This book is a much expanded version of the Japanese book "Winners".
Written by Steve Cohen, Richard Kaufman
Work of Various
252 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes, Ton Onosaka
Language: English
28 entries
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Richard Kaufman Foreword on Ton Onosaka
Masao Atsukawa It All Started with Magic Land on the Masao Atsukawa Prize
Masao Atsukawa Case Card card with different back in card case is predicted
Masao Atsukawa Warp 9 geometrical puzzle with a playing card that makes a full card face-down, but a piece is left over when assembled face-up
Related to 19
Hiroyuki Sakai The Volunteer Swindler five Dollar bill with slit is folded so it looks like two bills, when opened up bill has transformed to ten Dollar bill and other bills is back in wallet
Hiroyuki Sakai Hairband Mystery hairband penetrates thumb, more or less classic method with hairband instead of rubber band
Hiroyuki Sakai A Transient Love Story magic tricks to seduce a person, see following items/steps
Hiroyuki Sakai Step 1: Approach divination of phone number, center tear
Hiroyuki Sakai Step 2: A Present coin changes into flowers, with assistant
Hiroyuki Sakai Step 3: Reach handling of Don Wayne's Room Service with room numbers on ten business cards
Hiroyuki Sakai Step 4: JAB recipe for rice with sardines and ginger
Hiroyuki Sakai Step 5: Propose ring vanishes and appears on person's finger, to propose
Hiroyuki Sakai Extra Step: Strange Relationship two decks, on backs of chosen card are names of performer and spectator
Impression Card Case
Hiroyuki Sakai Inception bill placed inside paper sleeve with little flap, building on bill seen through hole vanishes and appears again
Hiroyuki Sakai The Right-Angle Bill Mystery spectator holds on to three stacked bills and closes eyes, when eyes are opened again chosen bill is found at right angles to the other two, Power of Darkness type
Hiroyuki Sakai The Vanish Which Elevates Tenkai showing both hands empty while transferring one coin from hand to hand, pinky transfer to classic palm
Related to 46
Hiroyuki Sakai Inner Inertia cards loaded on deck using a wallet, prediction
Hiroyuki Sakai Celebrity Torn and Restored Card one end of card signed by spectator and one by performer, torn in half and restored
Inspired by
  • "Hoodwink" (Kenton Knepper, Ben Harris)
Also published here
Hiroyuki Sakai One Man Self-Levitation standing in a box, mirror
Tomo Maeda Zodea zodiac symbols on paper are folded and turn into letters, spelling a word, off-beat prediction
Related to 60
Tomo Maeda Re-Psychle pen placed inside empty card case starts to move and writes name of selection
Tomo Maeda The Angle of the Hypothesis picture of spoon and fork, images bend
Related to 67
Tomo Maeda Out To Cut paper with illustration of pair of scissors is signed and placed inside a card case, when removed name of selection is cut into paper
Hideki Tani Elevator Illusion two blank cards with four windows cut are held above deck, selection can be seen rising up through the windows, then card goes down again and is found reversed in the deck
Hideki Tani Vanishing Wedding Band clean finger ring vanish
Takanobu Ishida Card Tapestry Aces are fanned, one is named and Aces are found glued together in a row with chosen Ace reversed
Takanobu Ishida E.T. Rope rope is wrapped around spectator's finger and is pulled free
  • Bonus Effect: Static Electricity Rope
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