Written by John Lovick
Work of Jean-Pierre Vallarino
303 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jean-Pierre Vallarino Foreword
Carlos Vaquera Introduction
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Sleights, The Vallarino Way
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count see variation on p. 211
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Hypnotic Rumba Count more convincing Rumba Count to show whole packet as same card, for when you have two of the same card in packet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Elmsley Count Variations
  • Variation One: cards are dropped onto table as they are counted
  • Variation Two: sort of a combination of Variation One with elements of Rumba Count
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's Count accomplishes same thing as Rumba Count, showing all cards in a packet as same card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ping Pong top card (or cards) are retained on top of deck after a straight tabled cut
Inspired by 10
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal card apparently inserted into outer end of deck can be either palmed in right hand or controlled to top, in addition to also having a different card out-jogged in its place, uses modified palm grip (combination of lateral and Tenkai palms), see also application on p. 89
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Revolutionary Control card is inserted and seen to be completely squared into deck, deck is cut onto table, card is on top, slight variation without table (p. 16), see also Staircase Multiple Shift (p. 18) for related technique with multiple cards
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Staircase Multiple Shift multiple cards inserted into outer end of deck and squared in, deck is given straight cut to table, cards are on top
  • to place shifted cards in group at specific location in deck (really a different technique altogether, D’Amico-Shift style)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Four-Card Add-On with application: four Aces are displayed in a fan and then tabled face up, they are cleanly placed face down onto deck and can then be openly slip-cut into deck, all four Aces remain on top
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's L.M. card(s) from a face-up packet of cards displayed on deck can be stolen and hidden beneath top card of deck, “…a nice alternative to the Elmsley/Marlo ATFUS…”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino False Spread-Shuffle full-deck false shuffle, deck riffled on table, tipped up onto edges to be squared, deck is openly spread in hands, cards are stripped apart
Jean-Pierre Vallarino The Vallarino Force spectator says stop as performer thumb-peels through deck, stopped-at card is switched for force card while in out-jogged position, can do with multiple cards out-jogged in a group, also a handling to hide odd-colored backs of the out-jogged cards
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Jump Change card openly displayed is apparently placed jogged in middle of deck as deck is given straight cut on table, really card is lapped and jogged card is the original bottom card of deck
  • Variation with a Packet (p. 28): same technique with group of cards, can be used to change four indifferent cards into Aces
  • Variation as a Visual Change (p. 29): same technique to make face-up card change visually
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Italian Palm modified grip for classic palm, allows little finger to be free, facilitates loading palmed card to bottom of tabled packet (mucking type of action), see also p. 171
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Cascade Four-Card Control and Palm cards (e.g. Aces) inserted as group into center of deck and squared in and deck is either cascaded or overhand-shuffled, Aces are retained on top or can be brought directly into right palm
Inspired by
  • "Cascade Control" (Charlie Miller, Genii, June 1972)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ribbon Spread Palm tabled ribbon spread is flipped face up and then face down again, top card(s) is palmed in process
Related to 34
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Top Palm top card palm
Related to 35
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Bottom Steal Subtleties two small finesses to help make Bottom Steal indetectable, also applicable to a Side Steal
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Lateral Bottom Steal different method to get bottom card into lateral palm, see also p. 185
Inspired by 37
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Quick Palm and Perhaps a Switch rapidly palm multiple cards off top of deck with follow-through action of turning deck face up, can switch palmed cards for cards on table via lapping technique as they are turned face up
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Come Back card (or cards) is inserted into deck, stolen out and replaced on top in action of right hand reaching to pick up marker to uncap it or transfer it to other hand
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Three Color Changes
  • One: fairly standard palm color change, but part of deck always remains in view, giving change more open appearance
  • Two: deck is stood up on table face outward and face card changes, uses lateral bottom steal (see Greater Magic reference)
  • Three: “Wink Change” family
Inspired by 41
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino’s Strip-Out strip-out addition without a break
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Crimp putting crimp in inner end of card(s) “in real time”, see also p. 93
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino’s Strip-Up deck is held vertically with out-jogged cards facing audience, card(s) are added to back of out-jogged cards as they are stripped out
Jean-Pierre Vallarino J.P. Spread Pass variation of LePaul Spread Pass, forward spreading of deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ace Assemblies
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ultimate MacDonald’s Aces “designed to fool magicians”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Olram Subtlety to hide the double-face nature of one card as four-card packet is displayed front and back
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Visual vanish for MacDonald's Aces face-up Ace is used to flip three tabled cards face up, immediately upon flipping them over only three cards are seen and Ace is gone, see also p. 174
Jerry Mentzer Push-down color change face-up card in-jogged beneath packet changes as right fingers pass over it
Also published here 58
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's Leader Aces “all-at-once assembly”, three cards placed onto each Ace, three Aces instantly vanish from their piles and assemble with fourth Ace
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple lateral palm obtaining multiple cards off bottom of packet into right lateral palm
Mutliple turnover with packet together with spread cards above it, via buckle, see similar technique on p. 73 without buckle
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Neutrino Aces signed selection lost in deck, leader Ace is dealt onto table face down with three indifferent cards on top of it, other three Aces are lost in deck, Aces reappear in pile with leader Ace together with signed selection
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Shuffle palm top card(s) are palmed in right hand as cards are waterfalled following shuffle
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Two-card bottom deal dealing the bottom card of two cards instead of top one, “this is like Dr. Elliott’s second deal technique”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Four Jacks Squared deck divided into four piles in square formation, one Jack on top of each pile, all Jacks assemble atop one pile
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Crimp add-on bridge crimp of top cards allows them to be instantly added to a packet that is momentarily touched to them, also applied on p. 94 with deck in hand
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Progressive Aces progressive assembly with only one, two, three and four cards in each Ace pile respectively, each Ace is successively lost in deck before being revealed in next pile together with the other Ace(s) already in that pile, Vallarino's approach to David Britland's idea of combining Lorayne and Krenzel (see references)
Inspired by 71
Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Charlie Miller Miller addition variant top block of cards in spread is up-jogged as one, not using buckle as in the common Miller technique
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Obtain break below top card(s) left little-finger break, under cover of right hand squaring cards into deck
Jerry Sadowitz Slip-Jog unnamed, but credited to Sadowitz
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Packet switch the three face-down cards below the face-up Ace of Spades are switched for top three cards of deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Believe It or Not three signed selections lost in deck, three Aces are face down on table with a third of deck on top of each and card case on top of fourth Ace, the three piles are turned over revealing three Aces have changed into selections, Aces are under card case with leader Ace
Jean-Pierre Vallarino “Behind the Wall” add-on packet is displayed in front of tabled deck and top cards of deck are added on top of it
Gambler's cop from bottom of deck and added to bottom of card case
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Sandwich Tricks
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Falling Sandwich two Queens face up on table, card selected and returned, deck spread on table and selection appears between Queens
Card ditch on deck two sandwich cards displayed face up, lowermost one is stolen onto deck beneath face down card and top one is carried away, see related action on p. 91
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch tip-over style, but immediately upon flipping card face down, the switched-in card is pivoted out and dropped onto table
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Secret card transfer cards from bottom of deck are secretly dropped onto tabled card under misdirection, reminiscent of “Highland Hop”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Flying Sandwich card selected and returned and deck ribbon-spread on table, two Queens placed onto spread get sprung into air via ribbon-spread turnover, Queens are caught and selection between them
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino Load sandwich load of top card, done on more vertical plane with sandwich cards facing audience
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Automatic Sandwich two Queens face up on table, selection lost in deck, wind caused by riffle shuffle shoots selection from tabled packet in between Queens
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Sandwich Retention selection travels from between tabled red Aces to tabled black Aces
Half Pass brief description, photographs, see also brief description on p. 100 for other photographs
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal used here to apparently insert card between two tabled cards and immediately stolen out
Half Pass reverses bottom card of two so both are displayed face up, “Asher Twist” type of action with only two cards
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Transpo Sandwich signed card placed between face-up Jokers on table, Queen of Hearts (e.g.) is shown and changes into selection and sandwiched card on table is now Queens of Hearts
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Secret transfer of cards bottom two cards of a triple, similar to Vernon Transfer, done in action of flipping over top card of triple as bottom two are ditched onto tabled card, dupes allow transfer to be done with face-up cards
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Triple Sandwich three selections, Jokers sandwich each one, one at a time
Dai Vernon, Henry Christ, Theodore Annemann Alignment Move to remove one card of a double from between sandwich
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Click Move quick flourishy display of two cards while hiding a card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Appearance of sandwiched card face-up Jokers held in a spread, face-down card instantly appears out-jogged between them
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Packet Transpositions
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Fast Four Transpo 4x4 transposition
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Gambler’s cop including finessed addition of copped card to bottom of packet placed onto it
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Jump Transpo black Kings placed into deck and jump to top, tabled red Kings are turned up and shown to be the red Aces and black Kings instantly change to black Aces
Frederick Braue Braue Addition/Switch uncredited
Turnover color change similar to Father Cyprian change, two cards changed on top of deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Wall Aces two selections change places with four Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-card top palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Half Pass with packet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-card bottom palm with packet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Left or Right selection jumps from middle to top of deck and then tabled, four Aces tabled beneath card case change into selection and Aces are now where selection was
Joe Berg Berg Palm brief
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Spectator Cuts to the Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Spectator Cuts to the Aces 1
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ribbon-spread ditch cards are ditched from packet in hand onto table spread as it is turned over
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Spectator Cuts to the Aces 2 top card of each pile is first gathered and placed into card case but still protruding and in sight, then those cards are shown to be the Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coincidences
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coincidence spectator's selection from one deck matches performer’s selection from another deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Fan switch out-jogged double-card in fanned deck is separated as single card in right hand is ditched beneath fan, looks like right hand's card was placed beneath jogged card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino The Thinking Card prediction card set on glass, card is selected, prediction matches
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Kaps/Walton switch uncredited, card shown in spread is switched
Side-steal of bottom card to full palm brief, see also p. 203, p. 242 and p. 255
Through-the-fist flourish as cover for squeezing double together to adhere
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ace Productions
Jean-Pierre Vallarino FISM Aces Aces produced one at a time in flashy way
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Slip-cut productions three variations of flashy single-card productions beginning with tabled slip-cuts
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Tabled pop-out production jogged card is propelled out of deck vertically and caught
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Crossed Arms Aces lost in deck, deck given some cuts and Aces are produced all at once in a flashy manner
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Packet spin flourish packet is given quick spin flourish as it is tabled
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Tabled multiple shift and reversal Aces are inserted into separate parts of deck and squared in with push-through methodology, rest of deck is given undercuts and turned face up, reversing Aces beneath face-up deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino False tabled cut multiple packets on table
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Flower Ace Production card is selected – e.g., an Ace – and lost in deck, it jumps to top, lost in deck again, it jumps out of deck and other three Aces instantly appear face up in vertical row on deck
Riffle Force brief
Dai Vernon Vernon Depth Illusion brief, see also p. 241
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Slide Jumping Ace Production one card is shot into right hand, it is turned face up to reveal Ace as other three are produced all at once (one Ace shooting out of deck face up onto table and other two left face up on deck)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Iris Ace Production brief series of tabled cuts and Aces are instantly produced between two halves (“Freeman-Display” formation)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Wrist Production selection appears face up and jogged in deck, surrounded by the four Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Pop-out production deck is given in-the-hands cut and as bottom half is dropped on top, card appears jogged between the halves
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Surprising deck is cut into four piles with Aces on top
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Flying Production Aces produced one at a time in flashy manner
Tabled doube lift brief
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Top-card turnover flourish flashy way to flip top card face up, here used to effect a change (following a Double Lift)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card spring into deck single card bowed against table and released, springing it and catching it in deck (next to an Ace)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Reality or Fiction King is inserted into tabled spread perpendicularly, deck is flipped open at that spot and other three Kings are instantly produced
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Four Cuts, Four Aces deck is given series of fancy tabled cuts, each time an Ace is produced on top
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Triumph Variations
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Aces Triumph deck cut into four piles and an Ace is on top of each, Aces are lost in deck and deck shuffled face up into face down, deck rights itself except for Aces face up in center
Packet reversal faced packet is reversed onto table, under cover of other hand fanning a packet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino A Royal Triumph spectator cuts packet from deck and shuffles it face up into face down, card is selected/lost in rest of deck and deck is mixed face up and face down with packet, Royal Flush cards are cut to one at a time and finally entire deck is facing one way except selection
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Half Pass as both halves of deck are squared together, lower half is reversed, “vaguely similar to the LePaul spread pass,” see also p. 209 for more technical detail
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Color Shuffle Triumph ending with Aces facing other direction, entire deck (except Aces) is shown to have changed back color
Marc Serin Subtlety for Color Changing Deck dribbling top few cards
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Mystery Card Routines
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Nonsense four Jacks and mystery card are on table, card is selected and signed and left out-jogged in deck, mystery card is inserted between Jacks, out-jogged card is then shown to be indifferent one and mystery card is signed selection
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch in fan hidden face-down card in face-up fan is brought into view as right hand inserts a card and immediately steals it out into lateral palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Dream Wonder mystery card on table, signed selection is placed among four blank cards and instantly vanishes, mystery card is shown to be signed selection, see p. 177 for alternative idea that does not need a Force
Dribble Force brief
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Visual card vanish signed selection is used to turn tabled blanks face up and instantly vanishes as they flip over, see also p. 57
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Collectors Routines
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Collectors three selections lost in deck, Aces are placed face up on deck and instantly spread to show the selections trapped between them
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Braue-style switch three of four Aces switched out for indifferent cards, packet seems to never come flush with top of deck before it is tabled
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Precise insertion in fan pressure fan with faces audience, top few cards are rotated back the other way behind fan so cards can be inserted between them
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ditching cards from packet bottom cards of packet are fed into deck as packet is set onto deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Fast Collectors Aces held in a face-up fan above deck (not flush with deck), three selections instantly appear between them
Ken Krenzel Slide-Under Switch
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple lateral palm from bottom preliminary double undercut to set cards into position to be lateral-palmed from bottom in right hand (then transferred to Tenkai), see also p. 37
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Secret multiple insertion three cards in Tenkai Palm are fed between four spread Aces as Aces are gathered from table
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Miscellaneous Card Tricks
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Ultimate Wild Card standard routine using standard Wild Card set
Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Brother John Hamman Hamman Count with a few detailed touches of Vallarino
Flushtration Count held in pinch grip
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Through-the-fist reversal followed by a “paintbrush” action to effect a change
Mexican Turnover one face-up card used to turn other card face-down, face-down card then shown to have changed, double-facer
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Reset
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-card switch with packets more novel handling for setting up for Reset
Bottom palm from packet side-steal into right palm, brief
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Flourishy double display double is pivoted around in hand
Palm color change card deposited from palm to make card change, change is delayed, not done visually, see also p. 243 and p. 250 for more visual application
Dai Vernon Cop transfer uncredited
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Strong four indifferent cards face up in square formation, two parallel face-up spreads are made between the cards, as both hands square the spreads, the four cards instantly change to Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Double double obtaining a pair of doubles on top of deck, “hit” style, see also p. 230
(says it’s a slight variation of the technique explained in “Strong Transposition,” but there's no trick by this name in book, Lovick said it likely was an item that was originally supposed to be included)
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Shortcut selection lost in deck, deck cut in two, with a wave over one half it visually turns face up, selection is face down in middle of face-up half
Spread half pass see also p. 241
Edward Marlo Marlo’s “Rise, Rise, Rise” change
Jean-Pierre Vallarino English Poker four-card packet is continuously shown to consist of different number of red Kings and black Queens and finally shown to be all Jokers, presentation is about the rules of English Poker, “reminiscent of Bro. John Hamman’s “The Twins”…”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count variation
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Trio signed selection lost in deck, spectator names number, performer cuts off that exact number of cards and card arrived at is selection, values of four prediction cards are shown to total that amount as well, finally selection’s back is shown to have changed color
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer move
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Bluff spectator stops performer as he cuts packets to table, card stopped at is selection
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch on table top card of deck is apparently dealt onto table, really an “empty deal” and card hidden beneath hand on table is brought into view
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card or Money signed selection visually changes into dollar bill, bill placed into clip of pen and changes back to card with a twist of the pen
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card to bill card is lapped as bill is brought into view from behind table
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Cost $4 performer gives spectators a dollar for each unsuccessful attempt at cutting to signed selection, after third attempt, he shows that selection is in his wallet between last two bills, un-gimmicked wallet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Magic Wallet signed card appears in performer’s wallet, un-gimmicked wallet
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch in spread top card of left-hand’s spread is switched for bottom card of right-hand’s spread as performer turns to right to table it
Paul LePaul Spread Pass brief
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Wallet load card loaded from beneath wallet to inside via Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's Ambitious Card “…excels in its delight in palming as the main method rather than the pass”
one phase is similar to “Visual Lift” (p. 237) but with card face down
False turnover card (double) displayed face up on deck is apparently turned face down on deck, in reality the lower card of double is turned over on top of visible card
Hit Double Lift uncredited
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Face-up production on deck bottom card of face-to-face double is stolen out into right palm and deposited on top of deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch face-up card is flipped face down onto deck and is switched for card clipped in right hand, which ends up out-jogged on deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Palm replacement palmed card is dropped on top as right hand squares in out-jogged card
Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon Double Turnover
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Retention-of-vision switch card is switched as it is brushed across top of deck and seems to always be in view and in motion
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Visual Lift one half of deck is out-jogged on other, signed selection is placed face up beneath bottom half and in-jogged, as selection is squared in it visually appears on top of bottom half, then halves are squared together and it appears on top
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Double Turnover from beneath top card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Surprise Double Inversion selection rises to top of deck twice, it is out-jogged face up in middle and entire deck turns face up around it, then immediately deck turns back face down around it
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Half Pass with out-jogged card all cards beneath out-jogged card are reversed
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's Pocket Queens lost in deck and deck is cased, Queens removed from different pockets
Jean-Pierre Vallarino False card case insertion deck inserted into card case, simultaneously feeding some cards onto outside of case, unique grip
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-card palm from card case cards flat against case are “top”-palmed
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Pocket Transpo Pocket Interchange
Spread cull done with small packet
Simulated pick-up cards below break in packet are dropped back to where they came from as they are apparently squared
Jean-Pierre Vallarino False pocket placement left hand’s card is apparently placed into inner jacket pocket, really placed into right hand that is holding lapel
Edward Marlo Cross-body pocket transfer left hand palming card and holding left lapel, goes across to inner-right jacket pocket to produce card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Vallarino's Everywhere and Nowhere card is selected in red deck, four blue-backed Aces change one at a time to match the selection, then they all change to Queens and their backs change to red
Larry Jennings Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement
Arthur Finley Finley Tent Vanish see also variation on p. 274
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Tenkai palm replacement turning packet over end for end to motivate replacement
Stanley Collins Paintbrush Color Change
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Flick color change double-card out-jogged on top of single, left index finger pushes lower card of double inward on top of single card as right finger flicks inner end of single card to effect the change
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal technique used here to steal card (double) apparently inserted on bottom of tabled packet and loaded on top, see also application on p. 89
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Out-jogged card switch card loaded above out-jogged card from Tenkai palm and out-jogged card pushed into deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Jinx Switch variant tabled packet switched with bottom cards of deck
Jean-Pierre Vallarino In Memory of Geoff Latta Aces face down on table, Kings change into Aces and tabled cards are now the Kings, selected card is out-jogged in deck and vanishes, reappears between Aces
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Card switch in spread bottom card of right-hand’s spread is displayed and then switched with top card of left hand as it is brought down to table, see also related technique on p. 227
"The brush" gambler’s sleight, muck-style load beneath tabled packet, see also related technique on p. 30 (“Italian Palm”)
Book-break maintain finger-break in packet when it is turned over
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Out-jogged vanish out-jogged card vanishes when hand is waved over it, referring to this technique it says “Jean-Pierre uses an original sleight”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Triple Travel prediction card says to look at the signed selection in glass, which is shown to have changed into another instruction card, a few more steps of instructions appear magically and finally direct to inside the card case where selection is found
Related to 270
Necktie second deal brief
Joseph Ovette, Jean-Pierre Vallarino Master Move for case load to load card in card case, adhesive on card case facilitates load
Jean-Pierre Vallarino New Traveling Aces open travelers, Aces appear under forearm, forearm used to hide cards already on table and to secretly separate double on table
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Instant multiple top palm double-card is set on top of packet for briefest moment and instantly palmed
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Tent Vanish variation not done with palming action of right hand, left hand is jerked forward and card drops to vanish tent card, see also classic tent vanish on p. 256
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Han Ping Chien with cards three Aces in right hand and apparently one Ace in left but really also extra card, right hand’s Aces are sprung onto table as a double and a single as Ace from left hand is sprung to table as well
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Italian Palm load under mat to vanish card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coin Magic
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Mirage card is rapidly turned end for end on table four times, each time a coin is produced on table beneath it
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-coin classic palm getting them into position
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Diagonal Coin Assembly four coins on table, card is used to vanish three of them, card placed onto table and fourth coin vanishes barehandedly, all coins reappear beneath card
False drop of coin off card
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Palming coin on top of coin tip to soften noise
Al Schneider Schneider pick-up move to vanish coin off hand with card
Retention vanish brief, done with coin already in classic palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Reverse Coin Assembly card placed on four coins, three coins instantly disperse to other three corners on table
“Jean-Pierre devised this to follow “Diagonal Coin Assembly”, just described”
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-coin pick-up beneath card used to pick up two in one hand and one in other, all at once as card is set on coins
Jean-Pierre Vallarino J.P. Coin Assembly four cards on four coins, three coins vanish and appear beneath fourth card with its coin
Coin pick-up beneath card both outer coins stolen simultaneously as both hands place a card there
Toss vanish “Goshman-like”, coin held back on right fingertips
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Fingertip rest transfer to classic palm finessed detail for transfer
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Blow Coin Assembly coins on top of handkerchief at separate corners and corners folded over coins, each time performer blows the corners fly up to reveal a coin has travelled and eventually travel back to where they started, finally all coins vanish and reappear beneath handkerchief in separate corners
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rub Plus three coins vanished one at a time in right hand, reappear on left palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Back-clip vanish between index and middle fingers as hand makes tossing motion upward
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coin transfer coin back-clipped in right hand is dropped on left fingers as a coin is openly taken from left hand
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coin acquitment to show both sides of hand empty, coin transferred from back-clip to classic palm
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Coin production dropped from right classic palm onto left hand and revealed with a wave
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