Written by Ken Brooke
Work of Ken Brooke
222 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
108 entries
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Edwin Hooper Publisher's Preface
Section One - Harry Stanley Reminisces
Harry Stanley Foreword
  • Our First Meeting
  • Ken arrives in London
  • Great Names and Classic Books
  • Great Unique Days
  • A Feat of Magic
Section Two - Wisdom, Advice, and a Recommended Book
Ken Brooke It's Got to be More than Magic - Some Words of Advice
Ken Brooke Let's Get With It!
Section Three - Ken on Kards
Ken Brooke Ken on the Fan Force
Also published here 24
Ken Brooke The Top Change - May Way
Also published here 27
Ken Brooke The Ken Brooke Method for Producing Single Cards
Also published here 31
Ken Brooke Ken Brooke's Card Vanish packet of cards vanishes, sleeve
Also published here 34
Ken Brooke Vanishing Card Case and Cards deck removed from case, case vanishes, case taken from pocket, deck vanishes and is back in case
Also published here 38
Section Four - Fun-Magic
Ken Brooke "It's Fun to be Fooled" or "Grandfather's Chestnut Corner"
Ken Brooke Crazy Paper gags while reading a newspaper, upside down and hole for head
Also published here 42
Ken Brooke Magic Props - Impromptu comment
Ken Brooke Zany Cigarette cigarette staken out of someone's mouth as it is lighted
Also published here 43
Ken Brooke The Answers a Lemon coin travels under hat, lemon climax appearance
Also published here 43
Ken Brooke Stapled! gag with bill stapled to beer mat
Ken Brooke Big Squirt syphon bottle held the wrong way and water shoots into performer's face
Also published here 44
Ken Brooke A Betcha gag bet about emptying a glass of beer without being in the room
Also published here 44
Ken Brooke Collared! gag with paper collar
  • Two Handed Gag (for double act)
Ken Brooke Big Time gag, cigar stab in cigar tube
Also published here 45
Ken Brooke Biting a Glass gag, secret coin
Ken Brooke The Twirling Match stunt in which flame on lit match spins
Ken Brooke A Magical Trio from Albert Verity
Albert Verity Old Clay Pipe pice of clay pipe stem stands up by itself under the bowl
Albert Verity 10p to 2p Piece tip click, sticky pencil used to pick up shell
Related toAlso published here 48
Albert Verity Crawling 10p Piece coin moves on paper, magnetic
Ken Brooke Penknife Routine
Also published here 50
Move No. 1 - "The Twist"
Also published here 50
Move No. 2 - "The Flourish" through-the-fist
Also published here 51
Move No. 3 - "The Flourish Change" through-the-fist
Also published here 52
Ken Brooke K.B. Knife Thru Coat
Also published here 56
Ken Brooke Something from Nothing routine
Also published here 59
First Sleight (The Feint) false transfer
Also published here 59
Second Sleight (The Transfer) shuttle pass
Also published here 60
Ken Brooke Pencil Pop pencil dropped in paper bag, it changes color
Also published here 62
Ken Brooke My Presentation of the Banknote in the Beer Mat
Also published here 63
Section Five - Some-Things With Silks
Tom Waterman, Jack Ledair Sucker Colour Changing Silk with tube gimmick
Also published here 66
Jack Chanin The Disposal of the Gimmick sleeving the dye tube gaff
Related to
  • The Jaysee Color Change (Jack Chanin booklet)
Also published here
Jack Chanin The Loading of the Gimmick into the Hand Prior tot eh Colour Change Taking Place adding dye tube gaff from sleeve
Related to
  • The Jaysee Color Change (Jack Chanin booklet)
Also published here
Jack Chanin The Chanin Application
Also published here 72
Ken Brooke Method for "The Untying Silk" self-untying knot
Also published here 75
Ken Brooke Knot-Out knotting method for Sympathetic Silks
Also published here 79
Section Six - Classic Egg Bag and Linking Rings
Ken Brooke Routine For The Egg Bag
Also published here 84
Ken Brooke Linking Ring Count linking ring false count, detailed
Also published here 88
Section Seven - Bottles and Bills
Ken Brooke Routine for the Padlocked Bill Tube borrowed marked bill travels from under handkerchief to locked bill tube
Also published here 100
Ken Brooke Another Routine for the Locking Bill Tube marked bill is folded and rubber-banded and put in glass with silk on top, travels into bill tube
Tan Hock Chuan Bottomless Glass Finesse cellophane bottom
Ken Brooke Passe Passe Bottle Routine
Ken Brooke Routine For The Multiplying Bottles
Also published here 108
Section Eight - Coin Capers
Ken Brooke K.B. Coins Through Table six coins with three in each hand, multiple phases, jumbo coin climax
Also published here 114
Han Ping Chien
Ken Brooke Okito Box Routine multi-phase routine
Also published here 121
Ken Brooke The Master Move
Also published here 121
False Transfer
Ken Brooke Tea for Two six coins put in German Box (Boston Box without lid) and covered with cup, coins travel underneath a second cup
Also published here 127
Turnover Move tabled
Ken Brooke The Ken Brooke Routine For The Cap And Coins
Also published here 129
Section Nine - Packet and Other Card Tricks
Ken Brooke The Dutch Looper routine with multiple phases
Also published here 134
Ken Brooke, Corvello The Blonker Cards of Ken Brooke eleven-card packet, spectator names number up to ten, card at that position is removed, performer finds mate, all other cards are blank
Also published here 140
Ken Brooke "L'Estrange" cards turn over in nine-card packet
Ken Brooke The Faulty Follower
Also published here 144
Ken Brooke "Knock-Out" spectator and performer each take two cards from a deck and put it into inside jacket pocket, they match
Ken Brooke Pocket Gimmick fake inside pocket which swings to back of the body
Block Slip Shuffle
Ken Brooke Ricochet Cards card travels from one pile reversed into rest of the deck sitting in card case
Ken Brooke Edward Victor's E-Y-E Trick letter cards
Also published here 150
Move "A" double lift from three-card packet
Also published here 151
Ken Brooke A Clip of a Climax for Edward Victor's "EYE"
Also published here 154
Oliver Mackenzie, Ken Brooke Drink Trick story presentation, design cards
Also published here 155
The Buckle Count
Push Off False Count
Section Ten - Sponges
Ken Brooke The "K.B." Sponge Ball Routine
Also published here 162
Ken Brooke The Pass false transfer
Also published here 169
Ken Brooke The Wrist Transfer hand grabs wrist and hides sponge ball
Also published here 169
Section Eleven - Ken Brooke's Card Act
Ken Brooke Ken Brooke's Card Act end strippers
  • First Effect (Aces produced from shuffled deck, lost in packet and dealt out again, spectator choses Ace packet)
  • Second Effect (Triumph with fair shuffle)
  • Third to Seventh (routine with twenty-four duplicates, stripper Svengali, all alike display, switching duplicates in and out)
Also published here 172
The False Mixing
Section Twelve - Some of Ken's Favourites
Ken Brooke Stuck-Up ideas with double-stick tape
Also published here 184
Ken Brooke Any Magazine or Book a Switching Tray switch with magazine or book
Also published here 184
Ken Brooke The Rising Cards wand with sticky end under arm
Also published here 185
Albert Verity As a Method of Card Control sticky coin attached to card as key card
Also published here 185
Ken Brooke Tied card sticks to tie
Also published here 186
Ken Brooke Read "Another" Again ideas with double-stick tape
  • card sticks to bald head
  • Utility
  • Skullocation
  • A Pot
  • Red Tape
Also published here 186
Ken Brooke Another deck openly placed against forehead, selection remains there
Also published here 186
Ken Brooke Brain Wave Outdone
Also published here 188
Ken Brooke Ring Off multi-phase penetration routine with ring, safety pin, rope, handkerchief, wand
  • Trick No. 1. "The Wand through the Handkerchief"
  • Trick No. 2. "The Ring on the Rope"
  • Trick No. 3. "The Ring Off the Rope"
  • Trick No. 4. "Ring Off the Wand"
Ken Brooke A Clean Prediction prediction put in hat, then three items borrowed and one chosen, it is predicted
Also published here 193
Albert Verity, Malcolm Davison Prediction with Pocket Writing variation
Also published here 195
Ken Brooke Spots That Pass blank dice and normal dice with spot, they transpose
Bill Wagner Three Card Prediction three card prediction, one ahead and last one forced
Also published here 198
Ken Brooke K.B. Pass the Salt salt from hand to hand, glass tube gimmick
Ken Brooke Routine For Milbourne Christopher's "High Signs" square compass
Ken Brooke, Cecil Keech The Gozinta Tube two different colored pencils change places, tube and pocket, then both pencils are put into the tube, which should be too small
Inspired byAlso published here 205
Last Section - Three Cups-One Cup
Ken Brooke Cups and Balls three cups
Ken Brooke Routines with the Chop Cup intro
Ken Brooke My Chop Cup Routine
Also published here 218
Ken Brooke Bertie the Baseballer
Also published here 221
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