Written by James G. Thompson Jr.

Work of Various

165 pages (Stapled), published by Haines House of Cards
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(89 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
James G. Thompson Jr. Foreword i
John Braun Introduction iii
James G. Thompson Jr. Neophyte's Delight chapter intro 1
Unknown Naming the Card naming chosen card 1
Unknown Pulse Reading divining card by feeling pulse 1
Unknown The Spectator names his Card card placed on spectator's hand 1
Unknown The Spread card is found in face-up spread 2
Unknown From the Voice spectator names cards in the deck, performer divines it 2
Howard Albright Lip Reading Test finger put on spectator's lip, card is divined 2
H. Adrian Smith A Different Ending performer stops spectator dealing at selection 3
Unknown Think Stop 3
Unknown From the Spectator's Pocket deck in spectator's pocket, card at named position 3
Unknown Top or Bottom spectator decides where card shall appear 3
Unknown Card Change no specific method 3
Frank Csuri Clipped card change, with paper clip 4
Unknown It was in My Pocket 4
Unknown Right About There card inserted next to selection 4
Unknown The Stabbed Card wrapped din newspaper 5
Henry Hardin Hindu Dream Variation cards in hat are mixed, performer removes selectionAlso published here 5
Unknown, Theodore Annemann Flip-Over air pressure turnover, with Annemann variationAlso published here 5
Frank Dobrina Allez Oop "A Striking Card Discovery"
deck thrown on surface so it spreads, selection turns over via air pressure and slides to center
Also published here 6
Unknown Card on the Wall saliva 7
Unknown The Startler cards are knocked out of spectator's hand, selection remains 7
Arthur H. Buckley Surprise Card Thru the Case cards in case are knocked out of spectator's hand, selection remainsAlso published here 7
Jack Merlin Spring Flourish Production selection is at place where spectator stops, springing cards from one hand to the otherAlso published here 9
Unknown The Flying Card card sprung from hand to hand, selection jumps out 9
Unknown The Springing Cards cards are sprung into the air, chosen card is caught 9
Jimmy Connor Tap-A-Card mental spelling as performer taps on random card, selection at final letter 11
James G. Thompson Jr. Transuders and Peregrinators chapter intro 12
James G. Thompson Jr. The Ambitious Card short routine with Braue Pop-Up Card finish 12
C. M. Coles New Card Location selection appears on bottom of chosen pile 14
Unknown The Penetrating Card card through handkerchief and card case 14
Charles Waller Card Thru Plate 17
Unknown The the Magazine 17
Joseph Ovette Ovette Master Move without credit 17
James G. Thompson Jr. Through the Table bold lapping move 18
Eddie Joseph Gone Right Through card through table, with handkerchief 18
Unknown Traveling Cards Vanish hiding a card while running through the deck 19
Unknown Rub'er card transforms into selection and then vanishes, Rub-A-Dub-Dub vanish 19
John Scarne Mouthful Also published here 20
Edward Marlo Card to Card Case 21
William H. McCaffrey Card in the Pocket signedRelated to 21
Tommy Dowd Card in the Pocket using Ovette Master MoveAlso published here 22
Unknown Company for the Old Lady 24
Unknown Card in the Hat 25
Charles Waller A Bit of Card Tomfoolery 25
Sam H. Sharpe The Nervous Card card jumps from one packet into another next to selectionAlso published here 25
Stewart James Psycho-Dyne dark room, card travels to chosen location 26
James G. Thompson Jr. My Crystal Please 28
Verne Chesbro Mentelimination missing card is named 28
Charles T. Jordan Clocking brief 29
Verne Chesbro Percepto selection divined in impressive manner while spectator looks at cards in his own handsAlso published here 29
Unknown Princess Card Trick 30
Al Baker The Finger Knows - And Tells one of fiveAlso published here 30
Al Baker, Audley Walsh Number Please two methodsAlso published here 31
James G. Thompson Jr. Winged Thoughts code over phone 33
Theodore Annemann Call Me Up Sometime person calls during the show and names the card someone selected 36
James G. Thompson Jr. The Eyes Have It coding only with eye movementAlso published here 37
Unknown Special Delivery Related to 38
Paul Morris Nothing to Do 39
U. F. Grant Mindreading with Any Assistant spectator finds chosen card, two methods 40
Unknown Card Reverse double lift and deck turnover 40
U. F. Grant Mindreading with Any Assistant No. 2 spectator divines chosen card, corner torn off 40
James G. Thompson Jr. Presto Spectator Prestidigitator! chapter intro 41
Unknown Selected Card from Spectator's Pocket spectator removes selection from deck in his pocket 41
Jack Merlin From the Pocket pack in spectator's pocket, he removes cards then the deck, only his card remains in the pocketAlso published here 41
Stewart Judah Favorite Card Trick number at position, card indicates number 42
Unknown Card at Any Number first time it fails 42
Henry Christ Stop When Ready Also published here 43
Unknown Hilarious Finish to an Old Trick 44
Unknown At Second Spectator's Number using the glide 45
T. Page Wright The Three Numbers two named numbers, card is found at difference of named numbers 45
Unknown Torn Pack Location deck torn in half, two halves of selection found at named numbers 46
Stanley Collins Spectator's Guess 47
Unknown The Magic Thrust (I) 47
Robert Brethen The Magic Thrust (II) 48
Sheldon Levy A Double Surprise with a kicker 48
Unknown Stop Me at Any Time cards are drawn back on deck, force 49
Theodore Annemann Riffle Stop 49
Unknown Last Stop 7 card stop force 50
Theodore Annemann Spectator Deals and Stops small packet, bottom deal 50
Unknown The Psychological Stop Trick 51
Unknown Automatic Placement to the 9th position 51
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force Variation as Lynn Searles, portion cut and turned over, then deck secretly turned over 52
Jack Merlin The Tip-Up Discovery spectator cuts to selectionAlso published here 52
Richard Williams Perfect Card Force Variation cutting under handkerchief force 53
A. P. Johnson Card Hypnotism selection sticks to the wall 53
Jack Merlin Spectator Change spectator tries to change card by slapping on it, selection is found on the bottom, jokeAlso published here 54
James G. Thompson Jr. Repeat Selection card dropped on the floor changes into selection 54