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Title Subtitle Year
7 Secrets 1978
Full Metal Jacket 2005

John Scarne explains Why You Can't Win!
A Treatise on Three Card Monte and it's Sucker Effects

Title Subtitle Year
Ten Mysteries Easy New Effects for Close-Up and Cabaret 2000
Investigating the Mene-Tekel Deck Ideas and Routines with Magic's "Forgotten" Trick Deck 2003
Beyond Svengali Applying the Svengali Principle to Mental Magic 2006

"Come a little closer..."
Eight Sessions of Close-Up Magic

Title Subtitle Year
Mind, Myth & Magick 1993
Virtual Foolery by GeMiNi: The Greater Magic NetworkTM columnists 1997

Title Subtitle Year
Side Effects 1984
La Magie de Michael Weber 1990
[1990 Notes] 1990
Lecture Collection 1991
Life Savers A Handbook of Improvised Impossibilities 1991
Correctors Workshop 1994
A New World 2005
Thirteen Steps Backwards for Mentalism 2008
505 2009
Memorease Three Original Alternatives to Classic Memory Methods Ult... 2009
An Old Black Ram<sup>2</sup> 2010
Weber's Winning Idea 2010
Back to the Drawing Boards V 2.0 2011
Knew & Improved 2011
Blackpool Twenty Twelve 2012
Red Black 2013
Ha, No Jonah A New Approach to the Ten Card Poker Deal 2013
Old Dog Weber Magic Con 2014 2014
Making Things Right 2015
Red Black 2.0 2015
TEN A Collection of Original Approaches to the Ten Card Poker... 2015
The Session 2015 TheSessionTwentyFiteen 2015
The Black Book of Mentalism With Additional Notes by Michael Weber 2015
Black Tears 2017
23 An Experiment In Superstition, Knowledge, And Belief 2017

Title Subtitle Year
Ueber das Wesen der Mentalmagie und deren Anwendung im allgemeinen Zauberprogramm 1983
Hellsehen... ...kinderleicht 1995

Title Subtitle Year
Do That Again! 1939
Kane 1982

Title Subtitle Year
Miracle Princess Card Trick Manu-Secrets No. 23 1980
Ever-Ready Rising Cards 1983

Continuous Cigarette Production
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series

Hokus Pokus
Zeitschrift des Magischen Ring der Schweiz

Title Subtitle Year
Assemblée signée 2011
Variations 2021

Hokus Pokus
Zeitschrift des Magischen Ring der Schweiz

Title Subtitle Year
For Your Eyes Only 1984
Striking Magic 1984
How Magic Works 1990 ca.
MagiFest ManiFest 2003 Lecture Notes 2003
Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret A Professional Card Routine in Three Acts 2003
Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret A Professional Card Routine in Three Acts (paperback edit... 2003

Die Zauberwelt
Illustriertes Journal für Salon-Magie und Moderne Wunder

Title Subtitle Year
Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 2005
Twisting To The Acers 2005
Dominatricks 2006
T and A Tour 2007
Movers & Shakers 10 new card moves from the funky repertoires of Tyler Wil... 2007
Green Eggs & Cam 2009
Hello Columbus! MAGI-Fest 2009 2009
Reinventing the Real 2010
Bich Circa '99 2013
I Was Kidnapped Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes 2013
The EH Team 2014
Rocky Mountain Session 2017

Lecture Notes
from a lecture-demonstration

Title Subtitle Year
Chaos Theories 1995
The Little Black Book 1995
The Inslow Effect 1997
Completely Crowded! 2000 ca.
One True Ring 2000 ca.
Out Of Your Mind 2000 ca.
Ricochet! — The ultimate Reset 2001
Omerta 17 baffling effects that break the code of silence 2001
Crash Course in Brain Surgery Ten ways to scramble someone's mind 2001
13 2002
Progressive Poker 2006
Refried Poker 2006
G.T.F.M. A.K.A. Vernon's Influence 2017
Just Think Miracles for Magicians and Mentalists 2017
Think Again More Miracles for Magicians and Mentalists 2017

Title Subtitle Year
Down Under Deals Lecture notes on the card technique of Andrew Wimhurst 1998
Low Down Dirty Tricks Magic Castle Lecture Notes 1999/2000 1999
Jiggery Pokery Card tricks your mother wouldn't approve of... 2001
Something Wicked Two false shuffles for close-up magic 2001

Title Subtitle Year
Chapter One 2007
Repertoire 2018
Paper Work 2019
Before We Begin 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Palm Change 1 & 2 1977
Wisches A Magical Lecture Tour 1979
Wisches II A Magical Lecture... with the motivational touch 1981