Written by Stephen Hobbs, Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Various

172 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

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Jack Birnman The Dyslexic Psychic entertaining presentation
1 1
Unknown Side Glide
1 2
Philip T. Goldstein Poker 101 clever ungaffed take on Al Koran's 1-0-1 Deck
1 3
Michael Rubinstein The Ghost method for fourth coin through table using an okito box lid
1 4
Brother John Hamman Confusing Dye kind of weird odd backed cards across
  • Three Cards Across
  • Six Cards Across
  • The Confusing Dye
1 6
Ross Bertram, Emil Jarrow Sleeving Techniques of Ross Bertram and Emil Jarrow general comments, described by David Ben
1 11
Ross Bertram The Bertram Stick Sleeve for ring on stick
1 12
Emil Jarrow The Jarrow Sleeve Subtlety pulling up sleeves despite using them
1 12
Geoffrey Latta The Mis-Show Card Trick
1 13
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way essay on the Hotel Mystery or Motel Mystery (four Kings and two Queens), as inspired by Persi Diaconis, see also p. 87
1 16
Jon Racherbaumer Let Om two approaches
1 19
Adrian Plate, S. W. Erdnase Palm Change
1 21
Lou Gallo Only The Lonely
1 22
Jon Racherbaumer Double Backing To Motel Six using double back card
1 24
Bob Farmer Stealing The Hotel Tao
1 26
Bob Farmer The Trapez Switch
Variations 1 26
Jon Racherbaumer Select Bibliography of "The Hotel Mystery"
1 28
Larry Jennings Hookers and Cowhands
1 29
Larry Jennings Small-Packet Mechanical Palm
1 32
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) The Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris 1 33
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris 1 34
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) The Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris 1 35
Justin Hanes Strip Tease apparently stripper deck is used
1 36
Stephen Hobbs The Rational Response on publishing a magazine, Tommy Wonder, Hermetic Press, World's Greatest Magicians
1 37
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz
1 38
Richard Kaufman Dear Mr. Busby... on magazines, Busby, products
1 41
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Gourmet Close-Up Magic by Eugene Burger 1 42
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Mouse Magic by Alex Elmsley 1 43
Edward Marlo Nomadic Aces
Inspired by 2 45
Jay Frasier Rolling Elmsley four cards, hiding one of the eight surfaces
Related to 2 48
Alex Elmsley Three in Hiding three cards in three pockets of spectator, performer divines who has which card, with second method "Hidey-Hole"
Related toAlso published here 2 49
Ryu Susato The Tokyo Penetration two bills are folded lengthwise and penetrate in clean manner, see also page 169
2 52
Jeff Sheridan Six Wave presentation for the Invisible Deck
2 55
John Bannon Beyond Fabulous Royal Flush kicker
2 56
Martin Gardner The Mysterious Ring a ring on a rubberband penetrates the hand
2 59
Lennart Green Out-of-Sweden first OOTW effect, two piles, then all cards are black, then red (blacks have vanished)
2 60
Lennart Green Packet Displacement switching bottom part of one packet with top part of other packet
2 61
Lennart Green Half Deck Lapping
2 62
Lennart Green Toss Packet Switch eccentric technique for switching packet that is thrown to table for packet in dealing position
2 64
David Gripenwaldt Strong Currency kind of wild coin effect with several transformations with three different coins
Variations 2 65
David Gripenwaldt One of Two Switch switching one of two coins
2 66
David Gripenwaldt Underground Shuffle Pass actually change-over
2 67
Miguel Gómez Wild By Twos ungaffed
2 69
Jerry K. Hartman Tourist Trap two selections travel from deck to packet and trap third selection
2 71
William Goodwin, Ray Kosby The Un-Topsy-Turvy Deck halves are left telescoped and spread - one half visibly rights
Related toVariations 2 73
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
2 73
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way on Derek Dingle, Larry Jennings and Martin Nash
2 75
Richard Kaufman Dear Mr. Busby...
2 80
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Coin Thing by James Chantler Brown 2 81
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Torn & Restored by John Carney 2 81
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Larry Jennings: Double Fond Tapes by Larry Jennings 2 81
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Derek Dingle: Double Fond Tape by Derek Dingle 2 81
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Twilight Angels by Paul Harris 2 82
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Miracle Material by Michael Kaminskas 2 82
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Card College - Volume 2 by Roberto Giobbi 2 84
Stephen Hobbs The Rational Response
2 84
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Natural Selections by David Acer 2 85
Francis Carlyle Seeing at the Finger Tips blindfold method, tape and handkerchief, described in letter to Fawcett Ross
3 89
Rune Klan The Falling Retention multiple coins, sound effect
3 91
Jack Birnman Higher Math cards are used and transform/appear to illustrate simple calculations
Related to 3 93
Unknown Drag-Over Switch LeTemps style
3 94
Paul Cummins Four-Way Reverse Backfire
Inspired by 3 96
Alain Nu Iconographic Fishing Exercice: The Zodiac fishing sequence for zodiac signs NOT based on words or letters
3 97
Roy Walton No Hiding Place
Inspired byRelated to 3 100
Bob Farmer Hide In Plain (Second) Sight
Inspired byRelated to 3 101
Hiroyuki Sakai Green-Back Gone building on dollar bill appears and disappears
3 103
Aaron Fisher Eleanor Wrigley torn and restored chewing gum strip
3 107
Shigeo Futagawa Bomb's Away coin to origami cube
3 109
Edward Marlo Soft Havana Deal stud bottom deal, illustrated with photos of Marlo's hands
3 111
Don Alan Thickening A Plot nice card stab presentation, card is stabbed in paper bag
3 115
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way
3 115
Richard Kaufman Dear Mr. Busby... on Jay Sankey, Louis Falanga, L&L Publishing, David Copperfield, Chris Kenner
3 122
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Classic Sampler by Michael Skinner 3 125
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Card Stories by Ariel Frailich 3 125
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Baby Gag by Algonquin McDuff 3 125
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 by Paul Harris 3 126
Stephen Hobbs The Rational Response on Ellis Stanyon Magic controversy
3 127
Stephen Hobbs Cover Pass Credits
3 128
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Miracles With Cards by James Swain 3 130
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) The Books of Wonder - Volume 1 by Tommy Wonder 3 130
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Workers Number 5 by Michael Close 3 130
Jack Birnman My Spectator, The Clairvoyant fair selection (automatic placement), added value of three selections determines position of first selection
Related to 4 133
Chad Long Divide And Conquer collecting cards are fairly distributed yet appear face up on top with selections in between
4 136
Toyosane Sanada Bottled Quicksilver coins into miniature bottle, shrink when entering
4 139
Larry Jennings, Danny Korem Jumping Shuttle Pass
4 141
Ueda Pinch-Away Vanish one of several vanishes
4 142
Unknown De Manche Palm Steal
4 143
Larry Jennings, William Goodwin Even Higher Math
Inspired by 4 144
Edward Marlo Bold Atfus
4 146
Roy Walton Company of Four pack is divided in four packets which are shown to be the suits, Gilbreath principle
4 147
Peter Duffie Spirits Between Your Palms
4 149
Joshua Jay Combined Interests combining prediction, spelling, card to pocket, transformation, ace production
4 150
Philip T. Goldstein Sweet & Lo! two-way prediction
4 153
Philip T. Goldstein Pierced 'ere one of four business cards
4 154
Roy Walton, Peter Duffie Poof Change
4 155
Gene Maze Cutting After a Push-Through Shuffle
4 158
Jerry K. Hartman Lied and True Steinmeyer Count Principle
4 159
Alex Elmsley Card Coding by Permutation coding a card by arrangement of four or five other cards
  • Reversible Counting
  • Four-Card Coding
  • A Hole in Four (The Second Gap)
  • Camel Poker
Variations 4 161
Joseph K. Schmidt Riffle Stacking from the Bottom credit information
4 168
William Goodwin Variation of "He Who Spelt it, Dealt it" sent in by Ray Kosby
Inspired by 4 168
Rudolph Herzog Climax to a Classic card rises out of deck, then changes via Karl Germain change in glass
4 168
Rudolph Herzog, Ray Kosby, Joseph K. Schmidt, Rafael Benatar Our Readers Respond
4 168
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way on magic magazines
4 170
Richard Kaufman This is the End... on taking over Genii
4 171