Written by Wesley James

Work of Wesley James

491 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Wesley James Preface ix
Wesley James Introduction - Performance - The Art of Magic
- Academia - The Craft of Magic
- Repertoire - The Material of Magic
- Format - How to Read this Book
- Knowledge - My Assumption
- Credit - The Creation of Magic
Wesley James Forgery fusion of card with odd-backed card, credit information
- Method 1
- Method 2
- Method 3 (Preferred Method) - "final"
- Clean-Up Procedures
- Further Approaches
- Progeny (selected references for the plot)
Related to 5
Dai Vernon, Wesley James Side Glide Handling Inspired by 8
Unknown Reverse Bottom Slip Cut with pull down 11
Philip T. Goldstein, Dan Tong Goldstein and Tong Tip tip for "Forgery"Related to 12
Derek Dingle Derek Dingle Approach tip for "Forgery"Related to 13
Frank Garcia Frank Garcia Touch tip for "Forgery"Related to 13
Wesley James Trapped Ace Surprise "beta", spectator pushes ace in deck next to other ace, then four-card-catch 19
Wesley James Hit Double Lift Handling Inspired by 20
Harvey Rosenthal Four-Card Catch Inspired by 21
Wesley James Catch-Ace-Trap-ee "sewt", transposition effect involving four Queens and two black AcesInspired by 23
Wesley James Fake Reverse Reverse deck apparently turned over but not really 24
Wesley James April Fools' Aces "beta", McDonalds type routine with duplicate aces instead of double facersInspired by 28
Wesley James Veeser Concept Handling 29
Wesley James Ace-and-Three-Card Vanishes three cards and an ace, ace is shown to have vanished, four methodsRelated to 31
Wesley James Edge-Off Displacement Edge-Off Displacement, Edge-Off Count, counting off a number of cards at first counting movement 32
Wesley James James Alignment Move a bit like a small-packet strip-out addition 33
Unknown Broken Elmsley Count 34
Wesley James Ace-and-Four-Card Vanishes four cards (apparently 3) and an ace, ace is shown to have vanished, three methods 34
Wesley James, James Steranko The Steranko Move Handling bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertipsRelated to
  • "The Steranko Move" (Steranko, Genii, Vol. 27 No. 3, Nov. 1962, p. 127)
Wesley James Catalytic Progressive Aces "sewt", progressive assembly with a "catalyst" card 38
Wesley James Block Push-Off Scoop Addition as tabled packet is scooped together with scoop card 39
Unknown Unloading on Deck four cards shown, only 3 removed 41
Wesley James Below Zero Minus One "beta", visual small packet elevator, history informationInspired by 49
Wesley James The Spread Displacement outjogged card in packet displaced, cullRelated to 51
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 53
Edward Marlo, Wesley James The Marlo Flexible Count Grip, modified Inspired by
  • New Tops, Vol. 3 No. 12, Dec. 1963
Wesley James The JEHHFOWJ Count "Jordan, Elmsley, Haxton, Houghton, ?, James" 55
Bruce Cervon, Wesley James Semaj-Novrec Masked Packet Reverse for small packetInspired by 57
Wesley James Snap Reverse bottom card of small packet 58
Wesley James Turn Me Down Why Don't You "beta", four aces turn over one by one between two black tens, then change to kingsRelated to 61
Wesley James The Direction of False Count clarifying the counting direction 62
Roger Smith K. S. Spread credit information 63
Wesley James The James Gang "beta"Inspired by 67
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Switch à la ATFUS Related to
  • Pentagram (Vol. 10 No. 12, Sept. 1956, p. 91)
Edward Marlo, Wesley James The Marlo-James Multiple Shift - Jog-Through
- Block Alignment
- Strip-Out Cuts (Longitudinal Cut, Swivel, Swing)
Inspired by 69
Tenkai Ishida Step Break credit information 75
Wesley James Quick Three-Way, May Way "final", with all-backs phase 77
Eddie Fechter Peek Gambit "did you get one?" 78
Unknown Flex Glimpse 78
Henry Christ, Theodore Annemann Alignment Move 80
Unknown Quick 3-Way Display 80
Wesley James Small Packet One-Handed Top Palm "SPOT Palm" 82
Wesley James New Faces of 1234 "beta", Aces change to Ace through Four as kickerInspired by 84
Wesley James Spread ATFUS 85
Wesley James Hyper-Warp "final", ending with Hyper Card stapled to other card as souvenir 89
Wesley James, "Senator" Clark Crandall The Crandall/James Force see also p. 328Inspired by 92
Wesley James The Sigma Principle force in which spectator cuts off pile, counts it and counts down that many cards in rest 101
Wesley James A Sleight Case of Murder "beta", card predicted, names on every card back and selection has spectator's name
- Alternates for the Pass
- Alternate Methods
- Premise Variations
Inspired by
  • "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?" (Dale Dewey)
Wesley James Anthropomorphization of Playing Cards 105
Tommy Tucker The Tommy Tucker Pass Stratagem display passRelated to
  • "What Next", Tommy Tucker, 1936, p. 28
Wesley James The Fake-Take Dribble Force deck dribbled on table, copped card added to bottom of right packet 111
Charles T. Jordan The Slip-Back Move 112
Wesley James Vanishing Eleven and Placement "final", eleven cards vanish, only selection remains, Nine-Principle Placements (digits added)Related to 113
Unknown Biddle Steal 114
Wesley James Palming... essay and basic palm positions
- Classic Palm
- Classic Palm Grip with First Finger (Marlo)
- Thumb Palm
- Gambler's Flat Palm
Related to
  • "New Palm Position" (Ed Marlo, New Tops, Vol. 6 No. 1, Jan 1966)
Wesley James Named Travelers "final", named four-of-a-kind appears on top, then travelers 125
Wesley James Secretly Disordering the Deck Inspired by 127
Wesley James WJ Bottom Palm Related to 129
Wesley James Card from Pocket while Palming three cards palmed, one of them removed from pocket, others remains in palm 131
Edward Marlo Lapel Load from palmRelated to 131
Wesley James, Patrick Cook Holdout Holdup "sewt", signed kings placed in sleeve openly, kings then travel to deck, stacked for poker game, change to Aces, Kings in wallet, five methods 133
Unknown Table Edge Poker Hand Switch two methodsRelated to
  • Dr. Daley (Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 5 No. 12, p. 422)
Wesley James From Jacket to Lap packet secretly paper clipped, apparently put in sleeve, then dropped to lap 137
Gene Maze Universal Stock number of hands chosen by spectator, combining riffle stacking, second and bottom deals, only briefly explainedRelated to
  • Wonderful Routines of Magic, First Addendum
Noel Coughlin The Coughlin Palm Replacement 139
Dr. Jacob Daley, Wesley James The One-Handed Daley Switch packet on table switched as it is picked up and deck set down simultaneously with one handRelated to
  • Dr. Daley (Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 5 No. 12, p. 422)
  • Ian Baxter (Ten on Deck, 1970, p. 6)
Wesley James Chameleon Colors Revisited "alpha", reds and blacks separated, some red cards change to black and back, then halves transposeInspired by 144
Wesley James, Dave Ossip De-Flourished Ossip Slip Cut in the hands 145
Wesley James Naturalness - The Double Lift and - more 153
Wesley James The Double Lift general comments and approaches 155
Wesley James WJ Two-Step Double Lift push-off and stud turnover 158
Wesley James WJ Two-Step Double Lift Hit Variation 161
Wesley James, Stuart Gordon A Stuart Gordon Turnover Variation credit information 164
Wesley James, Juan Tamariz The Unload Subtlety credit informationRelated to 167
Wesley James My Ambitious Card Routine "final", wallet finale 170
Edward Marlo The Moveable Card Pass to face 173
Wesley James One-handed Pen Re-Cap 175
Wesley James Coming Up in the World a.k.a. The Load-Up Move, credit information 177
Wesley James The WJ Side Steal Related to 181
Wesley James Tip for Body Rotation Sleights on sleights that can use body rotation as cover 184
Wesley James, Bill Simon Covered Side Steal 185
Wesley James Peel Change Hofzinser Change with different stroking action 186
Wesley James The Simulated Shuffle - A Palm Cover claimed by Wesley James 188
Wesley James The James Palm Transfer right hand classic to left gambler's palm 188
Wesley James, Derek Dingle The Speed Load - A Wallet Loading Technique 188
Wesley James Deals 193
Wesley James Bottom Dealing - A Developmental Perspective - Appearance Factors:
- Grip (Full Grip, Mechanic's Grip, S.F. Grip, Erdnase Grip, Straddle Grip, Master Grip, Modified Erdnase Grip, Pseudo Grip, No Grip)
- Take (Standard Take, Stud Take, No Take)
- Technique Factors:
- Covert:
- Method (Buckle, Push-Pull, Pre-Loosen, Strike or Rip)
- Overt: Action, Cover

All with references
Wesley James Follow That Card II "alpha"
Phase I: Ace through Four of Clubs & Spades are sympathetic, with additional red cards in play
Phase II: repeat variation
Phase III: follow the leader with the two four-card packets
Phase IV: four spades put in different pockets, clubs vanish and reappear with spades as pairs in pocket
Inspired by
  • "Follow That Card" (Bro. John Hamman, marketed item)
Wesley James Half Pass Strip-Out Addition with reverse of the cards that are addedRelated to 211
Wesley James Feed Biddle Count break in both hands, cards interlaced 212
Edward Marlo, Wesley James Propelled Lapping Switch 216
Wesley James Small Packet Double Deal 217
Wesley James P.K.A. Cheating "beta", "Professionally Known As Cheating", center deal demonstration 219
Wesley James Fair Risk "final", "Spectator's Open Prediction", spectator makes predictionInspired by 223
Unknown Sleeve Add adding card from sleeve to deck 225
Wesley James Back Right Bottom Deal Handling brief, "take and turn"Related to 225
Wesley James One-Handed Reverse all the cards except top card 226
Wesley James Second Dealing - A Developmental Perspective - Appearance Factors: Grip, Take
- Technique Factors:
- Covert:
- Method (Push-Off, Two Card Push-Off, One-Card Push-Off, No Push-Off or Dead Thumb, Strike, Take, Side Strike)
- Overt: Action, Cover

All with references
Wesley James The Moon is Made of Blue Cheese "alpha", face-up/face-down packet, selection vanishes, reappears face up and odd-backedInspired by
  • "Where has it gone?" (Hideo Kato, Genii Vol. 34 No. 1, Sept. 1970)
Wesley James, Alex Elmsley Concealing Odd Back with Second Deal credit information 238
Wesley James Sympathetic Blacks "beta", credit information on the plot 240
Wesley James Historical Note on the Jordan-Finley Shuffle Principle, chain principle 241
Edward Marlo Marlo's Future Reverse - Broken Form 244
Ken Krenzel The Krenzel Square Reverse in centerRelated to 245
Wesley James Etude for Dealers credit information on the plot, four aces kicker 249
Wesley James The Option Second Deal including "The Countervailing Motion Principle" 254
Wesley James Miscellaneous False Deals - A Development Snapshot discussion of various false deals 259
Wesley James Center Deal discussion and sources 261
Wesley James A Hand Too Few "beta", two mates held in right hand, deck in left hand and spectator peeks at a card, immediately a card appears between sandwich cards in other hand, it is the selection 263
Wesley James Center Glimpse step 265
Wesley James Middle Deal Considerations one-handed 266
Wesley James Double Deal discussion and sources 269
Wesley James Third, Fourth and Fifth Deal discussion and sources 270
Wesley James Theory Thirds - Fourth, Fifth, etc.Inspired by 271
Wesley James The Undifferentiated Middle - Adding Differentiation 274
Wesley James Greek Bottom Deal discussion and sources 277
Wesley James No Deal and Swap Deal discussion and sources 278
Wesley James Theoretical False Deals 281
Wesley James False Riffle Shuffles essay and introduction 285
Wesley James The Zarrow Shuffle - The Problems
- WJ on the Zarrow
- Recap
Wesley James The Tabled Winnipeg Cut Inspired by 294
Wesley James I'll Put Money on It coin appears in deck next to selection, rest straightened out
- Method 1 (Basic)
- Method 2 (Tabled Reverse)
- Method 3 (No Turn)
- Method 4 (Coup de Grace)
Inspired by 297
Wesley James Tabled Reverse Handling tabled riffle shuffle, with hidden coin in deckRelated to 302
Russell T. Barnhart Passive Table Reverse 305
Wesley James Color Triumphant Inspired by 309
Clyde Cairy Cutting Reverse misnomer "Braue Reverse", credit informationRelated to 311
Edward Marlo, Tenkai Ishida Pivot-Step 311
Bruce Cervon, Wesley James Half Reverse Cut Variation as deck is cut onto tableInspired by 312
Jack Merlin, Wesley James The Merlin Push-Through thoroughRelated to 315
Wesley James An Alternate Strip-Out Procedure three-packet cutRelated to 319
Wesley James, Al Cooper The Strike Push-Through 322
Wesley James The Crand-bler's Prediction "beta", signed card to matchbox 327
Cliff Green Cliff Green Push-Off 329
Wesley James Matchbox Switch 330
Wesley James The Pass essay on the sleight 335
Wesley James The Basic Position 337
Wesley James The Edge Pass 340
Wesley James The Squeeze Pass 343
Wesley James The Pivot Side-Jiggle Pass "This may be the fastest pass ever devised."Inspired by 345
Wesley James The Diagonal Pass deck taken out of hand and on second thought placed back 347
Wesley James The Automatic Pass 349
Wesley James The Anomalous Pass Inspired byRelated to 351
Wesley James Low Lateral Palm The Position 357
Wesley James The Deal-Out Subtraction "alpha", secret subtraction alternative, using low lateral palm 359
Wesley James Low Lateral Control lateral palm from center 361
Wesley James Low Lateral Conversions - Low Lateral Palm to Gambler's Flat Palm
- Low Lateral Palm to Tenkai/Slydini/Marlo Palm
- Low Lateral Palm to Bold Steal
- Gambler's Flat Palm to Low Lateral Palm
- Tenkai to Low Lateral Palm
- Bold Steal to Low Lateral Palm
- To and From Gambler's Flat Palm
Wesley James Add-Backs Low Lateral Palm Replacements
- Standard Add-Back
- No Contact Add-Back
- Bottom Add-Backs
Wesley James Low Lateral Steals - Top Steal
- Bottom Steal
- Middle Steal
Wesley James Low Lateral Switches - Low Lateral Addition
- Low Lateral Substitution (with half-pass on top of deck under cover cards)
Related to 373
Wesley James The Christ-Annemann Alignment Displacement Sequence "A WJ Technical Variation", similar to small packet strip-out addition 377
Wesley James Four-as-Four (Hiding Two, FAF-Two) Counts discussion of 4-as-4 counts
- The FAF-Two C Count
Related to 380
Wesley James Splay Grip small packet buckle, similar to referenceRelated to 382
Larry West, Jonathan Townsend, Wesley James West-Townsend-James (WTJ) Count Elmsley-style Gemini Count, backs and faces of four cardsInspired by 384
Bob Farmer Turnantula half pass as pack(et) is turned over 389
Wesley James, Ken Krenzel The Egress Vanish card vanishes and reappears when pushed perpendicular through four cards, visualInspired by 393
Wesley James A Refinement for the Bluff Shift lifting no cards
- The Bluff Shift as a Control
- The Bluff Shift as a Riffle Force
Inspired by 398
Wesley James Mental Magic chapter introduction 409
Wesley James The Vibratory Prediction card chosen from face-up spread matches mate prediction
- Preferred Method ("beta")
Al Schneider, Wesley James The Intention Force psychological force of odd card in a group 413
Edward Marlo, Wesley James Push Switch Variation tabled card pushed forwardInspired by 415
Edward Marlo, Wesley James The Kick-Off Switch tabled card lapped, palmed card switched in, slight variation by JamesInspired by 415
Wesley James Blushing Leaper "beta", thought-of card has odd backInspired by 418
Unknown Steal-Back card stolen back as cards are counted with faces towards spectator 420
Joe Berg Bold Double Deal Related to
  • Here's New Magic (Joe Berg, 1937, p. 6)
Wesley James Brownian Movement The Sequel, "final"Inspired by 423
Wesley James The Veeser Concept and Alignment Assurance 425
Wesley James Ham and Ace Sandwich "beta", sandwiched prediction on top of deck, "kind of matches" selection a few times, then finally it is a selected card 428
Ralph W. Hull Front Tilt credit information, see also p. 432 430
Wesley James Thoughts on Tilt credit information 432
Wesley James Devine Miraskill "alpha" 433
Unknown Down-Jog Separation in and out jogging cull with strip-out cut 435
Wesley James A Vision or a Dream? "final", thought of card, spectator does some procedure according to value and suit of card, at the end all cards are blank except selectionInspired by 438
Wesley James Inside Pocket Switch Related to 440
Edward Marlo Fishing Sequence Related to 442
Wesley James Why Not? chapter intro, on using gaffs 445
Wesley James Wishuffle "final", deck shuffles itself, then Triumph, twenty-six double facers, credit informationVariations 446
Wesley James Hand Rotation Turnover 449
Wesley James Birthday Aces "alpha", hinged flaps 451
Wesley James Slide-Under Switch Handling credit information 453
Wesley James Veeser Concept Handling 455
Wesley James Watch the Wild Ace "final", double-face & split-faced, indifferent cards change into an ace of each suit, then all into aces of clubsInspired by
  • "Watch the Ace!" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 19 No. 8)
Wesley James NoLap Switch claimed by Wesley JamesRelated to 464
Unknown Paintbrush Change 469
Wesley James The Hands caring and lotion 473
Wesley James Breaking In the Cards 475
Wesley James Routining 478
Wesley James Closing Comments 481