Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
113 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
94 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction "I would like to dedicate this book to my magical mentor, J. W. Sarles."
Karl Fulves Card Locations chapter intro
Unknown No-Clue Discovery No. 1, spectator calls out cards as they are dealt, performer detects selection from voice, simple key card
Unknown Case Extraction Glimpse as deck is removed from case
Unknown Key Card Placement card removed from in-the-hands spread and replaced on tabled half
Unknown A Sporting Proposition No. 2, Circus Card Trick, sucker
Related to 4
Unknown Spello No. 3, prediction phrase is spelled
Unknown The Lazy Magician No. 4, favorite of Blackstone, card and its position thought-of in ten-card packet, down-under-deal after some procedure
Unknown Trapped No. 5, reversed Ace of Spades changes into Club when cards are spread, then black Aces trap selection
Charles T. Jordan, Unknown Whispering Joker No. 6, Joker inserted in twenty-card packet, card on both sides remembered, placed in two pockets, selections removed by performer
Karl Fulves Impromptu Card Routines chapter intro
Unknown Any Deck, Any Time No. 7, spectator remembers a card and shuffles deck face-up/face-down, performer locates selection
Related to 12
Unknown Mental Mates No. 8, spectator removes red Aces and sandwiches any unknown card, performer sandwiches same card in another deck
Martin Gardner Plunger Glimpse sandwiched card in center of deck is glimpsed
Unknown Deuces Wild No. 9, card chosen from four-card packet of all initialed Deuces repeatedly found, one-way signatures
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Rapid Transit No. 10, cards handled below table for no-sleight transposition
Unknown Z-Ray No. 11, card marked on face is cut in deck, performer deals through cards face-down and stops at marked card
Glenn G. Gravatt Secret Back Mark dot on top card as something is written on another card jogged on top of that card
Jack Avis, Unknown Matching Matches No. 12, two spectators take some matches and count them, they remember cards at their corresponding position, performer makes two piles and both cards are in same position
Sam Schwartz The Magic 13 No. 13, two spectators take a few cards and count them, they remember cards at their corresponding position, performer makes two piles and both cards are in same position
Karl Fulves Poker Deals chapter intro
Roy Walton Lesson in Larceny No. 14, ten card packet, spectator deals cards from top or bottom and gets a straight, performer aces
Also published here 25
Karl Fulves Automatic Poker No. 15, spectator selects five cards from ten-card packet, hand predicted, performer is left with winning hand
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 26
Unknown Naming the Aces No. 16, spectator riffle shuffles deck and performer names the order of Aces in the deck, interlocking chain principle
Lin Searles, Karl Fulves The Three-Jacks Deal No. 17, nine-card set-up
Related to 29
Unknown Cutting the Aces No. 18, cutting and then some dealing, both Aces and Kings are located
Related to 31
Unknown The Bridge Hustler No. 19, deck riffle shuffled, all Clubs removed, rest dealt out in three hands, suits separated
Unknown Aces Up No. 20, Aces distributed in deck, several deals, they end up on top again
Sam Schwartz Poker Expert Outdone No. 21, bad hand changes into Royal Flush, backs change as well
Karl Fulves Coincidence Tricks chapter intro
Unknown Do As I Do No. 22
Unknown The One-Deck Version No. 23
Unknown Child's Play No. 24
J. Stewart Smith Unseen Powers No. 25, spectator selects card, performer finds mate
Unknown Double Disclosure No. 26
Martin Gardner Ultra Coincidence No. 27
Karl Fulves Mental Magic with Cards chapter intro
J. W. Sarles The Card Revealed No. 28, spectator thinks of small number and card, both divined, two key cards
Unknown The Haunted Name No. 29, spectator writes J on the back of an unknown card, performer later on the face, it's the same card, key card
Unknown Thought Speller No. 30, card from small packet thought-of, later found when another spectator says stop as cards are removed from pocket one by one
Unknown The Duplex Mind No. 31, deck cut and one half turned face-up, both cards at cut position remembered, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, performer divines both selections with some amulet, two key cards
Variations 49
Unknown Pre-Figured No. 32, calculation with value of spectator's selection divines both this selection and the performer's
Unknown Three on a Match No. 33, three spectators select a card with down-under-deal from the same small packet, all have the same and it's the only red card
Ray Grismer Computer Mind No. 34
Related to 54
Theodore Annemann The Stop Trick No. 35, Ace through King set-up
Jack Avis Sensitive Fingertips No. 36, cards divined behind back, two more when deck is in spectator's hands
Unknown Under-Belt Holdout or paper clip
Unknown Think of an Ace No. 37, spectator thinks of an Ace and removes it in his own hands, position of Ace keys suit to performer
W. F. "Rufus" Steele, Karl Fulves Pocket Prediction No. 38, two cards chosen, one used to count down to the other, they are mates
Related to 58
Unknown Psychic Magnet No. 39, card rises up under handkerchief with pencil held to top
Unknown Fate #1 No. 40, after some counting and making two packets with two dice, two black Jacks show up
Unknown Fate #2 No. 41, card of same value as thrown dice shows up
Unknown Double Prophet No. 42, two cards predicted, involves cutting and turning over cards in pile behind back
Karl Fulves Test Conditions chapter intro
Kuda Bux, Karl Fulves Blind Dice #1 No. 43, two dice are rolled and turned over to some rules and the numbers added and card at this position remembered, performer finds it
Related toVariations 66
Karl Fulves Blind Dice #2 No. 44, three dice are rolled and turned over to some rules and the numbers added and card at this position remembered, performer finds it
Inspired by 67
Eddie Joseph Hocus-Pocus No. 45, three five-cards packets, spectator thinks of a card, deals out five packets, pockets the one with selection and performer extracts it
Unknown Out of Sight No. 46, card chosen, deck shuffle, performer puts deck in pocket and removes mate
Unknown Ten-Twenty Force see also page 80
Audley Walsh Long Distance No. 47, spectator selects a card with some counting and numbers and reads of the cards of a packet, performer names card and the number of cards in spectators pocket
Also published here 71
James G. Thompson Jr. The Phone Miracle No. 48, card selected with some counting and numbers
Unknown A Card and a Number No. 49
Unknown Magic by Proxy No. 50, phone rings to give position of selection
Gerald Kosky Automatic Placement Handling no-touch
Unknown Signed, Sealed and Delivered No. 51, selection predicted in envelope that is mailed to spectator earlier
Variations 77
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force no-touch, spectator cuts and turns over one pile
Karl Fulves Strange Secrets chapter intro
Unknown Impossible Location No. 52, selection located first without looking at faces, then in pocket, stranger card
Unknown Slim Chance No. 53, "You will choose a red card", spectator chooses only red-backed card
Unknown A Cut Force spectator cuts, a card is turned over, deck assembled, turned face-up and spread, card next to reversed card is forced
Roy Walton The Blue Phantom No. 54, two cards found, one of them has different colored back
Also published here 82
Unknown It's in the Bag No. 55, deck and case dropped in paper bag and shaken, case then has selection inside
Karl Fulves Revelations chapter intro
Unknown The 3½ of Clubs No. 56, ungaffed with Three of Clubs and half dollar
Related to 86
Unknown Re-Deal Force with spelling
John Cornelius, Jerry Andrus The Geiger Counter Card Trick No. 57, Ace of Spades moved along spread, clicking sound changes at selection
Related to 87
Unknown Opposites Attract No. 58, Kings and Queens are paired by spectator
Related toVariations 89
Unknown 60 Seconds Flat No. 59, selection vanishes from deck and reappears in deck under table
Bob Hummer Personality No. 60, eight-card packet, spectator reverses cards and shuffles, at the end, three are one way and five the other which was predicted, doesn't work always
Unknown Jumping Joker No. 61, Joker (with missing corner) jumps out when riffled, next to selection
Richard Himber Calculator Cards No. 62, selection is "six and three quarters cards" down in deck, it's correct with a card in which a quarter is torn out
Unknown Process of Elimination No. 63, some cards in center outjogged, pushed through several times, finally selection sticks out
Theodore Annemann, Karl Fulves The Joker Knows No. 64, Joker is supposed to find card but changes in selection
Inspired by 97
Unknown The Controlled Cut No. 65, spectator cuts and this value is used to count down to selection, Ace through King of Hearts set-up, Al Baker credit given
Related to 98
Karl Fulves Miracles with Cards chapter intro
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Follow the Leader No. 66, 3&3
Karl Fulves Mental Miracle No. 67, spectator selects and returns card under table, deals cards to performer under table who identifies selection
Inspired by 103
Unknown Twins No. 68, two decks under handkerchiefs, Joker is slid under handkerchief in deck and "changes" into Four of Spades, same with other deck
Nate Leipzig Through-Handkerchief Glimpse
Unknown O. Henry Card Trick No. 69, card chosen from packet with counting procedure is predicted, it is the only red card as well
Unknown Backwards Count Force packet cut off, then row counted on table and card counted to
Unknown Astro Twins No. 70, two selections face-down in front of spectators, when they change place, the cards do as well, selections made with "remember a number and card at that position" procedure, then counted to and removed
Unknown Topsy-Turvy No. 71, two selections turn over
Harvey Rosenthal, Karl Fulves Quick as a Wink No. 72, Three-Card Catch
Inspired byVariations 111
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