Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves, Various
124 pages (Stapled), published by Max Abrams
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Moneytalks "For once the title of a periodical from this address has a clear meaning: S-C means Silver Copper, Silver Certificate, Secrets of Currency, or Sleights with Coins, or ..."
1 1985 1
Robert E. Neale Short Change Wallet wallet folded from paper, can be used to switch something, optional slit à la Bendix Bombshell Wallet
VariationsAlso published here 1 1985 2
Robert E. Neale The Con Artist shortchange routine with wallet folded from paper, bills change into worthless paper
Also published here 1 1985 5
Karl Fulves Wallethots further ideas for Neale's wallet, easier way to construct it
Inspired by 1 1985 8
Karl Fulves Interlude "The Chase"
coin roll effect in which the coin changes back and forth to copper and silver, also idea for hinged coin gaff, posed as a problem
1 1985 10
Karl Fulves Preview chapter introduction on coin moves under cover of bills, credit information on coin transfer from side to side behind bill
Related to 1 1985 11
Karl Fulves Bottop Credit Information
Related to
  • Clayton W. Rosencrance, The Sphinx, Vol. 35 No. 9, Nov. 1936, p. 240
1 1985 11
Karl Fulves Alchemy coin changes under cover of dollar bill
1 1985 12
Karl Fulves Snap Vanish coin vanish under cover of dollar bill
1 1985 13
Karl Fulves Snap Change coin changes under cover of dollar bill
1 1985 15
Karl Fulves For A Penny? coin changes into key and back under cover of collar bill, see also p. 124
1 1985 17
Karl Fulves Back to Backclip hand-to-hand backclip transfer when snapping a dollar bill
1 1985 20
Martin Gardner Dollar Bill Game game/puzzle about auctioning off a dollar bill
Also published here
  • Metamagical Themas (Douglas Hofstadter)
1 1985 20
Karl Fulves References references on bill & coin combination effects
1 1985 21
Karl Fulves Moneytalks on unsolved problems
2 1985 22
Max Londono After Max illusion of tearing the bill in half, with sound
2 1985 23
Karl Fulves Torn Bill Notes
Related to 2 1985 26
Karl Fulves Green Thumb No. 1, bill around thumb, flipped onto table and thumb removed, stack of coin appears, posed as a problem
2 1985 27
Karl Fulves Phantom Downs sleights with card and coin, involving Downs palm and theory of "phantom moves"
2 1985 28
Karl Fulves Under Seal two coins sealed in envelope, one of them penetrates it
2 1985 30
Karl Fulves A Richer Missionary one of two coins vanishes with a card
Inspired by 2 1985 31
Karl Fulves One Armed Bandit one-handed coin production from a dollar bill
2 1985 32
Karl Fulves Anagrams with words on dollar bills
2 1985 33
Karl Fulves Penny Papers "A column devoted to some of the best games, puzzles and stunts with money"
column introduction
2 1985 34
Karl Fulves A 5-Penny Bet "Penny Papers"
2 1985 34
Karl Fulves Roll Around "Penny Papers"
2 1985 34
Karl Fulves Date Bet "Penny Papers"
2 1985 35
Karl Fulves Inverted George "Penny Papers", on the upside down bill fold
2 1985 35
Karl Fulves Penny Checkers "Penny Papers"
2 1985 37
Karl Fulves Break A Bill "Penny Papers", bill broken into two bill with strike of pencil, posed as a problem
2 1985 37
Karl Fulves Counting "Penny Papers"
2 1985 37
Karl Fulves References part two
2 1985 38
Karl Fulves Moneytalks on developing coin tricks, the use of palming
3 1985 39
Harvey Rosenthal Two and Two two copper and two silver coins transpose
3 1985 40
Karl Fulves Five Will Get You Ten five dollar bill split into two five dollar bill, repeated, bills in sleeve
3 1985 42
Karl Fulves Short Count three bills counted out of wallet, only two remain
Variations 3 1985 43
Karl Fulves Mexican Snap Mexican Turnover while hiding a coin under card(s), mentioned is also possibility of sleeving the coin, see also p. 55 for reference
Related to 3 1985 45
Karl Fulves Unmoving Mexican Mexican Turnover while hiding a coin under card(s)
3 1985 46
Karl Fulves Moragami No. 2, origami ideas posed as a problem
(A) dollar bill snaps into paper airplane
(B) inner of two bills folds itself into bird
(C) two bills transform into bill rings linked together
(D) dollar bill visibly changes into origami figure selected from cardboards with images/symbols
3 1985 48
Karl Fulves Fly Over coin hidden under card, flicked under left hand with card when card is turned over with right hand
3 1985 49
Karl Fulves Mutable Metal coin produced from rolled-up bill, then shot glass as well
3 1985 50
Karl Fulves Clink! two as three count
3 1985 51
Karl Fulves Counterfit "Penny Papers", making seven dollar bills from six
3 1985 52
Karl Fulves How Much "Penny Papers"
3 1985 53
Karl Fulves How Many "Penny Papers", number One appears ten times on dollar bills
3 1985 53
Karl Fulves How Many Heads? "Penny Papers", on a quarter
3 1985 54
Karl Fulves How Many Eyes? "Penny Papers", on a dollar bill
3 1985 54
Karl Fulves How Many People? "Penny Papers", on a Ten Dollar Bill
3 1985 54
Karl Fulves References part three
3 1985 55
Karl Fulves Moneytalks on paradoxes
4 1985 56
Howard Wurst Paper Money paper napkin torn up, pieces change into handful of dollar bills, getting rid of pieces via sleeving by Karl Fulves
4 1985 57
Karl Fulves The Marrakech Game betting game with coins, guessing value of hidden coins
4 1985 60
Karl Fulves Reactor Ring No. 3, ring trapped in handkerchief with ring, corners pulled and suddenly coin is on top and ring falls down (transposition), posed as a problem
Related to 4 1985 61
Karl Fulves Copper Go copper coin trapped in handkerchief with rubber band, corners pulled and coin either vanishes or changes, posed as a problem
4 1985 61
Karl Fulves Getaways on complete vanishes, intro
4 1985 62
Karl Fulves Getaway I complete vanish of coin with bill, servante at belt, also as transformation
4 1985 62
Karl Fulves Getaway II coin changes, bill in handling, short change presentation, ditch in shirt as in previous item
4 1985 64
Karl Fulves Momentum theory on misdirection
4 1985 67
Karl Fulves Getaway III "playing the shirt" with coin under cover of bill
Related to 4 1985 68
Karl Fulves Getaway IV sleeving a coin under cover of a dollar bill
4 1985 69
Karl Fulves Cigarette Paper to Cigarette crumpled up cigarette changes into cigarette when snapped onto a bill à la egg on fan
4 1985 69
Karl Fulves Crypto Coins "Penny Papers", letters in an equation stand for letters or coins
4 1985 70
Karl Fulves Tri Hex "Penny Papers", game with coins related to Tic Tac Toe
4 1985 71
Karl Fulves Lincoln Up "Penny Papers", sucker bet of which side a bill with land
4 1985 71
Karl Fulves References part four
4 1985 72
Karl Fulves Moneytalks exploiting that copper and silver are hard to tell apart from a distance for visible transformation
5 1985 73
Robert E. Neale Bill Tube shape-changing tube from dollar bill, square shape to rectangular shape
Inspired byAlso published here 5 1985 74
Karl Fulves Zip Clip getting into rear thumb palm, using a playing card
5 1985 76
Karl Fulves Remote Drop No. 4, glass on chair under table, bunch of coins on table, one penetrates into glass, posed as a problem
5 1985 78
Karl Fulves Banker Broker four Aces on table, copper and silver coin placed under each, silver coins gather
5 1985 79
Karl Fulves Progressive Coin Assembly suggestion, credit information
5 1985 80
Karl Fulves Dime n' Penny dime and penny under bill, one vanishes, ungaffed, sleeving
5 1985 81
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Sarles Coin Fold No. 5, coin stolen while tearing paper up, posed as a problem
5 1985 82
Karl Fulves Evaporation coin wrapped in dollar bill vanishes completely
5 1985 83
Karl Fulves Not a Half "Penny Papers", twist on catch question "one of them is not a half dollar"
Inspired by 5 1985 85
Karl Fulves The Distance "Penny Papers", layout puzzle
5 1985 85
Karl Fulves Blackmail "Penny Papers", coin pressed on spectator's forehead, not really there
Related to 5 1985 86
Karl Fulves Two Headed "Penny Papers", bet about head on both sides of a penny
5 1985 86
Karl Fulves Triangle Solitaire "Penny Papers"
5 1985 87
Karl Fulves Penny Hex "Penny Papers", layout puzzle
5 1985 88
Karl Fulves Touch Four "Penny Papers", layout puzzle
5 1985 88
Karl Fulves References part five
5 1985 89
Karl Fulves Moneytalks
6 1985 90
Howard Wurst Simplex Switch optional lapping at the end, sound covered by throwing switched coins on table
6 1985 91
Karl Fulves Catchbets No. 6, on bets in which the sneak solution does not work as expected
  • coin on strip of paper on edge of glass has to be put into glass
  • three coins in a row, some can be touched, some moved
  • tearing a strip of paper, one hand on each end, into three pieces, posed as a problem
Related to 6 1985 93
Don Nielsen Ghost Vanish coin slides down a piece of glass and vanishes, Pepper's Ghost, no explanation given
6 1985 94
Karl Fulves Sudden Impact coin on table tapped with bottom of glass, penetrates inside
6 1985 95
Karl Fulves Easy Backclip under cover of bill, coin appears from bill
Related to 6 1985 96
Karl Fulves Bic Flicker matchbox produced from dollar bill
Related to 6 1985 98
Karl Fulves Spellbox No. 7, posed as a problem:
(1) coin changes into small envelope à la spellbound, back and forth, coin in envelope
(2) spellbound changes with box and lid
6 1985 99
Karl Fulves Voyager Ace to Four on table, coin travels from card to card
6 1985 99
Max Williams Coin Flick
6 1985 100
Karl Fulves The Brinks Job card folded in half in tent configuration and put in champagne glass, coin appears underneath, repeated, dollar bill from cards, then glass fills with coins, bulldog clip as holder
6 1985 101
Karl Fulves Improbable "Penny Papers", probability question
6 1985 104
Karl Fulves Another Quarter "Penny Papers", probability question about having another quarter
6 1985 104
Karl Fulves Dates "Penny Papers", puzzle question about date on a bill
6 1985 104
Karl Fulves Snow "Penny Papers", puzzle question about phrase on a bill, anagram
6 1985 104
Karl Fulves Bard Stop "Penny Papers", board game with counters
6 1985 105
Karl Fulves Two Heads "Penny Papers", layout puzzle with coins and a straight line
6 1985 105
Karl Fulves References part six
6 1985 106
Karl Fulves Moneytalks coins vanish in bill or with sound effect, posed as problems, continued on p. 124
7 1985 107
Karl Fulves Pennies From Heaven spectator holds glass behind back and feels and hears coin land in it, yet glass is empty, no method
7 1985 107
Karl Fulves Coin in Sand invisible coin moves in sand, then appears under glass visibly, posed as problem
7 1985 107
Nick van Setten One Hand Turnover
7 1985 108
Nick van Setten One Coin Interlude one coin penetrates in and out of Okito box
7 1985 110
Karl Fulves Clipper coin produced from bill, then matchbook from bill
Related to 7 1985 114
Karl Fulves Ho Ho Coins No. 8, coins gather under credit cards, posed as a problem
Inspired by 7 1985 116
Karl Fulves Eagle Exit coin vanishes from top of bill, slit
7 1985 117
Karl Fulves Extension technique for coin transfer from hand to hand behind bill
7 1985 119
Karl Fulves Nim "Penny Papers", on the game of Nim
7 1985 120
Piet Hein Tax Tix "Penny Papers", variation of game Nim
Related to 7 1985 122
Karl Fulves Key & Scale "Penny Papers", bet questions on design of dollar bill
7 1985 123
Karl Fulves Gypsy Swindle "Penny Papers", swindle with dollar bill in handkerchief
7 1985 123
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