Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Various

119 pages (Hardcover), published by The New York Magic Symposium
Illustrated with drawings by Marina Traynham.
Language: English

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Stephen Minch Author's Introduction 6
Adam Fleischer The New York Magic Symposium In Los Angeles, California report and highlights, Michael Ammar, Sam Angelico, Daryl, Fantasio, Richard Kaufman, Paul Harris, Pat Hazell, Jeff McBride, Tom Mullica, Edwin Rojas, David Roth, Jay Sankey, Slydini, Dai Vernon 14
Michael Ammar A Cut & Restored Rope Replacement 30
Daryl Martinez Volte-Face 32
Unknown Wrist Turn Turnover small packet 34
Paul Harris The Tallahassee Tent using just two cards 35
Paul Harris Tent Vanish Variation 36
Unknown Snap-Over Change brief 36
Pat Hazell The Great Sugar-Swindle routine for ring in sugar packet 38
Pat Hazell The Flying Flourish Cut three handlings 41
Richard Kaufman Vacilation card becomes miniature card and normal again several times while it is flickedVariations 43
Edward Marlo Bluff Bottom Placement as a force 43
Joe Berg, Richard Kaufman Miniature Card Pop-Out 44
Richard Kaufman, Ken Krenzel Hofzinser Top Change to change miniature card to normal sized card 44
Richard Kaufman, Edward Marlo Bottop Change to change miniature card to normal sized card 47
Richard Kaufman, Derek Dingle Alpha Toss Variation to change normal sized card to miniature card 48
Jeff McBride Necktie Party tie is removed, knot undoes itself, vanishes, reappears around neck 50
David Roth Twice The Tithe dime is "broken off" from half dollar, fuses together again via spellbound 53
Dai Vernon Spellbound Change 54
David Roth And Paint The Roses Red using paint brush penny changes to half dollar 55
David Roth Coniunctio - Traiectio - Disiunctio "Amalgamation - Transposition - Separation", two half dollard and one copper coin transpose, half dollars change to full dollar while doing so 56
Unknown Palm Change 56
Jay Sankey Bit By Bit half the signature comes to top, then full signature, visual 58
Jay Sankey Descartes Meets The Pop Outs very visual production of four coins 62
David Roth Pop Outs production at tip of finger on table 62
Jay Sankey Shuttle Pass Variation 63
Slydini The Invisible Tailor button from spectator's coat is torn off and restored 65
Harry Anderson Contrary Himber locking himber wallet idea 70
Leslie Anderson Telepathy Plus Woman three billets, for two persons 72
Theodore Annemann Billet Switch 74
Rich Bloch, Bob Cassidy In The Shadow Of The Synchronous 77
John Cornelius Dartanian's Release cocktail plastic sword through strawAlso published here 79
Paul Cummins Just One More deck is put in case and yet still found in magician's hand 81
Paul Cummins Deck apparently placed into Case 82
Louis Falanga Jazz Fusion jazz aces variation with O. Henry kicker, double backer 84
Louis Falanga, Paul LePaul, Brother John Hamman One-Handed Flushtration Count 87
William Goodwin, Ray Kosby The Camel's Back straw wrapper is torn and restored, then reappears around straw 88
Ray Hyman The Zoellner Phenomenon knot appears in cord while ends are held together 92
Larry Jennings The L.J. Add-On First Effect (Four Robbers Variation), Second Effect (Ace Assembly) 97
Ken Krenzel, Louis Histed Half-Passed Histed peeked at card turns over twice in pocket, featuring Pocket Half PassVariations 101
Louis Histed The Pocket Pass pass done as deck is pocketed 101
Cliff Green, Louis Histed Histed Pocket Pass Handling pass done as deck is pocketed to control peeked at card 101
Geoffrey Latta, Jamy Ian Swiss Point Blank face card is transformed (picking off the pip), deck becomes blank and normal againVariations 104
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly 105
Unknown Color Change Palm 106
Unknown The Covinous Color Change nicely choreographed to show hands empty 106
Lisa Menna Blotched signed card appears rolled-up inside pen 111
Turk Pipkin S'No Ball ping-pong ball vanishes as it is tossed in the air 116
Gary Lee Williams Mount Of Venus steel ball in clear platic tube moves while in spectator's hand 118