Written by T. Page Wright
Work of T. Page Wright
57 pages (Paperback), published by F. G. Thayer
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Language: English
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William Larsen Foreword
Robert Gysel Spirit Light luminous paint on bottom of shoe
Psychic Golf Ball golf ball moves on table, ring on string under table cloth
Japanese Coin on Finger coin snatching technique, hand is wrapped with handkerchief except first finger, spectator cannot take the coin
Related to 1
Robertson Keene Miser's Dream coins stuck behind various objects
Also published here
  • More Novel Notions (Robertson Keene)
A Match Gag "used by Maurice"
The Number Discovery number of cards divined à la Einstein
Alonso Machado A Cards on Sleeve Flourish arm spread flourish
Alonso Machado Machado's Version of the Thumb Tie
A Thimble Pass "by Christianer"
Silent Mora Comedy Gag spectator given a lit match and then forgotten about
Frank Shepard Color Change two-phase transformation
William Larsen Vanish of a Series of Cards by the Back Palm
William Larsen The Riffle-Slip top card slipped into center, as passive sleight, as force to bring top card to named number
Also published here 4
Proper Position for performing Three Card Monte spectators at the sides and not at front
Related to 4
William Larsen False Shuffle for Complete Pack two singe-card runs from top
Related to 4
Spring Revelation cards sprung from hand to hand, selection flies out
Cut to retain single card running cut that brings top card to bottom
To deal oneself an extra card
For force in audience simply handing cards to spectators, bold old style classic force
Related to 5
T. Page Wright Complete deck vanish deck dropped in pocket, back palm misdirection
Herbert Brooks A new card trick cards dealt in piles, a card remembered, all without the performer looking, he then deals through deck and stops before selection, two key cards
Also published here 6
Lengthwise Change card pushed through deck lengthwise and it changes, face down
William Larsen Thimble move visual appearance
William Larsen Thimble pass
Floyd G. Thayer Silk Vanish pushed in hand in stages, then stolen out and vanishes
Apple, Egg and Orange spectators take objects and a number of cards each according to rules, performer then knows who has which object
T. Page Wright Card reproduction top card shown as indifferent becomes selection, confusing description
T. Page Wright Pellet switch thumb tip, envelope
T. Page Wright Deck strippers end strippers, spectator overhand shuffles card to top
T. Page Wright Billet steal with mouth when sealing envelope
Jack McMillen Card pushed through pack changes with gimmick
Franz Massopust Shuffle-fancy spring riffle shuffle
Related to 9
Nate Leipzig Leipzig gambling exhibition cards remembered in first deal, dealt to oneself with second deals
T. Page Wright Rubber band top card of banded deck shown, a few cards dealt off, same card shown on top
Related to 10
T. Page Wright Card revelation performer deals through packet or deck, selection has vanished, it reappears face-up in center
T. Page Wright Unknown Leaper variation card at thought-of position transposes with card in other half
Inspired by 11
Under Fan Steal top cards stolen under one-handed fan in right hand
T. Page Wright Transformer card without duplicates unknown card in pocket, Ace of Spades changes into selection, pocketed card is Ace of Spades
T. Page Wright Card change in pushing into packet face card of right-hand half is pushed into left-hand half, switched for dummy card
Related to 12
T. Page Wright The Spread Detection bottom card hidden under table spread and used as key card
T. Page Wright Move for Self-Working Mystery
Inspired by 12
T. Page Wright Location Aces at top and bottom of both halves, spectator shuffles, selects card, shuffles again, four Aces as keys
Related to 13
T. Page Wright One Way Location interlocking chain principle with one-way deck and key card
T. Page Wright A Glimpse left hand pushes off card to show it to spectator, bottom corner glimpsed
Judson S. Brown A one hand top change similar to Allerton change, for credit see Page Wright's Manuscript
Related toAlso published here 13
T. Page Wright Monarch detection suit order of four selections known, high probability of being unique
Related to 14
T. Page Wright Interlocking Chains two colors separated and in order, shuffled once, used for divination
T. Page Wright Named Reverse named card shown reversed, pairs held together with wax
T. Page Wright Selected card passes between two phonograph records
Related to 15
T. Page Wright A Reverse Location two cards on either side of selection reverse
T. Page Wright Whispering Joker card placed behind Joker, both held to ear, card named, repeated
T. Page Wright Life Saver for Card With Card Lost in Pack
T. Page Wright Six Card Trick card vanishes in six-card packet and reappears
Cardini Cardini Spelling Trick placement with short card twelfth from bottom
Capt. Jones Cap. Jones Rope Trick method to join to ends, "a la cemented rope"
T. Page Wright Coin Catch in Deck coin thrown up an caught at wanted position in deck
T. Page Wright Jumbo Card Revelation cards behind back, brought forward one by one until named number, then selection is taken from behind back as jumbo card
Related toAlso published here 16
T. Page Wright Blow Transformation spectator blows on card, face now blank and pips are on back
T. Page Wright Another tip-over change switched-out card left reversed while apparently turned over
T. Page Wright Behind Back Switch selection out-jogged behind back, switched during brief turning around
T. Page Wright Behind Back Pass card replaced behind back, turning around as cover for pass
Also published here 17
T. Page Wright Ambitious Card Sequence basic
T. Page Wright Three of hearts change to two in hands of spectator
T. Page Wright Coin Date Divination tin foil behind back to get impression of coin date or other embossed information
T. Page Wright Card on Silk chosen card remains hanging on silk
T. Page Wright Envelope Card Reading cards in envelope, performer names them one by one
T. Page Wright Spell Stab card spelled to from stabbed position
T. Page Wright Riffle Spell card spelled to after honest riffle shuffle, riffling them off one by one for each letter
T. Page Wright Tabled Under-the-Spread Force bottom card dragged along with fingers
T. Page Wright Drop Change card shown and dropped to floor, changes during drop
T. Page Wright Cigarette Production "using 'Mystic' match move", unclear
T. Page Wright Plunger Shift with two cards
Also published here 20
T. Page Wright Thought-Of Stab spectator thinks of card in packet, then stabs in deck, names card, shown to be next to stabbed card
T. Page Wright Coin move dime changes to half, edge work
T. Page Wright Magicians' Gag funny message on card, force gag
T. Page Wright Knife Stab top half fastened together
T. Page Wright Color Changing Ring wooden ring on silk changes color
T. Page Wright Under-Spread-Force Handling spectator cuts in probably narrow in-the-hands spread, unclear
T. Page Wright Card Force and Reverse card forced via peek force, it then turns over fairly
Dr. R. "Finkelle" Finkle Glass of water vanish glass filled in bowl of water, vanishes under handkerchief
T. Page Wright Card through Silk
T. Page Wright Coin through Hat
T. Page Wright Aces and Queens Transposition Aces on top, Queens on bottom, they transpose
T. Page Wright Traveling Knot a knot in one silk each, one travels across to other silk
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell rope routine gaffed rope
Appleton improvement Eren's Spelling Card estimation to follow position, maneuvering selection to approximately twelve
Inspired by 23
T. Page Wright Torn bill trick fake tear handling
T. Page Wright Combination for Brema twelve cent trick cent coins travel to purse, uses gaff that is not described
T. Page Wright Coin through Silk using two silks
T. Page Wright Coin Transposition two coins dropped in two hands of spectators, two of those transpose
T. Page Wright The Page Pass one-handed pass, as control, compared to Charlier pass, but no details given
Related to 25
Floyd G. Thayer The Visible Pass swivel cut as control, credit in Page Wright's Manuscript
Also published here 26
Peek first finger, then transferred to fourth finger "as usual"
William Larsen The Riffle-Slip top card slipped into center, as passive sleight, as force to bring top card to named number
Also published here 27
William Larsen False Shuffle two single runs
  • Improvement
Related to 28
William Larsen The Riffle-Down quickly getting break at any small number, preparing with two breaks
Variations 28
William Larsen The Glimpse - First Method post-peek glimpse
T. Page Wright The Glimpse - Second Method post-peek glimpse, book break type
T. Page Wright Simple Glimpse looking straight down
Related to 31
Arthur H. Buckley One of Four Packets probability force which packet of four is chosen
Billy O'Connor A Card with a Certain Number of Pips six cards in a row, one value forced
T. Page Wright The New Transferred Cards no set-up
William Larsen Any Card To Any Number impromptu
T. Page Wright, Frank Shepard A Cut At Any Number named number is instantly cut off, different approaches
Inspired by 36
T. Page Wright An Original Spelling Card card chosen and buried in small packet, then spelled to in rest of deck
Also published here 37
Arthur H. Buckley, Charles T. Jordan The Red and the Black card chosen and shuffled back, cards dealt, all are red except selection
Charles T. Jordan Red-Black Shuffle riffle and overhand
T. Page Wright A Pickpocket Card cards brought from pocket one by one, at named number selection is taken
Louis Haley Haley's Turn-Over Card
Also published here 40
Nate Leipzig Another Poker Problem Tens to Aces removed, wanted hands dealt, then Royal Flushs
T. Page Wright Card Through Silk detailed
Related to 42
T. Page Wright Winkletum two cards chosen, knot appears in handkerchief, handkerchief as puppet finds selections
  • Improved - As the Felicitous Feline (hand doll instead of handkerchief)
Related to 44
One-Handed Knot
T. Page Wright The Five Senses five cards selected and found five different way with the senses, "old feat of locating a number of drawn cards"
VariationsAlso published here 47
T. Page Wright Five Card Control
Odd/Even Divided Deck
T. Page Wright Sympathetic Packs - A Giant Card Effect card turned over in deck, same card turns over in jumbo deck, then back again
T. Page Wright Knotty Travels vanishing knots in handkerchief with story presentation
T. Page Wright One Armed Poker story presentation for stand-up, three double facers, performed one-handed
Also published here 53
T. Page Wright Card Stand
One-Handed Ace Vanish
Also published here
  • "Whirlwind of Wizardry"
T. Page Wright Error Aces brief mention
Related to 57
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