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244 pages (Hardcover), published by Squash Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
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Jon Stetson Introduction
I Know What You're Thinking
Bruce Bernstein Pseudo-Telepathy four spectators get an index card with instructions to think of a name, city etc., performer knows who thinks of what category and also exact thought, dual reality covering parts of index card as basic method, variations in method
  • The Stage Presentation
  • Alternate Stage Presentation (with a different basic method)
  • Variation #2
  • Variation #3
  • Variation #4
  • Variation #5
  • Alternate Handling #1
  • Alternate Handling #2 - Psychometric Presentation
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Bruce Bernstein Picture Duplication #1 drawing on card placed in small envelope which is then crumbled into ball
Also published here 10
Bruce Bernstein Picture Duplication #2 impression on table, clown white
Also published here 12
Bruce Bernstein Magazine Test four two-digit numbers are written on billets, one is selected for magazine test
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "1982 Lecture Notes"
Bruce Bernstein The Jigsaw Puzzle simple drawing is torn into pieces and spectator should piece it back together, in the meantime performer divines drawing
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "The Jigsaw Puzzle" in "Mindvention Lecture Notes" 2006.
Bruce Bernstein Double Vision several design drawn on billets, one is selected and duplicated
Also published here 15
Bruce Bernstein Totally Impromptu Book Test numbers on three billets, two are destroyed and last used to select word
Also published here 16
Bruce Bernstein Word Test letters of three letter word are written on three billets, two of them are destroyed and remaining letter is predicted, word is revealed as a climax
Also published here 17
Bruce Bernstein Circled prediction of circled word in book
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Circled" in "New Invocation" N° 36, 1986.
Bruce Bernstein A Book Test With a Twist numbers written on billets, using the Double Vision idea
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "A Book Test With a Twist" in "Mindvention Lecture Notes", 2006.
Bruce Bernstein Telepathy and Clairvoyance three numbers on three billets are divined or predicted
Also published here 21
Bruce Bernstein E.S.P. Design Duplication deck of ESP cards
Also published here 22
Bruce Bernstein One Of Many lie and truth plot
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "One Of Many" in "New Invocation" N°36, 1986.
Bruce Bernstein The Opener "major effect", three psychological forces with entire audience, framed to give logical reasons for the decisions
Also published here 24
Bruce Bernstein The Force of Psychology - Effect #1 bag with different colored billets, some with names of animals, numbers etc. some are selected and spectator try to transmit the thoughts to the audience which mostly receive them
Also published here 26
Bruce Bernstein The Force of Psychology - Effect #2 two selections are transmitted by the spectators to the audience who mostly receive correct cards, then performer sends a card, using Bernstein's Psy-Deck
Also published here 28
Bruce Bernstein Emergency Mentalism blank cards are handed out before the show and spectators can write words are draw anything, method to use certain cards which can be allocated as well, concept
Also published here 32
Bruce Bernstein Reading Between the Lines on reading between the lines and Ross Johnson
I Knew This Would Happen
Bruce Bernstein A Sporting Prediction prediction of sports game, two envelopes in larger envelopes, in one envelope is name of winning team and in other number of home runs , MVP etc.
Also published here 37
Bruce Bernstein Logical Headline Prediction
Also published here 39
Bruce Bernstein A Prediction in Code prediction is coded as number and sent in advance, code is shown and prediction can by deciphered, headline prediction, sport event etc.
Related toAlso published here 40
Bruce Bernstein Prediction Plus prediction of which spectator divines number, second spectator is used to help and also freely predicted
Also published here 42
Bruce Bernstein Heads and Tails change is thrown on table until one remains with tails up, date is noted, repeated with last coin which is heads up
Also published here 43
Bruce Bernstein All Shook Up change is thrown on table until one remains with tails up, date is noted, repeated with last coin which is heads up, both dates are predicted in envelope
Also published here 45
Bruce Bernstein Three Way Prediction word, number and city are written on billet, using envelopes
Also published here 48
Bruce Bernstein Just In Case prediction of name of heckler
Also published here 51
Bruce Bernstein Symbolic Match ESP decks are dealt and spectators can say if cards shall be switched, order match
Also published here 52
Bruce Bernstein Mentalist's Insurance Policy prediction of named word in form of an insurance policy
Also published here 54
Bruce Bernstein Getting Ahead of Myself mental epic, with insurance where last word is predicted
Also published here 55
Bruce Bernstein Eat At Joe's envelopes with letters are switched and when opened they form a message
Also published here 56
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Bruce Bernstein Four Card Prediction & What's In a Name? four cards cut by spectator are predicted, variation with ABC card, name
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Four Card Prediction & What's In a Name?" in "The Lecture Compendium", 2006.
Bruce Bernstein Into the Infinite tossed out deck, three people write their cards down, all cards are divined on billets, then two billets are burnt and card on remaining billet is found predicted in envelope
Also published here 63
Bruce Bernstein, Jack London Number Predictions martrix principle
Also published here 65
Bruce Bernstein, Jack London The Bernstein / London Number Prediction martrix principle
Also published here 66
Bruce Bernstein Clip Number two people think of numbers before the show, prediction of total
Also published here 69
Bruce Bernstein, Terry Nosek Number Prediction cards with numbers from one to ten are shuffled and dealt into three piles, two piles are used to form number, prediction of total
Also published here 70
Bruce Bernstein Impromptu Number Prediction numbers from one to nine written on business cards, cards are mixed and used to form two two-digit numbers, prediction of total, swindle switch
Also published here 73
Bruce Bernstein Utility Mental Routine prediction of coin toss, chosen card and total of numbers
Also published here 75
Bruce Bernstein Getting out of the Line of Fire
Dollars and (Sixth) Sense
Bruce Bernstein Bernstein's Bank Nite five envelopes, one contains bill, numbered envelopes, instructions which one shall not be burnt
Also published here 81
Bruce Bernstein Impossible Bank Night before the show, bill is signed and placed inside envelope, spectator hands stack of envelopes during show and all but one are burnt
Also published here 83
Bruce Bernstein Breaking the Bank prediction of named amount of money in piggy bank
Also published here 85
Bruce Bernstein Bernstein's Bet Trick that fooled Einstein, with bills, High Card presentation
Also published here 87
Bruce Bernstein Clinical PSI all possible combinations of three coin tosses are written on various billets, performer and spectator each select one and performer wins with at about three to one odds
Also published here 88
Bruce Bernstein When G Is Called
Also published here 89
Bruce Bernstein Let's Try One More Time number written on envelope and spectator tries to divine it, prediction of number of guesses in envelope
Also published here 90
Bruce Bernstein Win-Win Situation twelve envelopes, some with names of spectators and some written "win" on them are shuffled and dealt, spectators win dollar bill in the two remaining envelopes are a hundred dollar bill and a check with an amount matching a previously named number
Also published here 90
Bruce Bernstein Magic & Mentalism
The Devil's Picture Book
Bruce Bernstein Psych Out four phases
Also published here 99
Bruce Bernstein I've Got Your Number with numbers on back of cards
Bruce Bernstein Love Connection two chosen cards end up together in the deck, with the Queen of Hearts in between, sign of love, two methods
Also published here 111
Bruce Bernstein Psychological Card Force card placed on the table
Also published here 113
Bruce Bernstein Couples always two cards used, spectator decides if red pair, black pair or mixed, also with discard pile
Also published here 114
Bruce Bernstein Personal Attachment one card
Also published here 119
Bruce Bernstein Trans-Premonition spectator thinks of a card before the show, during the show two decks are displayed, named card is missing in one deck and is found in other
Also published here 122
Bruce Bernstein The Lazy Man's Prediction one of five envelopes with a card inside is selected, card matches selection from deck
Bruce Bernstein Eight Cards using eight cards, two phases
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Eight Cards" in "1982 Lecture Notes".
Bruce Bernstein Cut Deeper Location
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Cut Deeper Location" in "1982 Lecture Notes".
Bruce Bernstein Mentalist's Card Through Table named card penetrates table
Also published here 130
Bruce Bernstein Borrowed Princess card groups marked on the fly with nail writer
Also published here 131
Bruce Bernstein Your Card Variation behind back you produce card of same suit and value as spectator's selection, Si Stebbins
Inspired byAlso published here 133
Bruce Bernstein It Takes Two card is chosen and shuffled back into the deck, cards are eliminated, last card is selection, PATEO
Also published here 134
Bruce Bernstein Scripted Thoughts spectator's and performer select a card and replace cards in other half, second spectator takes the deck and goes into other room to look for two cards which stand out, they match the selected cards
Also published here 135
Bruce Bernstein Presentation Excuses the Methodology
Reading People
Bruce Bernstein The Croiset Affair performer's vision is written down in envelope, where he describes a person, people in the audience are eliminated until several people remain and they say what they think the password is, description of person and correct password is found in envelope
  • Sample Prediction for The Croiset Affair
Also published here 141
Bruce Bernstein Croiset Revisited performer writes two-digit number on envelope and people start to guess number, one person is correct and he is fully described inside envelope
Also published here 143
Bruce Bernstein A Card Reading cut deeper force used for Tarot reading
Also published here 145
Bruce Bernstein Marked For Reading four piles, spectator selects cards from piles according to question, 20 questions game, reading
Also published here 146
Bruce Bernstein Psychological Reading Framework psychic reading, reading statements
Also published here 147
Bruce Bernstein Thoughts on Nelson's Greatest Secret getting affirmation by sitter, while doing reading at a party
Also published here 150
Bruce Bernstein Disclaiming Disclaimers
Good Vibes
Bruce Bernstein The Force of Emotions emotions written on five cards, performer divines who thinks of which emotion
Also published here 157
Bruce Bernstein Hummer Psychometry three people seal person object in envelopes, they are switched while performer's back is turned, correct allocation
Also published here 159
Bruce Bernstein Third Person Psychometry spectator's necklace is placed in envelope and envelope shuffled with other envelopes, spectator locates correct envelope
Also published here 160
Bruce Bernstein Ultimate Psychometry spectator's necklace is placed in envelope and envelope shuffled with other envelopes, spectator locates correct envelope, duplicate
Also published here 161
Bruce Bernstein 21st Century Psychometry pseudo psychometry, envelopes
Also published here 163
Bruce Bernstein Exposures
Bruce Bernstein Pictures That Tell a Story four envelopes, spectator selects one which matches ring, story presentation
Inspired byAlso published here 171
Bruce Bernstein The Ritual person writes a negative thought on piece of paper and then stretches arm out to the side, depending on how close the paper is the performer can push the arm down easily or only with strength
Inspired by
  • Tony Andruzzi's "Ring of Protection"
Also published here
Bruce Bernstein Masklyn's Ring person stretches arm out to the side, depending on how close performer's ring is, the performer can push the arm down easily or only with strength
Inspired by
  • Tony Andruzzi's "Ring of Protection" in "Daemon's Diary"
Also published here
Bruce Bernstein A Pendulum Routine spectator signs a business card and tears it up, the pieces are mixed with other torn pieces of business cards, he finds his parts with a pendulum, pieces put in envelope
Also published here 180
Bruce Bernstein Panticle of Love spectator choses one of five envelopes, only one with special piece of paper, paper with name written is destroyed and performer divines name
Also published here 182
Bruce Bernstein One Man Séance private séance, ouijaboard and ghost apparently knocks candle and vase over
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "One Man Séance" in "New Invocation" N° 36, 1986.
Bruce Bernstein The Gathering of Information
Bruce Bernstein A Matter of Time matching routine, envelopes with cards are dealt and one is selected, card inside matches selection from deck, 13 variations also with other objects, going back in time presentation
Bruce Bernstein Basic Chops
  • 1. Information Gathering
  • 2. Secret Writing
  • 3. Understanding the Human Nature
  • 4. Suggestion
  • 5. Body Language
  • 6. Contact & Non-Contact Mind Reading
  • 7. Pencil and Sound Reading
  • 8. Magician's Choice
Bruce Bernstein Practice
Bruce Bernstein Bernstein Center Tear
  • Outline of the Bernstein Center Tear Technique
  • Alternate Presentations
Also published here 213
Bruce Bernstein A Practical Swami Gimmick thumb tip swami, with holdout
Also published here 223
Bruce Bernstein Thumb Tip Switch
Also published here 224
Bruce Bernstein One-Handed Switch using thumb tip
Also published here 225
Bruce Bernstein Pad Switch
Also published here 227
Bruce Bernstein Influences and Highlights - From Don Alan to Uri Geller on Don Alan, Magic Inc., Ed Marlo, Kreskin, Peter Hurkos, Lee Wayne, Jay & Fran Marshall, Terry Nosek, Tim Felix, Paul Curry, Max Maven, Tony Andruzzi, Craige Snader, George Johnstone, Ross Johnson, David Hoy, Herb Dewey, Uri Geller
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