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212 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
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Karl Fulves In This Issue "occasional journal featuring unconventional material that may stimulate reader interest"
1 1
Charles Nyquist, Jack McMillen San Francisco Shuffle deck dealt into two piles randomly, piles pushed together messily (almost rosetta-style), retains separation without misses
Also published here
  • Genii, Vol. 14 No. 3, Nov. 1949
1 1
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Rusduck's Shakedown deck dealt into five piles on a handkerchief, then corners collected and cards shaken-mixed together, keeps suit separation, in effect three named cards from different suits end up in wrong suit
Also published here
  • "Shakedown Deal" (Rusduck, Linking Ring, Vol. 33 No. 11, Jan. 1954)
1 3
Karl Fulves Clandestine Cull cards removed from deck, tabled pile ends up red-black-alternating, rest in hand red-black separated
Variations 1 4
Karl Fulves High Low Blackjack
Inspired by 1 6
Karl Fulves In This Issue
2 7
Karl Fulves Self-Cancellation red-black relationship, and shuffle principle at work in Shuffle-Bored type routines
2 7
Bob Hummer Face-Up Prediction spectator and performer turn cards over in the deck, number of reversed cards is predicted
Also published here 2 8
Ralph W. Hull Last Word Prediction number of face-up cards predicted
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "The Testament of Ralph W. Hull" (Trevor Hall, 1945)
2 8
Norman MacLeod Miracle! four hands of Bridge, spectator and performer turn cards over in each hand, total is predicted
Also published here 2 9
Karl Fulves You're The Prophet spectator decides whether 24 or 28 cards will be face-up after cutting and riffle-shuffling face-up into face-down
Inspired by 2 10
Ali Bongo Unfolding Future folded multi-level prediction as in Simon Aronson's "Shuffle-Bored"
Inspired by
  • Ludow, from Paris
Related toVariations
2 11
Ali Bongo Future Notes comments on the procedure
Related to 2 12
Karl Fulves Ala Bongo no-stack version
Inspired by 2 13
Karl Fulves Square Of 13 four dice hidden, performer turns some over, total predicted, cancellation principle applied to dice
Inspired by
  • "The 4th Die" (Charlatan #4)
2 14
Karl Fulves In This Issue on impromptu markings on card, credit information
3 21
Karl Fulves Repeat After Me two decks, spectator cuts and remembers face card, then replaces, cuts behind back, both decks spread face-up, performer and spectator each push out three cards, one must be selection, performer's cards are added and counted down to in his deck, it matches spectator's selection
Inspired by
  • "He Only Thinks" (Eddie Clever, Magic In The Modern Manner, Orville Meyer, 1949)
Related to
3 21
Unknown Nailnick or Scratch as card is inserted, see also p. 26
3 22
Karl Fulves Out of Sight Out of Mind Version ten to twelve cards, miscalling
Inspired by
  • "He Only Thinks" (Eddie Clever, Magic In The Modern Manner, Orville Meyer, 1949)
Related to
3 24
Karl Fulves The Book On Color red and black cards alternating, Ace of Spades and Hearts pushed in deck, pairs dealt off deck, performer predicts whether the pair with the Aces has same colors or not, discussion of principle, "shuffling" (inserting) single cards or few cards into deck
Related to 3 26
Karl Fulves Punchlines impromptu punch marks, or using a pin
Related to 3 32
Karl Fulves Court Case memory demonstration with the twelve court cards, card located that is moved from pile to pile, tactile markings
  • System Two
  • System Three
  • Face Value (selections reversed in court card packet, found by touch)
Related to 3 35
Karl Fulves Different Finishes comment on combining deck with different finishes
Related to 3 36
Karl Fulves Binary Court Card Marking ridge along line of half the picture cards
Inspired by 3 37
Karl Fulves The Automaton twelve court cards oujogged, performer memorizes their order at a glance, they are taken out and shuffled, performer restores them into original order
Related to 3 40
Karl Fulves Cards That See spectator places four Aces in spread while performer is not looking, pairs dealt off, performer predicts whether Aces come out in matching color pairs or not
Related to 4 43
Karl Fulves Top Notch edge mark line on top near edge, not on edge
Related to 4 46
Karl Fulves Knife Edged spectator cuts deck, counts off packet, remembers last card, replaces and cuts again, card stabbed by performer, edge mark line
Inspired byRelated to 4 46
Karl Fulves Sealed Thoughts spectator cuts off some cards, shuffles them and distributes them reversed in deck, then notes down their values in order and cases deck, performer looks at list and predicts color match combinations when cards are dealt off in pairs
4 48
Karl Fulves Rules of Engagement basic rules to predict color matches when cards are dealt off in pairs and a few cards have been inserted reversed
4 49
Tony Bartolotta The Real Difference spectator removes two cards and selects a card, two differences of card values calculated to count down to selection
Related to 4 50
Glenn G. Gravatt Pencil Dotting a Card during previous trick while writing a prediction
4 50
Karl Fulves Fragments two cards selected via dealing procedure, performer divines the suit of one and value of the other card, partial suit clocking
4 52
Karl Fulves Swiftie spectator and performer both cut and take a card, they are mates, memorising five cards into which spectator has to cut
4 56
Karl Fulves Pick It Out spectator thinks of a card from one deck, then upjogs three cards from another deck one of which must be his selection, another spectator find the right one from the backs, arrows on cards point to the right card à la instant stooging
4 58
Karl Fulves 3-Coin Monte three cards and three coins, spectator moves cards around, performer places coins on cards which he thinks match the value of the coins via instructions
Inspired by 4 59
Karl Fulves Keep In Mind spectator asked to remember list of seven cards, he cannot do it, when shown again, they are Ace through Seven in order
4 63
Karl Fulves, Stanley Collins Re-Arrangement Move cards shown and rearranged secretly
Inspired by 4 63
Karl Fulves In This Issue
5 65
Karl Fulves Nite Lite one suit in order, cut a few times, Joker cut into packet, a card removed, performer deals out the cards and one card face down, it is the Joker and at the place where the removed card came from
Related to 5 65
Karl Fulves Instant Edge scratch marking the bottom card(s) at inner end
5 68
Karl Fulves Edge Cut Aces key cards above and below Aces are scratch marked
5 69
Karl Fulves Untouchable
5 71
Karl Fulves Edge of Mind spectator cuts off packet and hides it, card at same position is remembered, deck dealt into eight piles, selection named and packet with it pointed to
5 73
Karl Fulves More Edgework section intro, see following items
5 75
Karl Fulves OH Edge overhand shuffle to scratch edge
5 75
Karl Fulves Freeing Up edge-marking the breather crimp
5 75
Karl Fulves Bet On It deck riffle shuffled once, top twenty-six cards taken, both halves shuffled, dealt off simultaneously, performer bets that more black pairs then red pairs show up
Related to 5 76
Steve Forte Ironing Cards achieving different snap in plastic cards
Also published here
  • "Phantoms Of The Card Table" (2003)
5 76
Karl Fulves Marked For Life comments on edge marks and related work, work keeps for long time in borrowed decks
5 77
Karl Fulves Pittsburgh Phil's Game deck shuffled, ten cards removed, winner predicted, spectator shuffles
5 78
Karl Fulves How Dice Know card chosen, two dice thrown, selection found, then unknown card pocketed, dice divine it, Riffle Shuffle Control, partial clocking
5 81
Karl Fulves Deck Removal Nail Nick as deck is removed from case
5 81
Karl Fulves Mill Work putting in edge work with other objects, knife or coin
Related to 5 84
Karl Fulves Bumper Cards discussion of different locator cards, including gluing extra pip on a card
Related to 5 86
Karl Fulves World Series disguised ten-card poker deal for four players with twenty cards
5 87
Karl Fulves In This Issue on using real or apparent memory, references
6 89
Karl Fulves Pick Your Poison objects in a row memorized, presentation with poison via Borgia effect by Oscar Weigle (The Dragon magazine), see p. 93 for method
6 89
Karl Fulves The Line Up apparent memory system for about twelve cards, move-a-card application for small packet
  • The System
  • A Refinement
  • Line Up - The Method
  • The Poison Method
6 90
Karl Fulves Recollection two packets of about a quarter of the deck, one card moved from pile to pile, it is located by performer, also when two cards are exchanged, alphabetic sorting of one pile and clocking for second card
Related to 6 94
Karl Fulves Memory Poker 5x5 layout of face-up card, two cards exchanged while performer is not looking, those are divined
6 96
Karl Fulves Seeing Color performer deals through shuffled deck, spectator stops, selection cut into deck, performer deals some cards on the table and one to the bottom of the deck, tabled pile consists of selection and only odd-colored cards otherwise
  • No Memory
6 99
Karl Fulves Facing Forward card placed in odd-backed deck is found from the faces, color reflection in card behind
6 101
Karl Fulves Color, How Glimpsed color glimpsed via reflection on back of card underneath, see p. 99 for credit information
Related to 6 102
Karl Fulves Hole Card, Color Of using color reflection on card underneath
6 103
Karl Fulves Gray Is A Color using color reflection on card underneath to get color code, short comment only
6 103
Karl Fulves Dummy Deal bottom deal from front end, full grip, top half openly outjogged
Related to
  • Sharps & Flats
6 104
Karl Fulves Court Order memorizing the twelve picture cards, words, "Not Nikola"
Related toVariations 6 105
Karl Fulves Missing x Two twelve court cards removed, two of them put aside unknown, performer looks at other ten, one card placed back, performer divines the missing one
Related to 6 108
Unknown Nail Nicking Bottom Card
6 109
Karl Fulves Note on the location of edge marks on the card, gambler's ploy of punching with a diamond ring turned to the inside, altered glue in high cards
6 112
Karl Fulves In This Issue on easy vs. difficult sleights
7 113
Karl Fulves Comments on the Pass
7 113
Stanley Collins, Chris Charlton Seeing Spots four cards shown blank, then all shown Ace of Spades, no extra cards, "Chris Charlton Monte Move"
7 114
Karl Fulves Collins Ace Vanish Credit Information references
7 114
Karl Fulves Memento four Queens shown, one card added, packet is now Royal Flush
7 115
Stewart Judah Judah Monte using openly four cards, money card changes into another card, first marketed 1927, see also side bar on pages 114 and 115
Related to
  • "Subtle Problems You Will Do" (Judah-Braun)
7 117
Karl Fulves Too Faced three Tens and an Ace removed from deck, spectator cannot find Ace, it has changed into selection which completes four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 7 119
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
7 119
Karl Fulves Covered Add strip-out addition to add second (or third, ...) card from bottom, remember and forget application
7 121
Karl Fulves Reversible deck turned over bottom cards with cards outjogged, right before strip-out addition, application in which one of four cards changes into selection
7 122
Aldo Colombini The Alco Count Hamman Count alternative in which cards are tabled in middle of the display
VariationsAlso published here
  • Genii Magazine & book "Direct Hits"
7 124
Karl Fulves Alco Variations
Inspired by 7 125
Karl Fulves Dead Even two four-of-a-kinds removed, two of each given to both spectator and performer, yet they separate again
Related to 7 127
Karl Fulves Odd Card Out four Jokers and four spot cards, one spot card thought of, the others also change to Jokers
Inspired by 7 128
Karl Fulves Who's The Cheat? two four-of-a-kinds, two of each given to both spectator and performer, yet they separate again
Related to 7 131
Karl Fulves Look Elsewhere seven black cards, one chosen, a card is removed from a red packet, it is the selection which is now missing in black packet
Related to 7 133
Karl Fulves In This Issue credit information on Daley's Delight Switch
Related to 8 135
Dr. Jacob Daley, Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Daley's Delight Switch corrected handling
Also published here 8 135
Karl Fulves Worldly Wise Daley's Delight Switch for clean-up
8 138
Karl Fulves Watch What Happens handling details on the Daley Delight Switch, with Jinx type move
Related to 8 141
Karl Fulves Passing Over Daley Delight Switch variation in which two packets are used and one card of each transferred to the other
8 142
Karl Fulves Passing Over Visibly Daley Delight Switch variation in which two face-up packets are used and one card of each transferred to the other
8 143
Karl Fulves Altered Delight Daley Delight Switch from other grips
8 144
Karl Fulves A Crossed Xchange card from black packet transferred to red packet, red packet becomes red, using a variation of the Daley Delight Switch
Related to 8 145
Karl Fulves UnCrossed Xchange aka "NotXd Xchange"
card from black packet transferred to red packet, red packet becomes red, using a variation of the Daley Delight Switch without arm crossing
Related toVariations 8 146
Karl Fulves Additives comment on removing a packet for packet tricks from the deck via a strip-out addition
8 148
Karl Fulves Lightning Addition deck flipped over with stripped-out packet
Variations 8 148
Karl Fulves L.A. Holdout
Inspired by 8 149
Karl Fulves Four Thieves four Kings removed from deck, shown one by one and put in case, there they change into Fours, story presentation
  • The Displacement
  • Concluding the Trick
8 150
Unknown Case as Jail Cell with slits cut out
Related to 8 152
Karl Fulves Simulcast seven black cards, one chosen, a card is removed from a red packet, it is the selection which is now missing in black packet
Related to 8 152
Karl Fulves Touchstone one-phase Follow the Leader
Inspired by 8 155
Karl Fulves UnCrossed Notes comments on the Daley Delight Switch
8 156
Karl Fulves In This Issue on addition moves and credit information on multiple shifts
9 157
Karl Fulves One-Hand Addition handling for strip-out addition
Inspired byVariations 9 157
Karl Fulves Trapped Effect sandwich card upjogged, selection appears between them when stripped out
9 160
Karl Fulves Alias card chosen and signed, Queen of same suit turns over, other three Queens change into same value as selection, face-down card is selection
Inspired byRelated to 9 160
Karl Fulves Strip-Out Reverse cards that are added via strip-out addition are reversed, dated to 1973
9 163
Karl Fulves Bonfeld Half Pass Variation swing cut cover
Inspired by 9 163
Karl Fulves Smarts stacking for two-handed game only
9 164
Karl Fulves Add And Extract
Inspired by 9 167
Karl Fulves Four Speed spectator deals a pile into four heaps, four Aces show up and selection is found
Related to 9 169
Karl Fulves Five Speed spectator deals a pile into four heaps, four Aces show up and the matching suit changes into previous selection
9 170
Karl Fulves Flexible Addition
  • Adaptive Addition
Related to 9 172
Karl Fulves The Other Way apparently one-way back locations are done with a borrowed deck
9 175
Karl Fulves Eight Speed two-packet version of Ace problem
9 176
Karl Fulves Remember & Stab one of two outjogged cards remembered, it is stabbed to with knife before it is named
9 177
Karl Fulves Reverse Simple Shift kind of a reverse Simple Shift
Inspired byRelated to 9 177
Karl Fulves Shift & Add controlling outjogged cards, but not to top of deck but instead under x cards
9 179
Karl Fulves Erdnase + Vernon sliding block multiple shift applied to Diagonal Palm Shift
Inspired by 9 180
Karl Fulves Controlled Extraction switching any specific card out during strip-out addition, posed as a problem
Related to 9 180
Karl Fulves Hand It Over spectator holds part of deck during strip-out in multiple shift
9 181
Karl Fulves Intervals distance numbers between a four-of-a-kind, numbers added, number predicted by performer
9 181
Karl Fulves In This Issue more credit information on multiple shifts
10 183
Karl Fulves Multiplex outline on multiple shift ideas presented in this issue
10 183
Karl Fulves Hoffmann + Erdnase connecting multiple shift, diagonal palm shift and false shuffles
Related to 10 184
Karl Fulves Shift As Shuffle connecting multiple shift, diagonal palm shift and block transfers in riffle shuffle work, application to shuffle any card to top Open Index like
Related to 10 185
Karl Fulves Stratovision a few cards upjogged and one thought-of, divined
Related to 10 187
Karl Fulves Quest spectator indicates four cards that are out-jogged, one of them thought-of, divined, in the meantime a suit-separation is maintained and the four Aces brought to top for later tricks
10 188
Karl Fulves Blockaid posed as a problem:
  • placing two outjogged cards a specific distance apart
  • outjogging a quartet and squaring it in, then it rises one by one
  • five cards outjogged, one named, it is brought to top with multiple shift
10 189
Karl Fulves Block Adjust spectator deals packet into four pile, named quartet on top, Aces underneath
Related to 10 190
Karl Fulves Note 1 shuffling vs. cutting
10 192
Karl Fulves Note 2 any four-of-a-kind rises out of deck one by one, previous handling necessary and Devano gimmick in deck
10 192
Karl Fulves Crowd Control named quartet outjogged, one Ace named, controlled to bottom with multiple shift
10 192
Karl Fulves Double Shift two cards outjogged, multiple shift that controls the cards to the bottom and at the same time rearranges the three thirds around those two cards
10 193
Karl Fulves Select & Reject one of two cards decided upon, then triumph
Variations 10 196
Karl Fulves Not Not True prediction written and torn up, two cards chosen and one put back, Triumph done, rejected card turns out to be dismissed prediction
Inspired by 10 197
Karl Fulves Thots Intersect signed selection lost, two other cards chosen and lost, one half put in left and one in right jacket pocket, performer removes the two later selections from pocket, then two mates named by performer, one half removed, they turn out to be all black cards except signed selection that is between named mates
Inspired byRelated to 10 199
Karl Fulves Tabled Daley Delight Switch posed as a problem
10 201
Karl Fulves Multiple Addition location after removing a four-of-a-kind and some dealing, strip-out addition application
10 202
Karl Fulves The Block Of Five one of four cards thought of, special strip-out addition
10 205
Karl Fulves Commitment card lost, four Tens outjogged and squared back, top four cards dealt in square and next card in middle, they are the Tens and the selection
10 207
Karl Fulves Deselection strip-out addition switch for any of the outjogged cards
Related to 10 208
Karl Fulves Illogix strip-out addition & switch, illogical, starts with reversed cards on bottom
10 210
Karl Fulves Clip Addition Aces outjogged, paper clip put on them, stripped out and put on deck, then on table, one is switched
10 211