Written by Barrie Richardson
Work of Barrie Richardson
304 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles
Language: English
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Tim Conover Introduction
Barrie Richardson Preface
Barrie Richardson Chapter I: Classics chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Ovation Position glass produced from sleeve as jacket is taken off, with fishbowl variant
Also published here
  • Club 71, Christmas 1992
Barrie Richardson One in a Half Million miscall page force and paper clip force
Inspired byRelated to 10
Barrie Richardson Dollar Divination bill switch, with full presentation
Also published here 16
Barrie Richardson Bill Switch finger tip
Also published here 20
Barrie Richardson The Airplane Cards
  • Phase One: Adding Three Cards to the First Packet
  • Phase Two: Switching the Second Packet
  • Phase Three: The Cards Apparently Pass Across
  • Phase Four: Showing the Three Selections
Prof. Robert Hellis Palm-to-Palm Packet Switch
Barrie Richardson Molecules in Motion initialed coin in bottle, then other objects as well like key, button, ring, bottle smashed at the end
Inspired by 30
Barrie Richardson Bill in Lemon preloaded, torn corner and signature finesses
VariationsAlso published here
  • "Classic Bill in Lemon" (Club 71, Mayday 1993)
Barrie Richardson Bill Corner Switch with note pad
Barrie Richardson Chapter II: Mysterious Forces chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Mental Magnetism deck spread on table and hands placed on spread, cards cling to hand, eventually all fall down except selection
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Club 71, Easter 1990
Barrie Richardson Suspension of Disbelief glass clings to spoon
VariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1991
Barrie Richardson Mental Motor paper napkin unfolds by itself
Also published here
  • Club 71, Mayday 1991
Barrie Richardson The Psychic Strong Man performer holds two pieces of string or shoe lace, spectators cannot pull them out of performer's hand
Inspired by
  • "The Strong Man's Secret" (Henning Nelms, Magic & Showmanship, p. 14)
Also published here
  • Club 71, Summer 1987
Barrie Richardson The Strange Key key moves on hand, small thread loop
Also published here 64
Barrie Richardson Chapter III: Shades of Suggestion chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Pencil Pusher spectator is unable to pick up a pencil on performer's open hand, small thread loop
VariationsAlso published here 71
Barrie Richardson Powers of Darkness II marked coin turns over on spectator's palm without him noticing and with his eyes closed
Inspired by
  • "Powers of Darkness" (Tony Corinda, marketed ca. 1958)
Also published here
Barrie Richardson When Worlds Collide stand-up handling, done with about twenty cards from deck
Barrie Richardson Hellis Switch with Fan Cover small packet switched and fanned
Barrie Richardson The Power of Suggestion ring over bottle, covered with handkerchief, spectator removes ring and hands it to performer, yet it is still over bottle when cover is removed
Related toAlso published here
  • Club 71, Easter 1987
Barrie Richardson Angel's Flight cards cut to are divined and number of cards in cut off packet as well, elaborate presentation
Related toAlso published here
  • Club 71, Summer 1986
Barrie Richardson Chapter IV: Mental Gymnastics chapter intro
Barrie Richardson The Quasi-Memorized Deck deck is shuffled, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card after apparently memorizing
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1993
Barrie Richardson The Human Equation six people call out one digit and sit on six chairs, performer quickly writes down four rows of numbers which when added up correspond to the number combination of the people sitting on the chairs
Barrie Richardson Barrie's Move a Card memorizing every other card in one half
Also published here
  • Club 71, Christmas 1988
Barrie Richardson Close-up Memory Demonstration move-a-card, then a number is named and performer names card at that position (faced deck)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Winter 1987
Classic Pass Half Pass top half dragged to bottom
Barrie Richardson Truth to Tell one hand is a liar and one tells the truth
Inspired byAlso published here 111
Barrie Richardson Chapter V: From the Platform chapter intro
Barrie Richardson The Trick That Fooled Einstein with coins
Also published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1989
Barrie Richardson Alphabet Mentalism scrabble pieces in clear change bag, Trick that Fooled Einstein, followed by letter divination (tossed-out deck principle)
Also published here 126
Barrie Richardson Minds in Unison random objects collected and one chosen, one letter chosen, both predicted
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 130
Barrie Richardson Wigging the Baldpate
Inspired by 133
Barrie Richardson A String and Two Borrowed Rings two borrowed rings and a loop of cord link and unlink a few times, with paper cup
  • Phase One: The Rings Link
  • Phase 2: The Ring Off Cord
  • Phase 3: The Rings On Cord
Also published here
  • Club 71, Halloween 1993
Barrie Richardson The Lazy Mentalist three chairs, sentences in envelopes match prediction
Related toAlso published here 152
Barrie Richardson The Very Last Chance
Also published here
  • Club 71, Summer 1989
Barrie Richardson The Totally Isolated Prediction prediction in balloon which is tossed around amongst spectators during selection phase, credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1988
Barrie Richardson Suspension of Disbelief II glass clings to spoon, stand-up version, thread
Inspired by 166
Barrie Richardson Chapter VI: Intimate Mentalism chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Little Jackpot Coins
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Club 71, Halloween 1997
Barrie Richardson Psychometry... in a Paper Bag hole in bag
Also published here 178
Barrie Richardson ...678 named three digit number from a bill is found in a wallet, written on a card
Also published here 182
Barrie Richardson Center Shtick post-it note
Related to 184
Barrie Richardson Pop Thoughts things written by spectator into a notebook can be divined
Barrie Richardson Sew What! needles are threaded in fist without looking
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring, Feb. 1997
Barrie Richardson Chapter VII: Mental Card Effects chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Do You Want to Continue? two decks, named card is at the same position, faced deck
Also published here 199
Barrie Richardson ...And One Makes Fifty-two two-way out effect, either premonition without naming the card first, or named cards is only odd-backed card
Inspired by
  • "Delusion Deck" (Gene Grant, Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets, 1980, marketed 1957)
VariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, May 1989
Reverse Kelly Ovette Mater Move top half removed and bottom card dragged along
Barrie Richardson Almost Real Mind Reading
Also published here 210
Barrie Richardson Gestalt Vision spectators turn their selections end-for-end by themselves
Also published here 213
Barrie Richardson The Du Maurier Force force handling with Svengali deck
Barrie Richardson Think Hot, Think Cold
Also published here 222
Barrie Richardson It Isn't Mind Control with crib on card or thumb tip
Barrie Richardson Chapter VIII: Words with Wings chapter intro
Barrie Richardson An Experiment in Remote Viewing performer describes chosen magazine page
Also published here
  • Club 71, Mayday 1998
Philip T. Goldstein Fingers Digit Force limited range of numbers possible
Also published here 238
Barrie Richardson Word Flight one word written upside down
VariationsAlso published here 244
Barrie Richardson Double-sided Thought Transmission word and drawing put in two envelopes, performer divines both
Related toAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1995
Barrie Richardson Chapter IX: The Card at Any Number Problem chapter intro
Barrie Richardson Any Card at Any Number faced deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Winter 1990
Barrie Richardson The Thirteen-deck Solution
  • The Fifty-two-deck Solution
  • The Twenty-six Deck Solution
  • The Thirteen-deck Solution
  • The Master Chart
Variations 262
Barrie Richardson Any Card at Any Number (The Platform Version) two phases, restricted choices, faced deck
Variations 267
Barrie Richardson Chapter X: The Fourth Dimension chapter intro
Barrie Richardson What Time Is It? several wrist watches with random times collected, one chosen, time and spectator predicted
Also published here 281
Barrie Richardson The Reversed-Hands Watch
Barrie Richardson The Parking Lot Mystery time also set on watch, using reversed-hands watch, odd-backed climax
Also published here 286
Barrie Richardson The Test of Time performer and spectator set time on watches, they match, then named hour predicted on watch, using reversed-hands watch
Barrie Richardson Epilogue: Magic Friends
Barrie Richardson Bibliography Barrie Richardson in print
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