Written by Paul Harris
Work of Paul Harris
172 pages (Hardcover), published by Chuck Martinez
Illustrated with drawings by Dwight Dunaway
Language: English
48 entries
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Dana Betz Foreword
Chuck Martinez, Paul Harris Special Interview
Also published here
Paul Harris Peeler piece of top layer is peeled off and restored
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1
Paul Harris Side-Winder card repeatedly appears perpendicular in deck
VariationsAlso published here 10
Drop Switch
Paul Harris Black Jack Challenge four blackjacks are produced, Kings and Aces transpose, Aces change into royal flush
  • Cutting for Black Jacks
  • Black Jack Exchange
  • Royal Black Jack
Related toAlso published here 24
Paul Harris Cross-Cut Force one half leaned against the other
Thumb Production thumb slides bottom card around deck to top
Paul Harris, Arturo de Ascanio Five Card Ascanio Spread
Paul Harris The P.H. Switch two card transpo, in repeat one card vanishes and appears next to other
Variations 37
Paul Harris El Warpo card case turns inside out
Also published here 44
Paul Harris Drop-Shot corner and rest of card transpose with use of glass, inspired by "Corner in the Glass"
Also published here 52
Paul Harris A Force switch of card in tabled spread, card slid around under palm
Paul Harris A Subtle Poker Move performer's cards multiply from five to about fifteen, then the spectator's cards as well
Variations 60
Paul Harris Jinx Change/Switch Handling
Transfer Move
Terry LaGerould Kinky-Pinky deck balanced upright on fingers while card rises
Also published here 66
Terry LaGerould Streaker tabled spread of ten cards, when spectator runs finger along, force card is dragged with finger
  • The Streaker Principle
  • Performance
Terry LaGerould Blind Peek peek method for one spectator
Also published here 72
Paul Harris The Silver Elevator four coins travel through deck
Also published here 75
Clip Steal
Paul Harris Quarter Caper three half dollars are produced from quarter and vanish again
Inspired by
  • Bob Hummer effect from "Professional Magic Made Easy" (Bruce Elliott)
Also published here
Han Ping Chien
Tenkai/Goshman Pinch Switch
Paul Harris P.D.Q #2 four coins across
Also published here 96
Larry Jennings Han Ping Chien onto Spectator's Hand see also p. 100
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale coin appears under forefinger as finale to coins across or similar
Also published here 101
Dana Betz The Betz Poker-Roll coin roll-out in which coins are rolled across table
Also published here 104
Paul Harris Free-Flight Revisited coins travel from hand to under card on table
Inspired by 107
Paul Harris Pick-Up & Display
Looy Simonoff Looy's Sooperman one-man floatation behind cloth
Inspired by 115
Daniel Cros Daniel's Butterfly card cut into butterfly shape, inspired by Kaps' Floating Cork
Paul Harris King Solomon's Drink glass of drink is produced from handkerchief
Related toVariationsAlso published here 123
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Face-Lift sandwiched card changes into selection and vanishes two times, reappears
Also published here 125
Tilt brief
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly
Allen Okawa Cellophane Surprise torn and restored cellophane at cigarette case, healing process is felt
Related toVariationsAlso published here 134
Paul Harris P.U.S.H. exchange of upjogged card
Paul Harris The Acapulco Thinker of about fifteen cards, P.U.S.H. switch
Paul Harris A Card in the Hand is Worth Two in the Deck indifferent card used to stab between two selection, it changes into third, using P.U.S.H. switch
Related to 146
Paul Harris Stretch rubber banded deck, top card pulled through and penetrates rubber band
Variations 148
Paul Harris The Castle Conspiracy four cards are put in card castle formation, one of them changes place with King, other three transform into Kings
VariationsAlso published here 152
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety
Paul Harris Jinx Change Variation
Paul Harris Instant Castle quickly constructing card castle on table
Paul Harris Wax Lips kiss mark appears on card and is removed in form of wax lips
Also published here 164
The One-Hand Top Palm
Paul Harris The Pinochle Solution
Also published here 169
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