Written by Michael Skinner

Work of Michael Skinner

85 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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William Murray Profile on Michael Skinner i
Michael Skinner A Few Words Before We Begin xvi
Larry Jennings Foreword
Allen Okawa Introduction
Michael Skinner Preface - Practice New Sleights
- Choosing An Effect
- Grouping Your Effects
- Practice
- Cleaning Up
- Change Pace
- Magic for Magicians
- Perform Often
Michael Skinner, Bill Simon The Business on the Business Card Prediction two methods 1
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Spread Cull single card 2
Edward Marlo Bomb-Door Bottom from Spread 2
Unknown Dribble Force brief 3
Michael Skinner The Mona Lisa Card Trick Related toVariations 4
Eddie Fechter Cutting Stop Force timing force 4
Michael Skinner The Conus Aces eliminating the sucker part 6
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 6
Lin Searles Auto-Break 7
Michael Skinner Oil and Water Rides Again 4&4, three phases, all red climax 9
Michael Skinner Taking Our Lumps applications for sticking things behind table edge: broken and restored match, dice transformation (to sugar) 16
Michael Skinner, Al Koran A Deeper Mystery Inspired by 18
Michael Skinner New King Cut kings change to aces, kings are also cut toAlso published here 20
Unknown Packet Switch 20
Roy Walton Triple Cut Zarrow bringing cards from top to bottom 21
Dai Vernon Reversal of Bottom Cards during riffle shuffle 21
Dai Vernon Transferring a bottom stock to the top 22
Michael Skinner On the Card to Wallet 24
S. W. Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift 24
Michael Skinner From Palm to Inner Pocket 26
Michael Skinner For Lovers Only business card to wallet presentation 27
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm 27
Michael Skinner Birthday Telepathy number divination, possible via telephone 29
Michael Skinner The Mental Photography Deck Nudist Deck routine 31
Unknown Bottom Steal 33
Michael Skinner The Memorized Deck two memorized deck orders with different features 35
Michael Skinner The Monkey's Paw memory demonstration, memorized deck, ending in new deck order 37
Michael Skinner One for the Boys two card challenge divination, memorized deck, deck switch under table 38
Michael Skinner Torn and Restored Soda Straw Wrapper Inspired by 40
Michael Skinner The Boomerang Card card is tossed up and caught in deck at any number down named by spectatorInspired by 43
Michael Skinner Floating the Jog getting a break under any number of cards one wishes 43
Michael Skinner, Nate Leipzig Skinning the Fat off the Bone... Nate Leipzig's Slap Aces aces disappear and reappear on deck one by oneInspired by 46
Michael Skinner Aces Out of Another Dimension aces are found via random count downs (bottom deal), kings as wellRelated to 49
Michael Skinner Instant Replay Inspired by 53
Edward Marlo Bottop Change Variation 55
Michael Skinner A Poker Deal spectator deals, royal flush 56
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Top Palm very brief 57
Michael Skinner Tapping Replacement 57
Dr. James Nuzzo Faro Slough Off 58
Michael Skinner The School Boy Trick updated handling 61
Dai Vernon Angle Jog Ribbon Spread 62
Unknown Top Card Glimpse 62
Edward Marlo Ribbon Spread Palm 63
Michael Skinner One-Handed Hole Card Switch 63
Michael Skinner Did You Wash Behind Your Ears? two coins appear and disappear, hook coin 66
Unknown Simple Vanish Related to 67
Michael Skinner, R. C. Buff The Trash Compactor torn off cornerInspired by 68
Michael Skinner Top and Bottom Blackstone two selections 70
Unknown Turn Around Glimpse 70
Unknown Counting Cards in Spread 71
Unknown Bridge 71
Michael Skinner A Needle in a Haystack joker placed next to thought-of card under challenge conditions, thirteen extra cards behind back 74
Michael Skinner Knocking Out the Aces tabled production routine 76
Carmen D'Amico Riffle Shuffle Production 77
Dai Vernon The Cutting Edge estimation principle for estimating difference of two piles 80
Michael Skinner Rouge et Noir small packet OOTW 84
Prof. Robert Hellis Double-Palm Change as in ErdnaseRelated to 84