Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves, Various
51 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Protokind
John Scarne Long Distance card chosen on other side of the room, risky force, position named
Karl Fulves Quid Pro Quota card chosen from packet, position remembered by spectator counting procedure
  • (A) Lockdown (11-card packet)
  • (B) Futures/Options (10-card packet)
  • (C) Go Fourth (10 cards, faro)
  • (D) Point of View (14 pointer cards)
  • (E) Cue Test
  • (F) First and Ten (spectator finds magicians card and vice versa)
  • (G) Doctor Cue
  • (H) HI Test
  • (I) Xtantra
  • (J) Doctor's Out
  • (K) Outback
Variations 3
Roy Walton Cue Sheet "Doctor Cue" variations, location in small packet
Inspired by 13
Karl Fulves Override reverse from break/peek
Karl Fulves Side Show card pushed in and left sticking out angle jogged, then produced from pocket
Karl Fulves Convincing Side Steal dummy card left sticking out
Martin Gardner MG Trio #1 six red cards and black cards in two rows, collected alternating, suddenly they are in pairs r-r, b-b, ...
Related to 19
Martin Gardner MG Trio #2 variation of previous trick
Related to 20
Martin Gardner MG Trio #3 orientation of head on QS and KH used for monte type guessing game, turning on vertical or horizontal axis ("The principle behind this trick has floated around a while.")
Variations 20
Robert E. Neale Heads Turn orientation of head on picture cards
Inspired by 22
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Discerned Data odd-backed Mental Discernment, OOSOOM, one of nine, posed as problem
J. W. Sarles Fourth And One selection lost, top card turned up, Four of Spades, four cards counted down, Four of Spades again and original Four of Spades is selection
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Twos Much selection lost, indicator Two-spot turned up, but selection under eight cards, other three Twos under original Two
Karl Fulves Transmissible white and brown envelopes, signed selection in white envelope, envelopes riffle shuffled, travels to a chosen brown envelope
Karl Fulves Double on Deck Laydown deck set on table one-handed with double angled to side
Karl Fulves Angle Transfer center block transfer
Howard Wurst Midnite Card Trick corner of whole deck missing, corner selected and held to missing-corner of deck, reattaches to correct card
Inspired by 30
Father Cyprian Fr. Cyprian's Solution corner of whole deck missing, corner selected and held to missing-corner of deck, reattaches to correct card
Inspired by 33
J. W. Sarles Ace Protocol credit information, crimped aces
Allan Slaight Stranger Than That
  • #1: two-card location with spelling
  • #2: two-card location with down-under deal
Inspired by
  • "Letter From A Stranger" (Stewart James)
Related toAlso published here
Karl Fulves Psykick II
Inspired byRelated to 38
Gene Maze Insta Fold using table edge
Related to 42
Karl Fulves Kid Trix some blue-backed cards torn in half, card selected and signed from red deck, two blue-blacked halves restored and turned over - it is the spectator's signed card
Gene Maze Fast Fold Addenda cover for "Insta Fold"
Related to 45
Gene Maze Mat Switch hole card type switch with card ending up under mat
Karl Fulves One From Column A card through newspaper
Karl Fulves Stamp Collector the same stamp stamps different cards on blank cards, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Tenvelopes ten cards in ten envelopes, performer and spectator each chose a card from those, envelopes shuffled and dealt, performer wins and the two previous selections are odd-backed
  • Tenotes (Envelopoker)
Related toVariations 49
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