Written by Simon Lovell

Work of Simon Lovell

197 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Simon Lovell.
Language: English

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Simon Lovell Why "Son of Simon Says"? vi
Simon Lovell Acknowledgements ix
David Acer Foreword x
Jon Racherbaumer Racherbaumer Says... xi
Simon Lovell Introduction xiii
Simon Lovell More Thoughts of Chairman Lovell 3
Simon Lovell So, What do you need to learn Sleightwise to be a Magician? 5
Simon Lovell The Mob and the Magi! 6
Simon Lovell Pocket Management 8
Simon Lovell Logic and Thinking 9
Simon Lovell A Quick Word About Bar Magic 10
Simon Lovell The Magic Moment 11
Simon Lovell End Bit 12
Simon Lovell Lovey Dovey Sandwich two selected cards are sandwiched at onceInspired by 15
Simon Lovell Star Trick aircraft is formed with cards, selection is found and matching cards as kickerInspired by 19
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Harry Baron 22
Simon Lovell The Namer back of signed card changes to another back with "Your Signature" written on it 23
Edward Marlo Pinky Pull Down 24
Simon Lovell Two Cards and a Glass wrong card becomes right card under glass, John Scarne glass staging
- Fingered Two-and-a-Half (without table)
Also published here
  • "Fingered Number Two" (Simon Lovell, "Club 71" and "The Magic Menu")
Simon Lovell The Murder Mystery four objects in box and also names written on paper, knife is selected and blood is found on blade, murder presentationInspired by 31
Unknown Glide Force small packet 33
Unknown Paddle Move 34
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Fred Robinson 36
Simon Lovell Super Play It Straight! wrong suit is turned over, then changes into correct one, or change with two selection, half the deck is double backersInspired byRelated to 37
Simon Lovell Imagination deck held face-up in right-hand end grip, top card change into selection and then back 41
Unknown One Hand Top Palm 41
Simon Lovell Backwards Kelly Replacement Jack Birnman? 42
Simon Lovell Collectors 21! 47
Simon Lovell Sidney the Hamster one handed fan that opens and snaps shut again 53
Simon Lovell The Flipster flourish sequence in which the cards are fanned out and closed and secretly displaced, Twisting the Aces application 57
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Eric Mason 62
Simon Lovell Granama spectator's name written on card and turn up with one letter per piece to make anagrams, then restored 63
Unknown Signed Pseudo Duplicate name of spectator written on card by performer 63
Simon Lovell Five-and-a-Half! multiple on-handed cut 67
Simon Lovell The Angle of the Dangle as top card is shown, a card is stolen into LTP 73
Simon Lovell Bermuderama spectator choses card behind back, performer does the same, the cards match, uses three deck instead of oneInspired by
  • Juan Tamariz performance
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Fred Kaps 80
Simon Lovell One Way to Bermuda different presentation, mate turns over in deckInspired by 81
Simon Lovell Blind Man's Bluff spectator finds cards in deck, rest is secretly blank, cards are predictedInspired by 85
David Acer Mousehunt Selected card transposes with another card sandwiched between the Kings that has holes in it (like Swiss Cheese)Inspired by
  • "Mouse Trap" (Aldo Colombini, What's Up Deck)
Also published here
Gerald Kosky Koskycardchangethinks 90
Shaun Robison Ace-O-Rama! Aces produced, after twisting card appears within, repeat with 52-on-1 gag card, deck is now blank 95
Simon Lovell The Wyoming Wobble selected card disappears between the four Aces and reappears face up in the deckAlso published here 99
Simon Lovell Copthinks 100
Simon Lovell Topchangethinks 101
Simon Lovell The Bucket Cull - One Bucket! (single card)
- Several Little Buckets Hanging on a Wall! (multiple cards)
Simon Lovell Bonus Trick - Fourplay card chosen and lost, produced with its mates 110
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Steve Beam 112
Simon Lovell Waiting for God "God" calls on the performer's cell phone and names card and position 113
Simon Lovell Harry's Catnip Principle cat locates card
- Bonus Number One - Free Choice Catnip!
- Bonus Number Two - The Mind Reading Cat (cat locates object)
- Bonus Number Three - Gambling Kitty (cat finds money card in monte, with Guy Hollingworth variation)
Simon Lovell Matchbox Betcha number of matches in matchbox divined, mathematical 121
Eric Mason Matchbox Betcha Number Two! matchbox drawer balanced on cover under glass, bet to get drawer into cover without touching 123
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on gambler Fast Jack 126
David Oliver Don't Touch numbers added on add-a-number pad, sum predicted 127
Simon Lovell Two Pieces of Silliness - Teethy "Silly Stunt Number One"
piece of glass bitten out of glass, coin for sound effect
Related to
  • Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
Simon Lovell Two Pieces of Silliness - Cancan "Silly Stunt Number Two"
can is crushed flat in two seconds
Simon Lovell The Texas Chainthumb Massare or Grand Guignol Revisited thumb is cut with a knife until the performer bleeds, wound is healedInspired by 135
Simon Lovell Business Card Flash! blank card tabled, coin on top, flash paper on coin, ignited and card visibly prints, pull into lap, also with playing cardAlso published here
  • video "The Office Animal"
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Cardini 142
Simon Lovell Coins, Dice and Grandfather's Beer! some bar bets, then full glass of beer produced
- Stage One - Selling the Roll Out
- Stage Two - Selling the Six Dice Stack
- Stage Three - Grandfather's Beer
Simon Lovell Imagiro bill folded (?) into animal behind back of performer 149
Robert E. Neale A Hair of the Dog bill folded into dog
- Bonus Number One - Bob's Presentation
- Bonus Number Two - Magic Doggie! (dog stands up by himself)
Simon Lovell Twisted Roses making a rose out of paper napkin 157
Simon Lovell, Keith Charnley Chop Wallet Chop Cup style routine with coin and wallet - final production of ten pound note under the walletAlso published here 163
Unknown Thumb Clip Coin Vanish 164
Ash-Lee Fantasy in Salt and Vinegar predict flavour of crisps - when wrong, magician makes flavour change to match predictionAlso published here 169
Simon Lovell The Incredible Card in Dove Number Two! card with torn-off corner to rubber dove, comedy prop extravaganza 171
Simon Lovell Torn Corner Switch 172
Simon Lovell Lobster Watch! broken and restored watch, reappears at performer's wrist, comedy prop extravaganza 175
Simon Lovell Center Tear 178
Simon Lovell Moments and Musings on Robert Harbin 180
Simon Lovell Ring in Rat comedy prop extravaganza 181
Unknown Finger Ring Vanish from handkerchief 182
Simon Lovell The Frisk of the Risk! effect done with named card, risky, juke box principle, set-up of often named cards 187
Simon Lovell Endword 193
Todd Robbins The Blow-Off 195
Simon Lovell Works Cited 197