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223 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by H. L. Shindler
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Professor Hoffmann Preface
Hunkins The Rice and Water Trick three versions of the Rice Bowls
Related to 1
C. O. Williams Rice Bowls Improvement
The Vanishing Rice rice vanishes between hands, flesh-colored bag
Also published here 11
Tao Li Tao, The Chinese Mystery wooden chips, odd-colored one moves up in pile
Also published here 13
Balloons from a Hat small for load, balloons expand by itself with chemicals
Also published here 17
C. O. Williams To Discover and Pocket (Before Asking Any Question) the Card Thought of by a Spectator spectator remembers card and its position, performer removes it and puts it in his pocket
VariationsAlso published here 19
C. O. Williams A New Purse Trick marked coin travels from purse into spectator's pocket
Also published here 21
A Silk Handkerchief Changed into a Flag
Also published here 23
Mr. Gilbert, Professor Hoffmann The Changing Handkerchief Boxes two handkerchief of different color in two cardboard boxes transpose
Also published here 25
Adolphe "Magicus" Blind The Demon Digits three cards with numbers arrange themselves in requested order
Also published here 29
Mr. Gilbert The Acrobatic Cards two card in easels transpose
Also published here 32
Professor Hoffmann The Ball of Wool Trick (Improved)
Also published here 35
The New Card Frame without sand
Also published here 42
Outwitting the Conjurer two selection put in two envelopes, apparently wrong cards are put in because spectator switches card behind performer's back, sucker
Also published here 47
The Great Book Mystery spectator choses page and word, some calculations are done with page number and word position, then performer finds word
Also published here 51
J. Holt Schooling Number & Word Divination after some calculation
Professor Hoffmann The Crystal Balls (Improved Method) clear glass balls produced and then "molded" into single ball which then changes color, detailed routine
Also published here 55
Joseph Michael Hartz Hartz Finale for Crystal Balls
Professor Hoffmann Recollections of Hartz biographical information on Hartz
Joseph Michael Hartz A Devil of a Hat hat borrowed, production of handkerchiefs, goblets, a wig, cigar boxes, cage, ..., twenty-two minute act
Also published here 79
Joseph Michael Hartz Rising Skull out of hat
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inexhaustible Handkerchief production trick, fish bowls and other items
Also published here 103
Joseph Michael Hartz The Improved Money Column coin climbs up on pillar prop, Davenport Cabinet
Also published here 110
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplication of Money coins counted and amount changes, plate, coin holder
Also published here 115
Joseph Michael Hartz The Mysterious Addition crystal bell divines written numbers
Also published here 118
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inverted Glass of Water
Also published here 123
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplying Billiard Ball with shell
Also published here 127
C. O. Williams Multiplying Billiard Ball Variation
Also published here 129
Joseph Michael Hartz The Dematerialised Glass of Water full glass of water vanishes under handkerchief, performed with spectator on stage, with handling variations
Also published here 131
Professor Hoffmann Glass Vanish Variation
Also published here 140
Joseph Michael Hartz Card, Coin and Candle coin wrapped in paper vanishes, reappears in chosen card, piece of paper into piece of candle
Also published here 145
Joseph Michael Hartz The Wine and Water Trick wine and water mixed, they separate again
Also published here 154
Joseph Michael Hartz Bran to Wine
Joseph Michael Hartz The Witches' Kettle and Magic Punch Bowl
  • hanging kettle filled with water, changes into ducks or similar
  • punch appears in empty bowl
Also published here 159
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheels
Also published here 163
Joseph Michael Hartz Deck Switch into profonde and from under vest
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deck
Joseph Michael Hartz The Portfolio Trick production from portfolio
Also published here 172
Joseph Michael Hartz The Second-Sight Trick
Also published here 176
Joseph Michael Hartz, Alexander Herrmann, Professor Hoffmann The Pocket-Picking Trick producing chosen cards from shuffled deck in pocket, three handlings
Also published here 181
Joseph Michael Hartz The Aërial Walking-Cane clings to fingers
Also published here 188
Joseph Michael Hartz The Egg and Rings Trick egg produced from borrowed hat, three finger rings put into beaten egg, poured into hat, then flowers with rings on ribbons removed from hat along with bird cage
Also published here 197
Joseph Michael Hartz Contrivances for "Passing Off" getting borrowed items behind stage
  • The Hartz Bottle
  • The Hartz Matchbox
Also published here 202
Joseph Michael Hartz The Hartz "Hook," for Working Mechanical Pieces hook from ceiling with mechanical piece that can make bells ring, etc.
  • The Magic Bell (bell rings by itself)
  • The Crystal Cash-box (borrowed coins appear in glass box that hangs from ceiling)
  • The Bird-Cage (canary appears in suspended cage)
Also published here 206
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Joseph Michael Hartz The Mystic Glove and Rings four finger rings borrowed, placed in pistol, glove put over glass tube, pistol shot, glove blows up with ring on each finger
  • The Old Method
  • The Hartz Method
Also published here 215
Professor Hoffmann L'Envoi
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