Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
120 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
76 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Openers chapter intro
Karl Fulves, Aldo Colombini Magic by Design No. 1, design chosen from chart, triangle, rubber banded deck animates into triangle configuration
John Scarne, Bill Simon, Karl Fulves True Colors No. 2, cards shuffled face-up/face-down, all of one color face-up, except two selections
Flyaway Cards No. 3, two cards vanish and reappear reversed
Too Many Cards No. 4, two cards travel from packet to packet
Verbal Backwards Counting
George Delaney Caught Between No. 5, card on either side of selection turn over
Also published here 7
El Duco Perplexing Pen No. 6, pen used to find card with its clip
Klondike Shuffle Control
Karl Fulves The Almanac Deck No. 7, talking about twelve months, fifty-two weeks, and so on, card spelled to in the end with phrase "daylight saving"
John Scarne, Joseph Dunninger Ace Finds Ace No. 8, two halves under table, one reversed and put into other, it turns out to be an Ace and is next to another Ace
Karl Fulves Crime Does not Pay chapter intro on detective themed card tricks
Karl Fulves The Three Burglars No. 9, updated version with a coin
Bonnie and Clyde No. 10, a Queen and a King chosen from Kings and Queens, they are then found, Klondike Shuffle
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Go to Jail No. 11, two cards, one found by detective card, the other travels between two detective cards into case
Leaving Card in Case
Karl Fulves Pack of Lies No. 12, three red and black cards, spectators with red cards tell the truth, performer finds out who hides the Ace of Diamonds
Also published here 20
Karl Fulves Memory Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves Super Count No. 13, clocking with only ten cards
Mental Countdown No. 14, deck apparently memorized, spectator points to card in face-up spread and performer names its position
Group Shuffle deck shuffled in groups, yet key cards at position ten, twenty, thirty and forty retained
Karl Fulves Mind Mirror No. 15, card from a third is removed after performer memorized the pile, he names missing card, key card placement after riffle shuffle
Karl Fulves, Bob King The Memory Expert No. 16, number thought of, card at this position remembered, cut, performer memorizes deck, new position of selection named and card at original position as well
Karl Fulves The Four Aces chapter intro
Herb Zarrow Stop at an Ace No. 17, four chosen cards via cuts or stopping at riffling turn out to be the Aces, consecutive Christ Forces
Karl Fulves Tap Reverse No. 18, card chosen and tapped on deck, an Ace turns over and the selection is also an Ace, repeated
Double-Dealing No. 19, Kings and Aces found by dealing in packets
Karl Fulves Dealer's Choice No. 20, eight-card poker with Kings and Aces, performer gets Aces
Karl Fulves No-Clue Discoveries chapter intro
This Is Not the Card No. 21, phrase spelled to find selection, three piles
Larry Jennings Coincido No. 22, card remembered at total of cut-off packet, values used to find selection
Also published here 40
Allan Slaight Five-Card Mental No. 23
Also published here 41
Arthur Setterington The Square Deal No. 24, 3x3 layout with twelve cards, center cards added give forced number, card at this position predicted
Related to 43
Dai Vernon A Card Is Found No. 25
Also published here 46
Karl Fulves Gambling Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Beat the Cheat No. 26, stacking apparently explained but Aces end up in another hand
Francis Haxton Gambler's Last Chance No. 27, one card missing from Straight Flush, spectator finds it
Also published here 49
Bruce Elliott Straight Up No. 28, Ace through Five straight distributed in deck, yet dealt out again, pseudo duplicates
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves The Lazy Gambler No. 29, spectator cuts and two poker hands are dealt out, performer's cards are face-up and the Royal Flush
Test Your Skill No. 30, spectator turn a card over in four-card packet, it is replaced in deck and four poker hands dealt out, the hand with the reversed card wins
Karl Fulves The Wizard of Odds No. 31, nine cards used for "three-card poker", hand with Ace of Spades wins, includes spelling of names, inspired by the Copperfield/Steinmeyer television trick
Related to 55
Karl Fulves Gimmicked Cards chapter intro
Karl Fulves Mona Lisa No. 32, King of Spades changes into Queen of Hearts
Inspired by 58
Karl Fulves Missing Corner Glide corner missing for self-working glide
Laser Printing No. 33, X drawn on Joker transfers to a Two
Clayton Rawson, Karl Fulves Simon Says No. 34, five cards each, spectator cannot follow
Chase the Ace No. 35, three cards, Ace changes into another card and is removed from case
McDonald's Aces No. 36, three double facers
Karl Fulves The Three-Jacks Deal chapter intro
Jack Jack Jack No. 37
Walter B. Gibson Three-Jacks Improved No. 38
Jack Potter Unstacked Jacks No. 39, 3&3 oil water phase as intro for Three-Jacks Deal
Also published here 78
Phil Weisbecker Three Jacks and a Pat No. 40, Royal Flush climax
Also published here 79
Karl Fulves, Walter B. Gibson Progressive Poker No. 41, multiple deal-outs with various hands
Karl Fulves Novelty Card Tricks chapter intro
John Scarne, Karl Fulves Spell Purple No. 42, red or black spelled and a card of that color comes up, finished with purple and purple is written on the card, or it is inked in purple
Also published here 82
Pushbutton Magic No. 43, number on pocket calculator is Six of Hearts when turned upside down
Tale of the Tape No. 44, tape recorder gives instructions from cassette to which a card is lost and found
Karl Fulves A Word in Thousands No. 45, this book is a force-book with "has" as every fifth word at the start of each chapter
Related to 87
Mis-Count Placement Force
Related to 87
Tic-Tac-Toe No. 46, card values decide where to place the 0 or X
Karl Fulves Rising-Card Tricks chapter intro
Simplex Card Rise No. 47, with handkerchief cover
Cards from the Case No. 48, from cased deck, slit in case
Excelsior Card Rise No. 49, deck dropped in case and selection rises out
Also published here 94
Bill Severn, Pete Biro Special Delivery No. 50, pencil with rubber band used to make card rise from deck in envelope
Also published here 98
Karl Fulves The Color-Changing Deck chapter intro
Robert Lotz Reverse Colors No. 51
Related to 102
Arthur Carter Chemical Reaction No. 52, one of seven cards chosen, its back changes color
Alex Elmsley The Red and the Blue No. 53, two decks change place except for two selections in them
Also published here 106
Bill Simon, William P. Miesel, Karl Fulves The Forgetful Gambler No. 54, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, they right themselves except for Royal Flush, rest of deck changes back color
Karl Fulves 52-Card Monte No. 55, gag presentation with two single cards and rest of deck as third card, color changing deck kicker
Also published here 111
Karl Fulves Guessing the Colors chapter intro
Karl Fulves Out of This World No. 56, handling with glasses and cardboard dividers
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