A Key Card deck secretly cut
Inspired by 25
Neal Elias, Edward Marlo Placing A Key Card II top card taken into right hand, deck then spread over it, also with key or force card near top
Neal Elias Forces forcing a key card like breather crimp
Inspired byRelated to 29
Neal Elias Force #1 handling for under-the-spread force
Neal Elias Force #2 getting card from the bottom under spread with kelly/ovette type action
Inspired byRelated to 30
Neal Elias The Banded Pass Twirl Pass handling with rubber band around deck lengthwise, as color change, two handlings
  • The Banded Pass II
Neal Elias A Useful Utility For The Twirl Pass
  • Bottom Card Face-Up To Top
selection appears face-up on top, or face-up top card transforms
Inspired byVariations 41
Karl Fulves Ovette Master Move Credit Information
Neal Elias More Effects Using The Nu-Glide Get-Ready see following items
Neal Elias The Pop-Out Card
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 46
Neal Elias A Rising Card (Of Sorts) card pops out of in-the-hands spread held by both hands
Neal Elias A Reverse Sleight deck reversed over card
Neal Elias A Long Spread using perpendicular card
Related to 50
Neal Elias Take Another Card spectator takes the same card, it pops out of spread as he is about to take one (gag?)
The Peek
Fan Control plunger jog
Related to 52
Neal Elias The Breakless Peek with jogged card that acts as short card
Variations 54
Neal Elias To Force A Card fingertip peek, with jogged card that acts as short card
Neal Elias Then There's The Breather Crimp forcing the breather crimp
Related to 60
Neal Elias A Twirl Reverse top card turned over to top with all-around square-up cover
Neal Elias Card Fan Productions
Neal Elias A Tossed Reverse deck tossed from hand to hand one half at the time, selection remains in other hand face-up
Inspired by 66
Neal Elias Spread Reverse a bit like a spread version of the Braue Reverse
Neal Elias The Nonesuch Card Prediction Again card to small number, Twirl Pass application
Inspired by
  • "The Nonsuch Card Prediction" (Francis Haxton, Pentagram)
Ellis Stanyon Slip-Back Count
Neal Elias A Transposition reversed top card with reversed card in center, Twirl Pass
Variations 72
Neal Elias Band-It rubber band around deck vanishes and reappears around selection, Twirl Pass application
Inspired byVariations 73
Neal Elias The Ambitious Card card pushed in and instantly Twirl Pass done
Neal Elias A Somewhat Different Effect card controlled to second-from-top
Neal Elias The Pop-Up Card with Twirl Pass
Inspired by 77
Neal Elias An Ambitious Card Routine five phases
Tom Ellis Super Rise Loading Move
Related to 81
Neal Elias Wrong Card, Right Card top card turned over, wrong card, transforms into right card, ready for double lift
Neal Elias Let's Not Forget The Four Aces switch-out addition with Twirl Pass
Neal Elias A Color Change (Using two cards) Twirl Pass with only two cards
Karl Fulves Further Notes chapter intro
Karl Fulves The Block Glide
Inspired by 91
Karl Fulves Base Deal deck shuffled, two-handed game dealt, one hand clearly off the bottom, those are the Aces
Karl Fulves The Banded Pass rubber banded pass, credit information
Related to 93
Karl Fulves Utility Ideas bottom card reversed while deck is turned over on top of it, Ovette-style beginning, here as simple cut force
Inspired by 94
Karl Fulves Repeatedly Ambitious
Karl Fulves Spook Card performer and spectator both reverse a card behind back in half the deck, spectator's reversed card appears in performer's half
Karl Fulves Casino Add-On blackjack is placed on top and dealt for two players, blackjack ends up in unexpected hand
Karl Fulves Draw-Black six card on table, one removed by spectator, rest is a Full House and removed card fits to matching blackjack card, simultaneous games presentation
Related to 99
Karl Fulves Utility Transfer card appears between to sandwich cards
Related to 101
Karl Fulves The Breakless Peek technical variation, side-jogged card acts as short card
Inspired by 103
Karl Fulves Square-Up with Jog
Karl Fulves The Recalcitrant Spectator out when spectator does not stop at jog for fingertip peek force, counting distance
Karl Fulves Multiple Control
Karl Fulves Unbreakable one card peeked at, one card thought-of in fan by another spectator, they are the same
Karl Fulves Fate In The Side Pocket unknown card in performer's pocket, card peeked at and one thought of in fan, performer divines one and other one is in pocket
Karl Fulves Peek & Cut cutting where spectator stops, weird
Karl Fulves Odd Man Out "was your card an odd card?", it is odd-backed and rest is blank, force
Inspired by
  • Billy McComb effect (The Wizard, July 1947)
Related to
Karl Fulves Nonesuch Count small number named, selection is there, false count off top of deck
Inspired by 114
Karl Fulves Jump Shot II banded deck, first rubber band jumps around half the deck, then around single selection, progressive
Inspired by 115
Karl Fulves Not By Chance spectator places a black Ace face-up in center, other one is on top, they transpose, red Aces are around Ace in center
Inspired by 116
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