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382 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Curry.
Language: English

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Oscar Weigle In the Times of Paul Curry ix
Stephen Minch Itinerary xv
Paul Curry The Curry Turnover Change description by Jean Hugard 3
Paul Curry The Relativity Lift two methods, with and without pencilRelated toVariationsAlso published here
  • "Genii", Vol. 46 No. 2. 1982
Paul Curry The Drawback Double Lift 10
Paul Curry Break Transfer from Bottom to Top break over two cards on the bottom, overhand shuffle, transfer to top 13
Paul Curry The Time Change color change with the drawback double lift 14
Paul Curry The Drawback Vanish with the aid of the drawback double lift 17
Paul Curry The Tap Pass tapping one half on the other as a cover 19
Paul Curry The Side Pass Related to 22
Paul Curry Bottom Palm first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941Related to 26
Paul Curry Circle of Fire chosen card appears on piece of paper between to coins, shellInspired by 31
Paul Curry Criss-Cross Force Variant 34
Paul Curry Exchange Of Fire spectator taps with a pen on a paper, the dots arrange in a fire to form the selectionAlso published here
  • "Genii", Vol. 48 No.12, 1985
Paul Curry Kissing Cards King and Queen of same suit travel to the center of the deckAlso published here 40
Paul Curry The Push Under spread culling the bottom card of the deck, "Reverse Cull" 41
Paul Curry, John Scarne, Myles Lyons, Theodore Annemann Two-Card Routine - Effect No. 1: joker and ace of spades change places
- Effect No. 2: joker on top, ace on the bottom vanish and are found together in the center
- Effect No. 3: joker and ace pushed in the deck, travel to top and bottom
- Effect No. 4: two numbers are called, counted and the cards found at those positions are joker
and ace
- Effect No. 5: joker and ace reverse in the deck
- Effect No. 6: spectator reverses one card behind his back, it is the joker
- Effect No. 7: two selections are put face up into the deck, next to them the joker and the ace
are found
- Effect No. 8: selections transform into joker and ace
- Effect No. 9: two cards clipped by four paper clips are removed from the pocket, joker and ace
Paul Curry Cider! with extra card (double jonah)Also published here 59
Paul Curry Sure Thing red backed card and blue backed card, one with a hole in the middle, monte 65
Paul Curry The Color-Changing Deck one red/blue double backerVariations 71
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display to show same back 74
Paul Curry You're a Liar presentational ideaInspired byAlso published here 79
Paul Curry The Truth-Telling Joker card is removed, all card named and removed one named instead of joker, selection is namedRelated to 81
Paul Curry Don't Lie to Me two spectators get half the pack and either lie or say the truth about each card, magician spots all the liesVariationsAlso published here 83
Paul Curry Spread Shuffle 86
Paul Curry Half Gone half of the deck vanishes from a handkerchief 90
Paul Curry Bluff Pass face up 92
Paul Curry Houdini's Legacy circle is drawn on a card, deck cut somewhere, the name of the cut to card is now written in the circleVariations 96
Paul Curry, Henry Christ Variation of 203rd Force 99
Paul Curry, Michael F. Zens, David Devant Out of the Past deck is separated in halves, two cards thought of and one is selected, performer puts one card from the half into the other, first card is missing, second spectator touches a card, that is put into the other half and also his card is missing, third card invisibly travels into the other halfInspired byAlso published here
  • "Genii" vol. 7 no. 4, 1942
Paul Curry Teleport two thought of cards travel from one half to the other one by one, twenty-four duplicatesAlso published here 106
Paul Curry False Casing half the deck apparently placed in case 109
Paul Curry Phantasy Under Glass under glass bowl, ends clean 112
Paul Curry Under Wraps performer's hand is wrapped in a clear plastic bag, ends clean 118
Paul Curry Pressto blue backed card is selected, deck put on a red deck and pressed, selection is found in the middle of the red backed cards, second time spectator presses, first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 122
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Underspread Force with odd backed card 123
Paul Curry Teacher's Pet with sucker presentation 125
Unknown The Pass as a packet switch 126
Paul Curry Turn of the Century Also published here 129
Paul Curry Breast Pocket Ditch 134
Paul Curry Probability Zero ten business cards are numbered from one to ten on one side and the cards shuffled and turned over, spectator selects cards and the numbers from one to ten are written on the other side, they match, first in "Sealed Miracles 1", 1944Related toVariationsAlso published here 139
Paul Curry Alias Sherlock Holmes center tear presentation, revealing the word by analyzing the burnt paper 143
Paul Curry, Howard A. Adams Matchmaker five ESP cards, torn in half, matching routine, two versions, one with telephone, basic principle goes back to Howard Adams' trick "Packeten One" in "O.I.C.U.F.E.S.P" Vol. 9Related to 147
Paul Curry Out of This Phone Book book, opened freely, line is forced, Franklin V. Taylor's peek deck principle with a book, first peek book in literatureAlso published here 153
Paul Curry Padding add a number coincidence, first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 156
Paul Curry Payoff bill folded and put in envelope, serial number is divined, first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 159
Paul Curry A Penny for Your Thoughts after some changes (written directions) the order of four coins and a rolled up bill is namedInspired byAlso published here 164
Paul Curry A Turn in Time four blanks, two rubber bands, signed card reverses in the banded packet 172
Unknown Buckle Count 175
Paul Curry Out of This World routine and a lot of remarks about the history 183
Charles T. Jordan False Overhand Shuffle red/black shuffle 185
Paul Curry Best of Possible Worlds 190
Paul Curry The Charm of Luck a talisman influences the outcome 195
Paul Curry Another Stop! spectator stops while riffling, performer knows card, short card and set-upRelated to 200
Paul Curry Think of a Card VariationsAlso published here 202
Paul Curry One Down card is inserted face up in the pack behind spectator's back and divinedRelated to 204
Paul Curry Touch with a lot of credit informationVariations 206
Paul Curry Double Prediction card is selected turned over and behind spectator's back, pushed into the deck, both cards are predicted, first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 212
Paul Curry Three Cards in the Future three card predictionRelated to 214
Paul Curry Smoke Signals card and word written on billets, then burnt and divined 221
Paul Curry Thoughts from Afar medium on telephone knows selected cardRelated to 223
Paul Curry The Open Prediction with gimmick 230
Paul Curry The Problem of Card 13 spectator selects twelve cards from the the deck, which are all the same suit as a card previously removed, see also Hofzinser's first problem "Choice of Color" (Magic Christian: "Non Plus Ultra - Hofzinsers Kartenkünste Band 2" p. 317)Variations 237
Paul Curry A Swindle of Sorts see Bruce Bernstein's "Eat at Joe's"Related to 245
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 246
Paul Curry Out of Mind Inspired by 250
Charles T. Jordan, Paul Curry Interlocking Chain Principle with a ruse to make the shuffle more convincing 253
Paul Curry A Period of Darkness selection in the deck and a signed slate turnover in the dark, while spectator secures them on the tableAlso published here 258
Paul Curry Cigarette Switch with cigarette packRelated to 263
Paul Curry Center Tear Handling Inspired byRelated to 264
Paul Curry Pseudo Psychometry Tip as a two person mental stunt, coding ideaAlso published here 267
Paul Curry The Malini Idea card is found on the streets, torn and vanished, then it's found back on the spot before, corner fitsAlso published here 268
Paul Curry The Miscalled Palm reflexRelated to 270
Paul Curry One-Way Face Design Tip scratching pipsAlso published here 272
Paul Curry A Card Revelation Tip pretending to find the wrong cardAlso published here 273
Paul Curry Stamp-It stamp on back of a card, chosen card has the stamp on it 277
Paul Curry A Cur(r)i-ous Prediction spectator turns a card over behind his back which is predicted 281
Unknown Reverse at Side 282
Paul Curry Reversed Card Transfer Switch as reversed card is transferred to bottom 282
Paul Curry Mind Reading? red backed card is put into blue deck, this card is selectedRelated to 284
Paul Curry Fan Force with reverse fan 284
Paul Curry Do as I Do Related to 286
Paul Curry Next! card with message "your card will be next" is put into the deck and is found next to selection, first in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 288
Paul Curry Follow Me two decks, several versions, first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941 292
Paul Curry The Perfect Miracle based on Lu Brent's "U-Find-It" in "Five Super Card Mysteries"Also published here 296
Paul Curry Never in a Lifetime two shuffled halves, magician does the same as spectator, both separate cards into red and blackAlso published here 298
Paul Curry Two Together spectator and performer think of a card in their half and note them on a business card, halves are put together back to back and two cards slipped of together, the noted cards are slipped of at the same timeRelated to 304
Unknown The Glide in spectator's hand 305
Paul Curry The Power of Thought Related toVariations 307
Paul Curry Card Displacement moving a card in the deck, while it is sticking out 310
Paul Curry More Power to the Thought one deck 314
Paul Curry IOU quarter is wrapped with paper and in a flash the paper vanishes, coin transforms to a nickel. Under the nickel is a little circle of paper "IOU 20ct" 321
Paul Curry The Case of the Missing Hat cards with magicians and with hats, story trickRelated to 327
Paul Curry Turnabout arrows on squares turn so they always end up pointing in the same directionRelated to 335
Paul Curry The Twist Turnover secretly gives a quarter turn in the act of turning over 336
Paul Curry Linked two ropes hanging on performer's shoulder link, see also ring & tape sequence in "Sefalaljia"Related toVariations 345
Paul Curry Missink Link two rope rings link 348
Paul Curry On and Off two ribbon rings threaded through a nut and lowered into a hat, under a handkerchief the selected ribbon penetrates the nut, brema nutRelated to 356
Paul Curry The Sliding Knot rope held by two assistants, cut and knotted, knot can be moved and opened at any point, see also Douglas Dexter "The Cut and Restored Rope" in Will Goldston's "Great Magicians' Tricks", 1931Related toAlso published here 359
Paul Curry Restoration Supreme cut and restored rope with sliding knot, different restorationInspired byAlso published here 370