Written by Allan Ackerman

Work of Allan Ackerman

109 pages (Paperback), published by GBC Press
Illustrated with drawings by Deryl Skelton.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown Publisher's Note 9
Allan Ackerman Author's Note 11
Allan Ackerman Easy Off Pips at the end the card is blank and vanishes, gaffedInspired by 13
Allan Ackerman Kabbala Elevators Inspired by 15
Allan Ackerman Card Case Collectors faro, no contactRelated toVariations 17
Edward Marlo ATFUS 17
Unknown Case Load 20
Allan Ackerman It Happens in the Spectator's Hand Jack Sandwich Spectator controls the actions 22
Allan Ackerman Pull Down from End Grip bottom card break at right hand small packet as it is squared 22
Edward Marlo ATFUS 23
Allan Ackerman EvaporACEtion 24
Allan Ackerman Hofzinser Card Pass to a Full Bottom Palm Related to 27
Allan Ackerman An Effect spectator names card, direct, prediction typeVariations 29
Allan Ackerman Open Travelers Variations 31
Allan Ackerman Tabled Spread method to lay down four Aces with extra card 31
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 32
Roger Klause R.K. One Handed Tilt 35
Allan Ackerman, Derek Dingle Thinking it Through color chaning deck climax 37
Unknown Bottom Glimpse glimpsing the top few cards of face up deck 40
Allan Ackerman Downers and Uppers same card occupies three positions 42
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Roger Klause Sandwich Trilogy 44
Allan Ackerman Roll Over Card Vanish bare handedVariations 46
Allan Ackerman, Bruce Cervon Impromptu Ultra Mental half pass version, see "Author's Note" for credit informationRelated toVariations 47
Allan Ackerman A Closer Approach impromptu, variation on "Impromptu Ultra Mental" 49
Allan Ackerman Double Ultra Mental two decks, spectator and performer each think of a card 50
Allan Ackerman Forethought 51
Allan Ackerman Second Deal Lap credit information 52
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Premonition 53
Allan Ackerman The Super Cut thought from hand spread 53
Allan Ackerman Dropping A Card forcing "any" card in peek position, thought of touch 57
Allan Ackerman Double Reverse one card is thought of half the pack 60
Allan Ackerman Quick Coincidence Variations 62
Unknown Top and Bottom Glimpse basic 62
Allan Ackerman Combination Cull Precursor Variations 63
Allan Ackerman, Heck The Spectator's Triumph spectator shuffles cards face up and face down, ungaffed (almost)Inspired by 68
Allan Ackerman Blanks - Selections - Aces four blanks transform into duplicates of selection, then aces, ungaffedRelated to 70
Allan Ackerman, Steve Freeman The Ten Handed Stack one shuffle 72
Allan Ackerman Streamlined Oil and Water 3&3, full deck finish 77
Allan Ackerman Streamlined Oinl and Water 77
Allan Ackerman New Convincing Control no switch of outjogged card involvedRelated to 82
Allan Ackerman Conclusion 86
Looy Simonoff Appendix 87
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass variation of standard method 88
Allan Ackerman Variance Variant with transformation kickerRelated toVariations 90
Unknown Double Deal Turnover brief 92
Ron Ferris, Allan Ackerman Blackjack Player's Delight four ten-values are on table, four selections turn out to be the four Aces to make four blackjacksVariations 94
Allan Ackerman Top-to-Bottom Block Transfer 96
Allan Ackerman Al Leech's "Posthumous" 98
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Variation on the One Handed Center Deal Variations 101
Allan Ackerman Ace Cutting Display 103
Looy Simonoff Looy's Addition from thumb clip palm at table edge 104
Looy Simonoff Koplooy! thumb clip steal as card is pushed in (misdirection style) 106
Allan Ackerman Hamman ESP 108