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247 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Harry Lorayne Foreword xi
Harry Lorayne Take Five five cards touched and outjogged, one of those selected, matches predictionInspired by 3
Harry Lorayne Push-In Strip-Out Switch outjogged cards pivoted out and put on top, see also p. 266 for tabled variation 4
Harry Lorayne Take A Royal Five spectator touches five cards in spread, they're pivoted out and shown to be Royal FlushAlso published here 7
Harry Lorayne Progressive Elevator, Plus four Aces, one put in center comes to top, then two, then three, then four, optional selected card or Royal Flush kickerAlso published here
  • "The Classic Collection - Vol. 1" (2005)
Frederick Braue Braue Addition 9
Harry Lorayne Startler card chosen, performer instantly finds the three mates 15
Unknown Timing Cut Force cutting packets 16
Harry Lorayne Slider Finder sliding block production, Aces found, Royal Flush kickerInspired byVariations 19
Harry Lorayne Bottom Stet Overhand Shuffle bottom stock remains, block slip shuffle handling 24
Harry Lorayne Spell To Two two cards spelled toVariations 26
Unknown Block Push-Off False Count packet counted, second to last card push-off 27
Harry Lorayne Spell To Two - And More two selections spelled to, then four Aces show upInspired by 29
Harry Lorayne No Cardcase Tally-Ho Extended spelling incredibly, magical, amazing, Harry instead of words on card case, or using words from business cardInspired byAlso published here
  • "Any-Deck Tally-Ho Extended" (Harry Lorayne, Genii, February 2003)
Harry Lorayne, Bob Veeser Fake Turnover from wrong packet 34
Harry Lorayne In-Hand False Riffle Shuffle strip-out, no cascade 36
Lennart Green Circulation Shuffle brief, uncredited 37
Harry Lorayne Three Mechanics three four-of-a-kinds stackedInspired by 41
Harry Lorayne Thirteen! simplified productionsInspired byVariations 45
Harry Lorayne Thirteen's Closer transformation kicker of suitRelated to 52
Unknown The Hop off the Bottom bold switch, Jinx type 53
Harry Lorayne Overkill suit transformation kicker, original suit reversed in center 54
Harry Lorayne Gambler's Luck Royal Flush production, with extended versionAlso published here
  • "The Classic Collection - Vol. 1" (2005)
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal cutting sequence 56
Harry Lorayne Puzzling Magic ten card layout puzzle, turning cards face-up one by one by counting to four multiple times, incorporating selectionInspired by 60
Harry Lorayne Less Of A M-E-S! "Memory Estimation Sleight-of-hand"
shuffled deck, card removed (force), divined after dealing deck into four piles, one of each value in each pile, memory demonstrations, with non-faro ending
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Genii, December 2011
Harry Lorayne Rest Of The M-E-S! original ending of routine, all four-of-a-kinds together, farosRelated to 72
Harry Lorayne Non-Faro M-E-S four-of-a-kinds-finale without farosInspired by 78
Harry Lorayne Non-Faro Faro faro substitute by dealing 78
Harry Lorayne (B)Estimation Aces non-faro handling 80
Harry Lorayne Now That's Good Magic! two cards chosen, three cards removed, all shown as Seven of Hearts, two change into selections and mates are reversed in deckRelated to 82
Harry Lorayne Double Cross-Cut Force two spectators simultaneously 82
Bob Kubota More Monte Quick-Three-Way sequenceAlso published here 83
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift 84
Harry Lorayne Four-Second Wonder, Revised quick cutting into five packets to reveal Royal Flush, bluff crossingInspired by 86
Harry Lorayne Double Uni(Re)Versal unknown card reversed in deck, turns out to be later selectionInspired by 93
Harry Lorayne Blown Further Away from shuffled deck, done with about half the deck (in red/black alternating order)Inspired by 95
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Alternating Deck strategy of using only half the deck and upjogging necessary arrangementRelated to 95
Harry Lorayne Ten-Count Cut 100
Harry Lorayne That's The Truth! small packetAlso published here 103
Harry Lorayne Color Gathering Plus assembly on packets with Jacks, then Aces show up and deck is separated in reds and blacksInspired by
  • "The Colorful Assembly, Spectator-Cuts-Aces, Trick" (Harry Lorayne, Classic Collection Vol. 1, 2005)
  • Special Bonus (Harry Lorayne, 2001)
Harry Lorayne The Amazing Court-Card Trick one of twelve chosen cards chosen, it matches named (by magician) picture card selection, other eleven cards are other court cardsInspired by 112
Harry Lorayne Snappy Flush, Updated Royal Flush productionInspired by 117
Harry Lorayne During-Swivel Palm Inspired by 121
Harry Lorayne Aces Are Good; Jacks Are Better four-of-a-kind produced, then selection sandwichedInspired by 124
Harry Lorayne Powerful Powers five cards found by making packets with anti-faros, also as Aces or Royal Flush revelationInspired by 127
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Magician's Choice) three selections, packets on table, one chosen, it contains the selectionsRelated to 135
Harry Lorayne Spread Control cards dropped onto tabled spread 135
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Flip-Over) three selections foundInspired by 139
Harry Lorayne Flip-Over tabled flip-over action 139
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Universal Reversal) three selections found, two turn over and catch third one 142
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Aces Collect) Inspired by 144
Harry Lorayne Spread Control ("That's MY Card!") three cards selected, performer cuts deck into three packets at selections 146
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Any Card Locates) three selections, using any card to improvise getting to selectionVariations 148
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Easier Collectors) 149
Harry Lorayne Spread/Slider Control sliding block production, four selectionsInspired by 152
Harry Lorayne Spread Control (Air Drop) air-drop location sequence with three selectionsInspired by 154
Harry Lorayne Assembly Backfire slow-motion assembly with backfireInspired by
  • "Assembly Backfire" (Harry Lorayne, Classic Collection Vol. 1, 2005)
  • "Backfire" (Kris Nevling)
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal Fo(u)r More Universal Reversal for more than one card, cutting sequenceInspired by 167
Harry Lorayne 8451 Plus stacking to formula, red-black separation kickerInspired by 169
Harry Lorayne The Card Sharp & The Four Gamblers one-handed Ace cutting, with four Kings kicker and story, simplifiedInspired by 172
Dai Vernon One-Handed Slip Cut 172
Harry Lorayne Calculated Risk "trick that cannot be explained"Inspired by 181
Harry Lorayne Royal Aces Aces change into Royal Flush as kickerInspired by 186
Harry Lorayne The Top-Level Test twenty cards mixed face-up and face-down including a Royal Flush, Royal Flush is only face-up cardsInspired by
  • "Really!" (Harry Lorayne, Lecture Notes)
Related to
Harry Lorayne Incredible Flush Control diamond Royal Flush mixed in twenty-card packet, CATO procedure, at the end the Royal Flush in Spades is reversedInspired by 195
Harry Lorayne Try This! mixing procedure for CATO 198
Harry Lorayne Three Steves four-of-a-kind cull during four-packet riffle shuffle procedureInspired by 203
Harry Lorayne Poker Power Explored Cull Down Variation to back instead of bottom, jog and strip out, simultaneous stacking for three playersInspired by 207
Harry Lorayne To An Excellent Position losing sequence for four-of-a-kind involving partial switchInspired by
  • Dave Neighbors routine from Linking Ring
Harry Lorayne Quick Trick selection is spelled to with random card, it appears reversedInspired by 214
Harry Lorayne RTP - Reverse To Position Braue Reversal variation 214
Harry Lorayne Greatest Card Handler Aces lost in sixteen-card packet, then spelled out, two selections found as wellInspired byRelated to 216
Harry Lorayne Miracle Class spelling "miracle class" after automatic placement procedureRelated to 221
Harry Lorayne Easier 6-Card Royal Four Card Repeat with Royal Flush kicker, simplifiedInspired by 225
Harry Lorayne Start Strong, End Stronger four-of-a-kind lost, several endings to find them suggestedInspired by 228
Harry Lorayne Extremely Wild Deuces five random card sandwiched and put in deck, they become Royal FlushInspired by 233
Harry Lorayne Preferred One-Eyed Jack Sandwich sandwiched card turns out to be later selectionInspired by 236
Harry Lorayne My Best Overhand Shuffle Stack Inspired byRelated to 240
Harry Lorayne Only Five Cards Reverse Faro Ending 242
Harry Lorayne Angle Spread Handling step spread on table 242
Tony Miller Psychological Falce Count hiding one face/back 243
Harry Lorayne Last Word 247