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Title Subtitle Year
Lecture Notes 1 1976
The Card Puzzle and Other Diversions 1983
Facsimile No. 1 — 6 1983-2017
Cardfixes Transitional Studies 1990
Cavorting Ladies A Four-Phase Synergism 1991
Cabbages & Kings In Four-Part Harmony 1991
Synergistic Sandwiches Six Sandwiches In A Single Sitting 1991
The Racherbaumer Papers 1991-1992
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 1992
Ten Card Mysteries Anneman Would Have Loved Analects and Analogues 2009

Title Subtitle Year
Between Ourselves A Book of Exclusive Magic 1926
Wizardry With Watches 1927
Sub Rosa Another Book of Exclusive Magic 1928
More Practical Patter For Practical Magicians 1929
Original Magic 1930

Title Subtitle Year
John Ramsay's Routine with Cups and Balls 1948
Four Little Beans (A Comedy Trick) 1952
The Ramsay Finale The Definitive Magic of John Ramsay 1982
Tasselled Rope Trick 2005

Title Subtitle Year
Pseudo 2016 (ca.)
The Event, 2017 Exclusive Lecture Notes 2017
Un-Luck 2020

Title Subtitle Year
Thanks to Pepys... 1973
The Penultimate Cups & Balls A lighthearted presentation for a classic 1974
Transpo Tumbler 1979

Title Subtitle Year
Glemme 2008
Small World A Quick, Hard Hitting Ten Card Effect That's "Out of this... 2013
Applesauce 2014
Temporarily Out of Order The Redford Stack 2017
Hypnotic Pull 2018
Sleightly Out Of Order 2019

a new series of close up miracles

Title Subtitle Year
Route 52 2009
Six Deep — Part One 2010
Trench Work 2010
The Zarrow Work Book 2012
In-Vestment — Chapter One 2014
Beyond the Z Everything But The Zarrow 2019
Output Issues 1-21 2019-2022

Title Subtitle Year
A Boon for All Seasons 1982
Theater of the Mind 1999
Act Two Theater of the Mind 2005
Curtain Call 2011

The Magic of John Riggs
The Man with $1.98 Hands

Elastrix — Volume 2
The Rubber-band Magic of Joe Rindfleisch

Second Thoughts
Card Magic Using the Brain, With Hands Involved

In Search of the "perfect" Rise
The Hunt for a workable Rising Card Routine

Title Subtitle Year
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 2003
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 2003
Diamonds from Coal 2004
Killer Koncepts A Koncise Kollaborative Kompendium of Kommercial Killer K... 2004

Title Subtitle Year
Star Gate 1985
Secrets The Original Magic Of Terri Rogers 1986
More Secrets 1988

Six Card Repeat
two professional routines

Title Subtitle Year
Close-Up Sampler — Part 1 1976
Close-Up Sampler — Part 2 1976
Packet Switches (Part Three) The Harvey Rosenthal Card Switches 1977
Melt-Thru 1978
Hole Flight 1982

Magical Gems
A Memorial

Rovi Reveals
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series

A collection of magic from Singapore