Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Daryl Martinez

90 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by David Grenewetzki.
Language: English

(41 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jon Racherbaumer Foreword 1
Daryl Martinez In Praise of the Lowly Flourish essay 5
Daryl Martinez Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time sponge rabbit routine 11
Daryl Martinez The High-Priced Spread featuring the one-handed Ascanio spread 18
Daryl Martinez One-Handed Ascanio Spread 20
Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Kings put on four piles which are assembled, Kings appear on topRelated to 24
Derek Dingle, Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction Variation 25
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 26
Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display Related toVariationsAlso published here 28
Roy Walton Ambitious Movie apparently visual penetration to top 31
Daryl Martinez Future Acethetics three aces forced with counting force, based on European Aces 33
Unknown Corner Crimp as single card is displayed 34
Unknown Dribbling the Deck brief 36
Unknown Corner Crimp Removal 37
Daryl Martinez, Karl Fulves Center Spin-Out Cut Variation in-the-hands method 37
Fred G. Taylor Curious Count broken count principle, credit information 39
Daryl Martinez, Paul Curry, Bill Simon Sleightly Touched unknown card reversed, magician locates card of same suit and valueVariations 42
Unknown Top and Bottom Glimpse 43
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control brief 44
Unknown Hiding the Injog by beveling the deck 45
Edward Marlo Pinky Count to Move Break tranferring the card upwards 46
Daryl Martinez Conditional Second Climax card appears visually between sandwich cards 48
Edward Marlo Sandwich Loading Procedure 49
Daryl Martinez Twogether Again tenkai penny like, two coins, extra coin 51
Unknown Ramsay Subtlety 52
Daryl Martinez Heel-Grip Lap 53
Harry Millikan Open Display large coin covers small coin 54
Daryl Martinez The Coinditional Coin Game copper silver transpo in spectator's hand after a gagVariations 55
J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch very brief 57
Slydini Revolve Vanish very brief 59
L'Homme Masqué Loading Move 60
Daryl Martinez The Out-of-Body Experience outjogged selection is pushed in deck and appears between sandwich cards held in distance 62
Frank Simon, Edward Marlo Convincing Control Variation 64
Unknown Gambler's Cop 66
Daryl Martinez The Snowshoe Sandwich comical second deal demonstration, card flies out of deck between sandwich cards 69
Sobell Snowshoe Second Deal comical second deal for exposé 70
Daryl Martinez Hot Shot Cut one-handed cut with card shooting out of deck 73
Daryl Martinez The Transubstantiated Travelers combo of Open Travelers with three single transformations 80
Dai Vernon Triple Break Control 81
Daryl Martinez, Dai Vernon Stripout Addition Variation providing more cover 83
Ross Bertram, Edward Marlo Pivot Change 89