Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam

264 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction 11
Steve Beam How to Read This Book 14
Steve Beam Telephone Tricks chapter intro 17
Steve Beam The Phony Card Trick card is found by spelling word, over phone 18
Steve Beam Support Your Local Magician card is found by spelling two sentences, humorous presentation, can be performed over the phone 21
Lewis Jones Right on Q half the deck used, card chosen by making three piles, card found by spelling, can be performed over the phoneInspired by 23
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Alphanumeric card is found by spelling some sentences 25
Steve Beam Doing Your Nails with half the deck, nine forceRelated to
  • Tony Koynini's "Any Number" in "Card Miracles"
  • Stewart James' "The Card is Up" in "The James File"
Doreen Knott The Tyro Cardsharp poem 28
Steve Beam Prediction chapter intro 31
Steve Beam The Nobs Prediction no gag, no can be unfold and forms name of selectionInspired by
  • Stewart James' "The 'It' Girl" in "The James File"
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 32
Steve Beam Easy on the Curry cut and turn over to select card, prediction in form of mateVariations 34
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 34
Steve Beam Lockbox Prediction prediction of touched card 36
Steve Beam Card Switch reversed card in center, while card is placed on table 37
Steve Beam, Mick Ayres Send in the Clowns humorous articleRelated to 38
Mick Ayres Color My World single card prediction on paper, selection has different colored back 39
Unknown 10/20 Force face up 40
Rajneesh Madhok Underside of the Moon card reversed behind back is predictedInspired by
  • Dark Side of the Moon" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring 71/2)
Related to
Lewis Jones Me and You values represent different prizes, card is selected and prize predicted, humorous routineRelated to
  • "Don't Bet on It" in Karl Fulves' "The Carlatan" No. 6.
Steve Beam Witchcrap with spelling of cards, two cards prediction 44
Steve Beam Birthing Twins two cards to form a card, prediction in wallet 45
Unknown Deal Force for two cards 46
Steve Beam The Pocket Fisherman card in pocket, two cards to form a playing card 47
Steve Beam You Know You Have Seen Everything in Magic When... humorous article 48
Steve Beam Surprise Party chapter intro 51
Joe Riding It Takes a Year card is found by dealing various numbers related to year and weeks 52
Steve Beam Party Time spectator deals cards for month and day of his birthday then remembers a card, performer reveals selection and birthdayRelated to 54
Jay Ose Triple False Cut 54
Steve Beam Second Birthday spectator deals cards for month and day of his birthday then remembers a card, performer reveals selection and birthday, with multiple selections 55
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Prime Cut four cards form spectator's birthdayInspired by 57
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The Switch switching two of three cards, while turning one card over 57
Simon Aronson Birthday Memories spectator deals cards for month and day of his birthday then remembers a card, performer reveals selection and birthdayInspired by 59
Steve Beam Old Magicians humorous article 60
Steve Beam Glossary of Abbreviations used in the Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Series humorous article 62
Steve Beam, Marty Kane Shrink-Wrapped Card Magic chapter intro, with short autobiography of Marty Kane 65
Marty Kane The Jack of Death Card Trick involving spelling, down-under deal, presentationInspired by 66
Marty Kane Halve Your Way deck is split in two groups and always one half eliminated, selection remains, several versionsInspired byVariations 67
Jerry K. Hartman Transfer Glimpse 67
Marty Kane Precision Division deck is split in two groups and always one half eliminated, selection remains, several versionsInspired byRelated to 71
Marty Kane Progressive Card Magic two phases, good poker hands are formedInspired by
  • "Heavyweight" (Peter Duffie, 21 Card Tricks)
Marty Kane Modern Day Moracle packet cut off and reduced to one card via reverse faros, this card is selection and four aces on top of discard piles, with two variationsAlso published here 76
Marty Kane Fraps on Craps Inspired by 78
Steve Beam Mora-Cull stacking by using the spread cull 78
Marty Kane Dream Team Scheme with three cards 80
Gene Finnell Free Cut Principle 80
Marty Kane Single Decker Spell Checker 82
Marty Kane The Anna Graham Scam with letters on the back to form wordsRelated to
  • Marty Kane's "Anna Graham's Magic Spells" in "Precursor" #76.
Steve Beam Pure Math chapter intro 87
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie Matsuyama's Mates color, suit and picture/spot are used for down under deal, finding selection and mateInspired by 88
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie Lie Decktector four of a kind as climax, using the Matsuyama Force 89
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie Random Illusion card is created which is predictedInspired by 90
Brother John Hamman Flip-Flop Force variation of the Cut-Deeper Force 90
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie Matsuyama to the Max card is divined by down under dealing, Matsuyama force 91
Doug Canning Fourmat Matsuyama principle with more than two variablesRelated to 92
Steve Beam The Eliminator Matsuayama Force for more than two variables, chart, with variation (Even Balder)Related to 92
Steve Beam Odder than Even prediction is matched by using The EliminatorRelated to 95
Doug Canning Burnout The Eliminator to build a number, only odd-backed card in the deck at that positionRelated to 95
Doug Canning Triple Play card is formed, prediction 96
Tino Call Think of a Card Spectator looks at any card in the deck and at it's mate, card can be namedRelated to 97
Steve Beam One in 52 number from 1 to 52, square sum is counted and value counted again to arrive at a card, with variations
- Hat Trick
- Wordplay
Steve Beam Double Dipping two cards are located 100
Reinhard Müller Divination Three by Four object laid out in a matrix, one is selected and divinedRelated to
  • Reinhard Müller's "3x3 Square Divination" in "Precursor" LXIII, 1998.
Jack Avis Bent Out of Shape six pairs on the table, one is turned over and card remembered, packed and selection are divined 105
Steve Beam Fat Burning with Magic humorous article, continued on p. 180 106
Steve Beam Stirring the Stew chapter intro 109
Allan Slaight Rage with an 'N' slip of paper with words THENTEAR is used to predict TEN HEART and THREATEN, card trick and book test togetherVariations 110
Unknown Countback Force number minus square sum to find card 111
Steve Beam Imaginary Vanish mathematical problem, dividing moneyInspired by
  • Stewart James' "One-Cent Tale" in "The James File" p. 1931.
Steve Beam Testimonials humorous article 112
Steve Beam Alpha Bet analysis of Stewart James' one-card handling of the Gilbreath principleInspired by 113
William Goodwin A Royal Parcel Inspired by 118
Scott Robinson Repackaged Prediction several cards are chosen, values added, sum predictionInspired by 119
Steve Beam Celebrity Testimonials humorous article 120
Stewart James Fourth Incantation Related to 121
Steve Beam Luck and the Magician humorous article 122
Steve Beam Singularities chapter intro 125
Tony Griffith The All Backs Routine 126
Elias Ugart Slip and Slide production of face-down selection in center of deck 131
Lewis Jones Up and Down Double cards are shuffled face down into face up, spectator removes a face up card and performer a face-down card with same valueInspired by 133
Steve Beam Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 4 - Alternative Titles humorous article 134
David Solomon Just Friends four Kings cut in four packets, the Kings suddenly are in the hand of the performer, Queens found at bottom of packetsAlso published here 135
Doug Canning Quiet Time coding value of a card, by holding a card 137
Steve Beam The Human Transmitter spectator divines selection by removing card with same value and one with same suit, repeatedInspired by 138
Harvey Rosenthal Direct Transposition Inspired by 140
Steve Beam Dicycles card revealed by counting down to number rolled with dice, small setupInspired by 142
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Double Dicycles card revealed by counting down to number rolled with dice, as predictionInspired by 144
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Jinxed humorous email conversation 146
Steve Beam Impossible Locations chapter intro 149
Mick Ayres Speed-Reader performer apparently memorizes deck, names position of selection 150
Doug Canning Speed-Reader II 152
Steve Beam Knowing Where It Isn't 153
Doug Canning Dealer's Choice sone card location 154
Bob Farmer Fourgery (Four Impromptu Outs) 155
R. Paul Wilson Ring three times a card is located
- Shizuko
- Yoichi
- Sadako
Related to 159
Steve Beam The Hitchhiker humorous article 161
Steve Beam Gambling Tricks chapter intro 165
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Spineless spectator selects a dealt hand and remember a card, after dealing new hands, performer finds card and adds a good hand 166
Steve Beam Bullet-Ridden with Black Jack and Poker themeRelated to 168
Gianfranco Preverino A Perfect Bridge Partner all cards of a bridge hand are divinedAlso published here
  • "Adivinacion Sin Preguntas" in "La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" N° 267, 2001
Simon Aronson Aronson Stack brief 171
Lee Asher Milking the Boards fake milk shuffling sequence, overhand stacking gag 173
Steve Beam Beating the Cut prediction of poker hand 174
Steve Beam Gambler's School prediction of poker hand 175
Steve Beam Lucky Digits small packet counted to named number until only one card remainsRelated to 177
Steve Beam The Empty Upjog several cards are touched and removed, exchange one or several cards against cards wanted 177
Steve Beam Betting on Triumph some cards are mixed face up into face down, betting on builded pairs, spectator loses against performerInspired by
  • "The Two Clerks" in T. O'Conor Solane's "Rapid Arithmetic", 1922.
John Moran Challenge Deal high card is named and spectator places the card in the deck, when cards next to it are removed they form a royal flushVariations 182
Steve Beam Starter Cards low card is named and spectator places the card in the deck, when cards next to it are removed they form a straight flushInspired by 183
Steve Beam Starter Cards #2 low card is named and spectator places the card in the deck, when cards next to it are removed they form a straight flushInspired by 185
Steve Beam The Omega Particle multi-phase betting gameRelated to 186
Steve Beam Posthumous Testimonials What Famous Dead Magicians Are Saying About The Semi-Automatic Series humorous article 192
Steve Beam Card Tricks Without Cards chapter intro 195
Steve Beam Sixty-Nine performer predicts numbers, alternately written down on business cards 196
Steve Beam The Sifter cards face-up and face-down, while stripping out half of them, a card is moved to the topVariations 196
Rajneesh Madhok Table Sifter cards face-up and face-down, while stripping out half of them, a card is moved to the topInspired by 198
Steve Beam Scrabbled word built with ABC cards is predicted 200
Scott Robinson, Doug Canning, Steve Beam Men of Letters prediction of built word with ESP cards, 202
Steve Beam Alpha Male humorous divination of selected letter, with ABC cardsInspired by 205
Steve Beam Magic Squares chapter intro 209
Steve Beam Steve's Nothing-To-Do-With-Canning's-Idea Prediction number is formed by simple arithmetics and predicted with a coin 210
Steve Beam Steve's Even-Less-To-Do-With-Canning's-Idea Prediction with number on a bill 211
Steve Beam Doug-Less with different dates on coins to form numbers 213
Steve Beam Two Squared using serial number of bill 216
Steve Beam Faking Serial Number with printer 216
Steve Beam Updates chapter intro 219
Steve Beam Mortality - The Second Opinion card found at number, number indicates how long person will liveInspired byRelated to 220
Steve Beam Preventive Poker deck is shuffled twice, second time face up into face down, spectator deals face up cards to himself and face down to performer, performer has a straight flush, more freedomInspired by 223
Newell Unfried No-Looking Location divination of a cardRelated to
  • Tony Koynini's "Any Number" in "Tony Koynini's Card Miracles", 1951,
Steve Beam The Box Magician chapter intro 227
Andi Gladwin Resets in an Instant red cards transpose with black cards, with card caseVariations 228
Steve Beam The Widow Maker Aces change into Kings, color change in card caseVariations 230
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 230
Steve Beam Box Top Change color change in card case 234
Steve Beam Red & Black Widow red half transpose with black half, with card caseInspired by 236
Steve Beam Boxing Triumph half the deck without selection, in card case 238
Unknown Depth Illusion wand and cup move, cup deeper from inside than outside, done with card case and pencil 238
Tenkai Ishida Optical Turn 239
Unknown Card Reverse while turning deck overAlso published here
  • Adrian Plate's "Magicians' Tricks - How They Are Done" p. 70.
Steve Beam The 15/15 Force forcing number 15 243
Steve Draun The Unpublished Move only top card is moved 244
Elias Ugart Siesta Force also with multiple cardsVariations 245
Steve Beam Nap Force Inspired by 246
Steve Beam R&B Shuffle 248
Steve Beam Quickie Reference Section intro, brief explanations of used principles and moves 249
Steve Beam Memory ADE for fishing suit 249
Bill Simon, Steve Beam Prophecy Move 249
Steve Beam Underhand Shuffle - Finer Points
- Why It Works
- Double Undercut Alternative
- Top Stock Only
Steve Beam Errata Volume One
- Color Vision
- Double Stop
- World's Greatest Magician
- Quadruple Prediction
Volume Two
- Bite Me / Underhand Location
- Well Shaken
Volume Three
- Memory ADE
Related to 251
Steve Beam Closing Commercial 254
Steve Beam "Thanksgiven" 255
Steve Beam Routine Builder 257