Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
256 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
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Steve Beam Introduction - X-Rated Magic Introduction to the book
Steve Beam How to Read This Book
Steve Beam The Vanishing Magicians Article explaining/listing why people get out of magic.
Steve Beam Miscellaneous Introduction to the chapter of unclassified card magic.
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Photo Finish Printed prediction reflects cards randomly cut and dealt to. Opening effect.
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Flash Photo Finish Comedy prediction that ultimately predicts three cards chosen by participant.
Bill Simon The Prophecy Move
Nico Scholl Tapped Deck is sucked back into card case while magician tries to remove it.
Related toVariations 20
Doug Conn Impossible Speller Mentally selected card revealed by spelled to it.
Steve Beam The Anything Trick after several random cards are located by spectator-cutting, an item used in the patter (fruit, salt shaker, etc.) is produced for the climax.
Related to 23
David Corsaro Can I Call You Sometime Spectator-shuffled deck of cards produces the phone number of a fictional female chosen by an audience member from twenty-seven different fictional females whose names are written on napkins.
Related to 27
Mike DeSorbo Total Recall same as Lee Asher's "Four Casting"
Related to
  • "May the Force be with You" (Lee Asher, Video: Cooking with Lee Asher)
Also published here
Ryan Schlutz Deconstructed Construction The magician divines a mentally constructed playing card.
Related to 33
Vic Trabucco Perfect Location Magician finds a card selected while the cards were out of his hands.
Tabled Riffle Shuffle red/black shuffle
Steve Beam Bambi Revisited The padlock in the back design of a selected card unlocks after a key mysteriously rotates (and a zipper mysteriously slides open).
Inspired byRelated to 36
Steve Beam Bottoms-Up Force forces the card on top or bottom of the deck
Robert E. Neale The Queen Sisters Bizarre story of sacrifice where two sisters (queens) triumph despite the odds against them.
Related to 39
Robert E. Neale Wheel Force Elimination force from five objects starting with the one selected by a spectator.
Steve Beam Wheels of Fortune Inspired by Wheel of Fortune TV show, audience member competes for prizes and wins a second card trick.
Inspired by 42
Steve Beam Final Exam In a eye-hand coordination test, the magician deals a shuffled/cut deck as he counts down from ten to one, and ultimately produces the ace through ten.
Steve Beam Longing for the Selected Card selected card apparently found in deck, it becomes longer as it is pulled out, handling for the long card created by Tom Sellers & Harold Beaumont
Inspired by
  • "Long Card Comedy" (Tom Sellers, The Magic Want Yearbook, 1948-49)
  • "Stretching a Card" (Harold Beaumont, Marketed effect, 1952)
Steve Beam A Star is Born Random cards from a spectator-shuffled ESP deck distributed to four participants. With free choices of which cards to eliminate, they all end up with a star.
Inspired by
  • "ESP-Bingo" (Mat Roelof, New Pentagram, Dec. 1985)
  • "ESP-Bingo" (Mat Roelof, New Pentagram, Dec. 1985)
Related to
Steve Beam Mind Over Anti-Matter Random cards from a spectator-shuffled deck distributed to four participants. With free choices of which cards to eliminate, they all end up with one card. When combined, the cards form a royal flush.
Inspired by 51
Steve Beam More than Just a Snappy Dresser selected card vanishes and reappears printed on the Joker card, being held by the Joker
Also published here 53
Steve Beam Ground Control combination force and control based upon Hindu Shuffle Force
Related toAlso published here 53
Steve Beam Magicians' Pickup Lines that Should be Retired List of pickup lines that should be retired.
Steve Beam Gambling Introduction to the chapter on gambling effects.
Steve Beam Dicey Location selected card is found by having a spectator roll a dice to generate three random numbers
Related toAlso published here 62
Steve Beam Deep Down Dicey Location Four Dice are rolled to arrive at a random number where a selected card can be found in the deck.
Related to 63
Steve Beam Die-Nasty Using a random number from a die, the spectator locates one of the suicide kings with the "merry-go-round of death" (down-under deal). More of a coincidence than a miracle.
Related to 64
Vic Trabucco Power Poker Magician demonstrates how to stack cards during a shuffle and receives four aces on the first deal. On the next round, he receives a royal flush.
Related to 66
Steve Beam Lagniappe method to cull cards while explaining how a shuffle works, bluff cull
Steve Beam Eight Against One Finish for 3 card monte where target card vanishes and a four of a kind is produced.
Related to 69
Akira Fujii Optical Monte Move Variation
Steve Beam Facade version of Lewis Jones effect where questions are asked and the true or false answers are spelt/dealt into piles on the table, ultimately producing a royal flush.
Related to 72
Steve Beam The Magic of Ramón Riobóo Introduction to the chapter on the magic of Ramón Riobóo.
Ramón Riobóo Liberty, Fraternity, Equality Matching effect where two spectators end up with the same number of cards, despite numerous choices and opportunities to impact the outcome.
Related to 78
Ramón Riobóo Magic Spell production of two cards, one matches value and one suit
Ramón Riobóo Spanish Curry A card vanishes from a group of cards.
Related to 81
Ramón Riobóo Open Table Four aces penetrate the table one at a time.
Ramón Riobóo Disparity Updated handling of the Dudeney Parity Principle. Cards are dealt into a grid on the table as directed by the audience. The cards are reassembled by folding rows and columns onto each other - again controlled by the audience - yet the selections are found reversed in the packet.
Related to 88
Steve Beam Instructions to my Proofreaders Instructions by the author provided to the proofreaders before they started proofreading the book.
Steve Beam International Harvester Introduction to chapter on international contributions.
Steve Beam International Harvester Introduction to the chapter on effects contributed from around the world.
Lionel Gallardo Belly Strippers Vanish of a playing card wrapped up in the magician's sweater or tie.
Also published here 100
Pepe Lirrojo The Strange Coincidence Using a mixed deck of cards (red and blue backs), one spectator freely cuts off a number of cards from the top of the deck. Two cards are freely selected from the remainder which ultimately reveal the number of cards cut, the number of reds and blacks, and the colors of the backs of the cards that were cut.
Related to
  • 8th Unsolved Card Problem (Hofzinser, Kartenkunste, 1910)
Bobby Bernard Swing False Cut
József Kovács Or... The magician and a helper bury the four kings in the deck. The two of them later cut to the four kings.
Steve Beam Tradeoffs Four kings are lost in the pack. The magician and a helper cut the cards to locate them.
Steve Beam Tabled False Cut
Also published here
  • Steve Beam's "Card Tricks from Mount Olympus", 1979
Esteban del Acebo Esteban's Aces Spectator cuts to the four aces.
Steve Beam Setup Shuffle after overhand shuffle break is held between two halves, Aces are on top and bottom of each halves
Esteban del Acebo Rollover Triumph I Triumph display.
Esteban del Acebo Rollover Triumph II Triumph display
Hernán Maccagno Flash Fried Variation of 21-Card Trick
Related to
  • Second Method (1876)
  • "How to Have Someone Think of a Card and Guess What it is" (Horatio Galasso, Giochi de Carte, 1593)
Dani DaOrtiz Semi-Automatic Ace Production Spectator chooses where to cut the pack to separate it into packets. The top card of each packet is an ace.
Related to
  • Second Method (1876)
  • "How to Have Someone Think of a Card and Guess What it is" (Horatio Galasso, Giochi de Carte, 1593)
Dani DaOrtiz The Absent Player Spectators shuffle the deck, decide the number of poker hands to be dealt, and which hand will win. Despite their choices, the designated player receives a royal flush.
Denis Behr, Alex Elmsley Mathe-Mate-Ics In a progressively more impressive demonstration, the participant cuts a number of cards from the deck. The magician cuts the remainder in two. Dealing down in both the magician's packets to the participant's number, two mates are found. This is repeated two times.
Inspired byAlso published here 124
Tony Griffith Mark of the Reader The selected card vanishes. When the spectator's two attempts to find his own card fails, the values of the two are added to arrive at a total. Turning to that page in a book, the selection is found there.
Related to
  • "Mark of the Reader" (Stewart James, Pentagram, Feb. 1947)
Tony Kardyro T. K.'s Flip-Over Force No. 1
Also published here 126
Pit Hartling Hot Pockets card stopped at and card thought-of in relation to the stopped-at card, both removed, performer divines both
Inspired byAlso published here 127
Steve Beam Meet Your Proofreaders Brief bios of the six proofreaders of the book.
The Magic of Lewis Jones Introduction to the chapter on the magic of Lewis Jones.
Lewis Jones You Think, I Think The magician reads the spectator's mind. Then, the spectator reads the magician's mind.
Lewis Jones A Word in Your Ear book test using a dictionary
Related to 136
Lewis Jones What Kind of Card are You? The magician places a card to represent a spectator in his pocket. The spectator uses random numbers of cards to generate a playing card. The magician removes that card from his pocket.
Related to
  • "Look, No Cards" (Lewis Jones, The Book of Revelations, 2011)
Lewis Jones Pocketless Magician pockets two cards. Spectator names any card. Magician removes the two cards - one matches the value and the other the suit of the named card.
Related to 140
Lewis Jones Stargazer Magician writes a prediction. Spectator answers questions as he deals cards for each letter in the answer. At the conclusion, the last card matches the written prediction.
Related toVariations 142
Lewis Jones Stargazer - The Alpha Version Magician writes a prediction. Spectator answers questions and deals one card for each letter in the answer. The last card matches the prediction.
Related to 144
Doug Canning Nearsighted Stargazer
Inspired by 146
Steve Beam Farsighted Stargazer Magician removes a card to serve as a prediction. Spectator answers questions and deals one card for each letter in the answer. The last card matches the prediction.
Related to 147
Steve Beam Blinded Stargazer Magician removes a card to serve as a prediction. Spectator answers questions and deals one card for each letter in the answer. The last card matches the prediction.
Related to 149
Steve Beam Mental Magic Introduction to chapter on mental magic with cards.
Max Maven Heliocentrick A card is selected and returned to the deck. Starting with a packet of cards, the magician spells a planet chosen by a spectator. The selection is found at the conclusion of the spelling.
Max Maven Composite Speller Deck is cut and half given to each of two spectators. Each thinks of a card in their half. The value of one card is combined with the suit of the other. The deck is reassembled and the composite card spelled. It turns up at the final letter.
Related to 155
Rich Aviles Pocket Protectors The magician pockets two cards to serve as a prediction. Spectator calls out any card. Magician shows one of the predictions has the same value and the other the same suit as the mentally selected card.
Related to 156
David Solomon Reading the Tea Leaves A selection is made and lost in the pack. Taking a third of the pack, cards are shuffled and dealt into four hands. The top card of each pile is turned face up and they tell the color, suit, royalty content, and finally, the value of the selection.
Benjamin Marshall Cold Fish Someone cuts off some cards. Following the magician's instructions until only one card remains, the magician names the remaining card.
Steve Beam 3726 Four people think of a value and then a suit. The magician names each of them.
Related to 162
Steve Beam 3726 for Couples Two people think of a value and then a suit to form two cards. The magician names both playing cards.
Related to 168
Steve Beam Two-Faced Introduction to chapter on what has been known as the "Zen's Poker Stack"
Steve Beam The "Zens" Poker Stack
Steve Beam Draw Poker magician forms a bag with a napkin and drops a deck of card inside. He asks for poker hand. He not only removes that hand from then napkin, but the highest version of that hand.
  • Plumber's Helper
  • Pocket Clutter
  • Pocket Stack
  • Pocket Stack II
  • Straight to the Straight
  • Indirectly to the Straight
  • Manure is Not Art?
  • Extending the Stack
  • Back to the Hank
Steve Beam Bag Lady Magician introduces a napkin folded into a bag and hands it to a lady. He asks someone in the audience to call out a poker hand. He produces that hand from the napkin and claims it is otherwise empty. He proves it by showing the cards that remain are blank on both sides.
Related to 179
Steve Beam Stack Attack While deck is shuffled, spectator calls a poker hand. Magician deals out hand called. Can be repeated.
Related to 183
Steve Beam The About-Face Move Semi-automatic half pass.
Steve Beam Encased Five cards in an otherwise empty envelope. Spectator chooses a poker hand. The magician removes the hand from the envelope.
Related to 189
Steve Beam Encased in Glass Five cards displayed in wineglass. Any poker hand called. Cards removed and shown to comprise chosen poker hand.
Related to 193
Steve Beam Background on the "Zens" Poker Stack History of the mnemonic often referred to as the "Zen's Poker Deal."
Related to 197
Steve Beam Home on the Range Introduction to chapter using various new range forces.
Steve Beam Sweet Spot Range Force where spectator makes all the choices to arrive at force card.
Steve Beam Small Prize Winner Range Force where spectator makes all the choices to arrive at force card.
Steve Beam Nuclear Force Range Force where spectator makes all the choices to arrive at force card.
Related to 211
Steve Beam Ranger School Several versions of a range force where spectator makes all the choices to arrive at force card.
  • The Deepest Cut
  • Short Cut
  • Split Forces
  • It's Manure Time
  • Retreating Force
  • Opposing Force
  • Centrifugal Force
Steve Beam Predicting the Past Routine where the magician predicts a card to be freely chosen by a member of the audience.
Also published here 217
Steve Beam One in a Bazillion Since magician claims he didn't bring any cards, a card is constructed in the mind of a volunteer. It is shown reversed in a pictured spread of playing cards, and then removed from magician's pocket.
Also published here 220
Steve Beam Blankety Blank Blank (both sides) deck used to create a playing card. That card is removed from the pocket and it appears (prints) in the deck.
Steve Beam Another Behind the Scenes Look at Book Publishing Discussion of how author covers his mistakes by blaming them on others.
Steve Beam Another Behind-the-Scenes Look at Book Publishing Anecdote regarding the crediting of magic effects/methods.
Steve Beam Rotator Cut Force
Richard Bangs Double-Down Monte In-the-hands three card monte move.
Steve Beam The Under Cover Shuffle Overhand false shuffle
  • Drop & Swap Control
Lorenz Schär, Tino Plaz Tina's Mystery Switch #1 Switch of a tabled card for one from the deck.
Lorenz Schär, Tino Plaz Tina's Mystery Switch #2 Switch of a sandwiched card for one of the cards that sandwiches it.
Lorenz Schär, Tino Plaz Tina's Transpo One of two lost selections appears between two jokers. This card is placed aside and the second selection appears. They then switch places.
Steve Beam Thanksgiven Epilogue for book
Steve Beam Routine Builder Spreadsheet designed to assist in constructing routines.
Steve Beam Suggested Reading List humorous article
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