Written by Jeff Busby

Work of Various

214 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Don Albrecht.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Issue Page Categories
Larry Jennings A Reverse Elevator Aces turn over in pack, then elevator phase 1 1
Unknown Deck Flop 1 1
Hans E. Trixer No Fish four red pokcer chips turn black one by one, see reference for a jumbo chip finaleVariations 1 2
Ken Beale Diabolical Deal spectator chooses hand and draws as many as he like, still loses 1 5
Ken Beale Drop Out Stud Poker Stacks set-ups for stud poker:
- For Three Hands
- For Four Hands
- For Five Hands
- For Six Hands
1 6
Ken Beale Two Stock Shuffles For Two Pair
For One Pair
1 8
Paul Swinford The Princess Trick Revisited using two spectators, double index cards 2 12
Paul Swinford Magnetic Coincidence selection by spectator and performer are found next to each other by stop procedure, marked and half forcing deck, gilbreath 2 15
Paul Swinford, Alex Elmsley 1003rd Aces 2 15
Paul Swinford Upjog Addition and Switch 2 16
Paul Swinford, Bob Hummer Silver and Gold various parity effects (six routines) inspired by Bob Hummer's work with numbered chips and small metal cups 2 17
Hans E. Trixer No Fish Finale jumbo chip appearsInspired by 2 21
Michael Close Royal Poker Cull procedure to get a royal flush from shuffled deck, no normal game procedureInspired by 3 23
Michael Close Wild Underground Transposition all eight cards change to jokers as climaxRelated to 3 25
Ray Grismer Knotty ring knotted on rope penetrates it 3 27
Ed Brown Making Fake Index Court Cards 3 31
Michael Skinner Three Different Ways three selections made in different ways and found in different ways with two four-of-a-kinds along the way 4 33
Unknown 10-20 Force adding digits 4 34
Eddie Fields 10-20 Force Handling adding digits 4 35
Frank Shields, Francis Carlyle Double Reversal deck rightens, two selections turn overInspired by 4 36
Frank Shields Reversed Card Glimpse glimpsing a secretly reversed card in fan 4 37
William Zavis Milled Race dollar size, backfire 4 38
John Ramsay Ramsay Subtlety 4 39
Unknown Heel Transfer from hand to hand 4 40
Charlie Miller Aces En Route 5 48
Cal Emmett Cigars & Handkerchief cigars appear from handkerchief 5 50
Larry Jennings A Wrong Card Turns Right sucker effect with five cards 5 52
Jeff Busby Preliminary Set-Ups Mental ReverseInspired by 5 53
Jeff Busby Top Stock Control Zarrow and crimp combo 5 54
Harry Riser Almost Legitimate Cutting the Aces center blocks cut out one-handedInspired byAlso published here 6 59
Harry Riser Instant Triple Cut one-handed onto the table, block slip cut 6 59
Harry Riser Hundred Dollar Prediction one of five, duplicates and divided cardInspired byVariations 6 64
Unknown Split-Faced Card 6 64
Harry Riser Two Coin Routine copper and silver coin, impromptuVariations 6 66
Harry Riser Rear Thumb Clip 6 68
Harry Riser The Last Hand procedure to get a royal flush from shuffled deck, no normal game procedureRelated to 6 69
Neal Elias Cooper's Swindle - Straight Layout
- Losing Layout
- Reversed Straight Layout
- Double Straight Layout: First Method, Seoncd Method
7 75
James Swain Poker Interchange Related to 7 79
Edward Marlo, James Swain One Shuffle Riffle Stack Inspired by 7 80
Paul Gertner Poker Interchange - Handling Variation 7 82
Darwin Ortiz Poker Interchange - Handling Variation 7 82
Edward Marlo, Darwin Ortiz Block Stacking Sequence Inspired by 7 82
Jon Charles Son of Goofy four giant cards, they transform and one rises out (thread) 7 83
Martin Lewis Jammed! two copper and two silver transpose with one set in purseVariations 8 87
Francis Pelkey Ultimate Succession Aces odd-backed progressive assembly with kickback, duplicate 8 89
Jeff Busby, Francis Pelkey Ultimate Succession Aces - ungaffed odd-backed progressive assembly with kickback, two handlings 8 92
Edward Marlo, Jeff Busby Olram Subtlety Variation 8 94
Jeff Busby, Brother John Hamman Fan Flushtration Count 8 95
Paul Fox Smoke Passage cigarette appears ala pantomime cigarette, vanishes, smoke in glass 9 101
Al Baker, Paul Fox Cigarette Vanish handling with thumb tip 9 104
Dai Vernon Electromagnetic Aces with two magazinesRelated to 9 105
Edward Marlo Bill, Egg, and Glass bill vanishes and reappears under paper-covered glass, egg appears, vanishes, bill reappears in egg 9 111
Stewart James Balldown big ball is in tube, small ball is dropped in and penetrates big ball and falls out on bottom 10 119
Stewart James Clock Wise new procedure with presentations and variations 10 121
Stewart James Reverse Forward Faro handling of the reverse faro 10 122
Stewart James Mar-Gana word is predicted, using anagrams 10 124
Stewart James The Dilly-Dally Principle number force with playing cards 10 124
Stewart James Polychromatic Wheel strange force involving a wheel layout on the table 10 125
Stewart James Phone-A-Tell using a forced card to get to predicted phone number 10 126
Stewart James Kardtu using the "52 on One Card" gag 10 126
Stewart James Simian Simile three-phase routine with two brass nuts and a string, several penetrations, using gaffed Brema Nut 10 127
Stewart James Domore Discovery counting procedure in Si Stebbins stack produced coincidence/prediction 10 128
Stewart James Half Open Omen number prediction with cards using cyclical stack (Si Stebbins, Eight Kings), featuring comedy patter "Heinz Across the Sea" 10 129
Stewart James Bermuda Triangles coincidences with triangle layout... 10 129
Stewart James Half-A-Dozen Ways to Turn off-beat presentation, ace of spades appears and transforms 10 130
Unknown Air Pressure Reverse 10 130
Stewart James Golf Poker dealing story routine with jumbo cards 10 131
Fred Kaps O-Korto For Two long routine in which coins and box penetrate hands and box shrinks so coins do not fit in any moreRelated to 11 137
Unknown Box Turnover 11 142
Allan Slaight Guise Winner five hands of poker are redealt to same persons, spectator names missing card (Premonition) 11 144
Jeff Busby Credit Information on "Premonition"/"Prize Winner" 11 144
Reinhard Müller Out of the Escorial I sorting in four suits 11 147
Reinhard Müller Out of the Escorial II sorting in four suits 11 149
Reinhard Müller Gilbreath in the Escorial sorting in four suits 11 150
Emil Jarrow, Danny Dew, Richard M. Biow Emil Jarrow's Close-Up Bill in Lemon Stand-Up Version
Close-Up Table Method
12 154
Frederick Braue Three A.M. Poker Deal progressive poker deal stack that is easy to remember 12 161
Father Cyprian Flash Fold card is actually prefolded and this condition is hidden when it is signed 12 164
Father Cyprian Vlad to See You! folded card to little box with garlic and dracula patter 12 167
Father Cyprian, Jeff Busby Further Ideas with the Flash Fold 12 169
Father Cyprian Card in Hand card drops folded in spectator's hand 12 170
Father Cyprian Psychokinetic Card card apparently folds itself on spectators palm 12 170
William P. Miesel The Fastest Sandwich in the World 13 174
William P. Miesel Filling the Elevator small packet with two quartets 13 176
Unknown Braue Secret Addition Variation 13 177
William P. Miesel Hit Double Lift Second Deal 13 178
William P. Miesel Deceived Inspired by 13 179
William P. Miesel Here and Gone three cards change to selection, then become aces 13 181
William P. Miesel Barefaced Commitment prediction written on playing card 13 183
Martin Gardner Hand-Held Pasteboard Prevarication Detector credit information
- Phase One: Guessing the Selected Card
- Phase Two: Detecting Lies
- Phase Three: Testing for ESP
14 188
Joe Berg, Martin Gardner Knot from Nowhere & Variations thing where you don't let go of ends and still make knots 14 191
Mitsunobu Matsuyama The Knot Scam puzzle 14 194
Mitsunobu Matsuyama, Martin Gardner Separating Knots two ropes together are knotted, knots separated, with Single Rope Variation, With SilksRelated to 14 196
Martin Gardner The Pyramid Spell using some pyramid layout on the table, two versions 14 198
Martin Gardner Self-Suspending Matches without pre-wedged broken match 14 200
Martin Gardner Quad Rise using tilt 14 202
Neal Elias Paintbruch Color Change brief 14 203
Howard Schwarzman Tilt Finesse dodging center cards out 14 203
Martin Gardner Tilt Finesse spreading top cards back 14 204
Persi Diaconis The Persi Diaconis Presentation for Tilted Aces four Aces come to top all at onceInspired by 14 204
Jeff Busby A Lift Tip 14 204
Martin Gardner Chromo-Clairvoyance five envelopes, five color cards, spectator puts them in, performer guesses all correctly, three methods 14 205
Martin Gardner Literary Brilliance book/magazine cover as shiner 14 207
Martin Gardner Sefalaljia Sans 14 208
Martin Gardner, Jeff Busby Two Quick Tricks & Associated Ideas: A Reversal Method a card turns over, based on cut deeper force 14 210
Martin Gardner, Jeff Busby Additional Methods & Handlings card turns over 14 210
Martin Gardner Packet Parity color prediction with chess pieces, also with cards (color of a card is predicted) 14 212