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Karl Fulves Skeleton Crew four kings in one case, four jacks in another, king thought of, performer transfers one in jacks case, it's thought-of one and gets a big hole in the middle The Vampire Papers 105
Karl Fulves A. K. A. four Fives, one suit named, reflection of this Five changes to a queen when seen in mirror The Vampire Papers 107
Karl Fulves Unlimited Access three cards placed on card case, one vanishes and is found under cellophane under case or in case The Vampire Papers 110
Karl Fulves Flat Count The Vampire Papers 112
Karl Fulves Reversal Count named jack reverses after displaying all The Vampire Papers 113
Karl Fulves Stake Out sandwich stapled but only center card is stapled The Vampire Papers 114
Karl Fulves The Count Plays Cards named card of four-card-packet turns over, optional odd back The Vampire Papers 115
Karl Fulves Looks Like named jack changes into previous selection The Vampire Papers 116
Karl Fulves Automated Teller AS, 2S, 3S, one of them changes into previously selected jack The Vampire Papers 117
Karl Fulves The Brooklyn Card Trick "tree of hearts" The Vampire Papers 118
Karl Fulves Night Hunter four Jacks and two Aces, chosen jack vanishes, four double facers The Vampire Papers 119
Karl Fulves Front Loading Osborn's Unlimited Count handling The Vampire Papers 120
Karl Fulves Plan 9 four blue-backed jokers, red-backed jack placed in packet, face changes to joker The Vampire Papers 121
Karl Fulves Line Up named black ace turns over in ace packet and changes into jack of same suit The Vampire Papers 123
Karl Fulves Himber Envelopes two compartments, two versions The Vampire Papers 125
Karl Fulves Nameless a jack transforms into any named card in packet of aces The Vampire Papers 127
Karl Fulves Vegas Vampire ten cards dealt into two hands, a selection changes into indifferent card and is then in other packet, jacks show up as finale The Vampire Papers 130
Karl Fulves Dealing Force to place card at thought-of number in five-card packet The Vampire Papers 131
Karl Fulves Vampire Poker card at thought-of position in five-card packet predicted The Vampire Papers 133
Karl Fulves Flight Deck four jacks and three sixes, one jack vanishes, it is found stuck to ceiling The Vampire Papers 135
Karl Fulves The Apparatus listing of gaffs that came with deluxe edition The Vampire Papers 137
Karl Fulves Card Vanish from Packet packet mixed face-up/face-down with one double facer The Vampire Papers 138
Nick Trost Red or Black - Which? small packetInspired byRelated toVariations The Card Magic of Nick Trost 28
Ken Krenzel, Karl Fulves The Other Shoe force from card case, ungaffedInspired by Ingenuities 33
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher The Omega Bet - Updated Multiple prediction of whether selected cards matched color, last phase uses GilbreathInspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 96
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher, Tom Hubbard Automatic Poker - A Different Handling Uses packet of eleven cards masquerading as tenInspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 106
Nick Trost Calling the Hands Inspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 115
Karl Fulves Introduction The Chronicles ()
Marty Kane, Karl Fulves, Peter Duffie Marty's Miracle Card found via elimination procedure, eliminate every odd card in packetInspired by Effortless Card Magic 125
Karl Fulves Introduction Day For Any Date 1
Karl Fulves Portable Calendar for practicing the system, seven cards, the one that falls on day of chosen date is predicted Day For Any Date 8
Karl Fulves Cast A Card Day For Any Date 10
Karl Fulves Date Deck cards with week days, months, days, week day found for given date Day For Any Date 28
Karl Fulves Notes On The Date Deck - The Last Ten Years
- Short Cuts
- Open Dates
Day For Any Date 30
Karl Fulves The Optioned Future seven piles formed, spectator thinks of one in the pile that matches the week day he is born in, divined and predictedRelated to Day For Any Date 31
Karl Fulves Mystique woman choses week day, man month and day, they match, variation with chosen card Day For Any Date 33
Karl Fulves Fishing Day For Any Date 37
Karl Fulves Betting The Furure card chosen via date, predicted Day For Any Date 37
Karl Fulves The Tomorrow Card Day For Any Date 39
Karl Fulves The Fulves Aces deck riffle shuffled, not squared, halves separated again and one selection is protruding from both halves, see also Freeman Display versionsAlso published here Mind Your Poker 19
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas Red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces (first published as Harlequinesque in Imagine)Inspired byRelated toVariations Effortless Card Magic 23
Karl Fulves Introduction presentations based on vampire theme, material dated 1970-1975 The Vampire Chronicles 2
Karl Fulves Night Life unknown face-down card placed in new pack order, when spread the card at that position is missing, repeated with other position, unknown card is this second missing cardRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 4
Karl Fulves Buried Alive four card packet, bottom card rises to top The Vampire Chronicles 8
Karl Fulves Transfigured card put among three jacks and left in sight changes into fourth jack The Vampire Chronicles 11
Karl Fulves Lady Is A Vamp "Nigh Life" spin-off where unknown card changes into queen when put with other queensRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 14
Karl Fulves The Chosen unknown sandwiched card cut in new pack order deck, card selected, in its place appears a blank card with X and sandwiched card is selectionVariations The Vampire Chronicles 16
Karl Fulves Dr. Acula unknown sandwiched card, selection on deck, sandwich placed on top and deck cut, sandwiched card now is selection The Vampire Chronicles 18
Karl Fulves Dr. J unknown face-down card is placed in face-up deck where spectator cuts, the card he cuts to is then the face-down card, SBS deckRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 20
Karl Fulves Jekyll-Hide six red and 6 black cards, a black card chosen, but it isn't among the 6 black cards suddenly but among the 6 reds (identified by spectator with special glasses on) The Vampire Chronicles 22
Karl Fulves Night Moves card in center of tabled deck, covered with handkerchief, movement, card now on top The Vampire Chronicles 26
Peter Duffie The Fourmost Card reversed in packet of 25 cards. Packet is "mixed" and dealt into five poker hands - hand with reversed card contains four of a kind, other hands are mixedInspired by
  • "Draw Test" (Karl Fulves, Rigmarole)
Effortless Card Magic 67
Karl Fulves Red Moon card second from top in hand, covered with handkerchief, movement, card now on top, gimmick with two hinged cards The Vampire Chronicles 27
Karl Fulves The Summons card in center, deck in hand, covered with handkerchief, spectator's palm on top, movement, card now face-up and perpendicular on top The Vampire Chronicles 29
Karl Fulves Second Methods sandwich cards and selection cut into deck, covered with handkerchief, then sandwich on top with selection The Vampire Chronicles 31
Karl Fulves Night Stalker - El Cheapo Rapping Hand stuffed glove in box moves when selection is near The Vampire Chronicles 33
Karl Fulves Walk By Night sandwiched card in card case is placed in transparent box, case moves around inside, then card is turned over when removed The Vampire Chronicles 34
Karl Fulves Silver Kiss card on pile moves up against spectator's hand, hole in cards The Vampire Chronicles 36
Karl Fulves Necromancer three selections rise to the top one by one, last one into the case, packet with cut-out hole The Vampire Chronicles 38
Karl Fulves Gold Rush coin travels from inside packet to card, packet with cut-out hole, with additional ideas The Vampire Chronicles 40
Karl Fulves Jacula deck covered, movement takes place, then card is reversed The Vampire Chronicles 42
Karl Fulves Blue Trap deck covered with handkerchief, movement takes place, selection now inside handkerchief folds, see also p. 138 in "The Vampire Papers" for additional credits The Vampire Chronicles 43
Karl Fulves Cristabel card signed on back and lost, deck covered with handkerchief, movement, mark now on other card outside deck The Vampire Chronicles 45
Karl Fulves Breathless two cards sandwiched, sandwich on top of deck, one of the cards vanishes The Vampire Chronicles 47
Karl Fulves Necroscope with handkerchiefInspired by The Vampire Chronicles 49
Karl Fulves Nosferatu card travels from sandwich into case, case suddenly jumps to vertical position on hand The Vampire Chronicles 50
Karl Fulves Crossed Destinies card changes with story presentation The Vampire Chronicles 55
Karl Fulves Capture by Ritual Ace through 7, named value is captures by black jacks The Vampire Chronicles 56
Karl Fulves Power of One pyramid layout with cards, orientation is reversed and values reverse with it, two methodsInspired byRelated to
  • "Paranoiac Pyramid" (Shigeo Futagawa, Jan. 1992, Genii)
The Vampire Chronicles 58
Karl Fulves The Convert four cards all become bite marks The Vampire Chronicles 61
Karl Fulves Mirrors Never Lie card vanishes from packet but remains visible in mirror, card with mirror surfaceRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 63
Karl Fulves Zoltan The Vampire Chronicles 67
Karl Fulves Vampire Cull any seven named, 4 sevens outjogged and pushed in again, named one rises to top The Vampire Chronicles 68
Karl Fulves Polidori Principle one of four jacks transforms into selection, only visible in mirror The Vampire Chronicles 70
Karl Fulves Vampire Cull Strip-Out Addition The Vampire Chronicles 70
Karl Fulves The Invaders sandwich cards on top and bottom, four-of-a-kind named and upjogged, suit named, all squared and cut, named card sandwiched The Vampire Chronicles 70
Karl Fulves House No. 5 four deuces, one named, it's the only one face-down, it's placed in case, then four cards removed from case - they're the jacksRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 71
Karl Fulves I, Vampire blank sandwiched card becomes chosen card, sandwich in deck, impromptu handling of "The Chosen", two methodsInspired by The Vampire Chronicles 74
Karl Fulves Ace of Diamonds as Blank Card The Vampire Chronicles 74
Karl Fulves Introduction The Noir Test 1
Karl Fulves The Noir Test five reds and five blacks, after separation blacks change into royal flushInspired by The Noir Test 2
Karl Fulves Casino Royale royal flush kickerInspired by The Noir Test 7
Karl Fulves Note references for Strip-Out Addition The Noir Test 9
Karl Fulves Noir et Rouge Inspired by The Noir Test 10
Karl Fulves Some Assembly Required spectator choses cards from group of aces and indifferent card, choses aces (or Royal Flush)Inspired by The Noir Test 13
Karl Fulves Noir Negative four cards chosen with Even Money Proposition procedure, they're predictedInspired by The Noir Test 15
Karl Fulves Even Money Aces selected four-of-a-kind mixed with 4 other cards, all cards cut in deck, they're back on top, aces kickerInspired byRelated toVariations The Noir Test 19
Karl Fulves Random Access Inspired byRelated to The Noir Test 23
Karl Fulves See Also... Even Money Proposition referencesRelated to The Noir Test 26
Karl Fulves Scratch Marking The Noir Test 23
Karl Fulves Introduction Mutus Nomen
Karl Fulves You're How Old? "The First Layout", ace through 9 of two suits, spectator remembers pair with her age, in the end birth year announced Mutus Nomen 4
Karl Fulves Stolen Numbers "The First Layout", telephone number presentation, ten cards (Ace through Ten) are laid out in which spectator's indicate their rowsInspired by Mutus Nomen 7
Karl Fulves A Muted Nomen "The First Layout", spectators each remember one card in poker hand Mutus Nomen 11
Karl Fulves Fragments "The First Layout", poker presentation Mutus Nomen 14
Karl Fulves, Stewart Judah Crime Time "The Second Layout", using Judah shuffling sequence to set for the deal Mutus Nomen 17
Karl Fulves Bar Room Poker "The Second Layout", shuffling sequence to set for deal, 9 pairsVariations Mutus Nomen 19
Sam Schwartz Back Room Poker shuffling sequence to set for deal, 9 pairsInspired by Mutus Nomen 21
Karl Fulves Count Without Words "The Second Layout", blackjack memory demonstration Mutus Nomen 23
Karl Fulves Mumbles "The Second Layout", ten value pairs, joker put between any pair, this pair later divined, anti-faro versionInspired by Mutus Nomen 28
Karl Fulves, Stewart Judah Notes on a Shuffle "The Judah Shuffle", analyzing the distribution shuffle, "Quatrate?" term explained Mutus Nomen 30
Karl Fulves Shadow Land "The Judah Shuffle" Mutus Nomen 33
Karl Fulves Twin Effect "The Judah Shuffle", 3 visible and 3 invisible spectators Mutus Nomen 35
Karl Fulves The Card Counter "The Judah Shuffle", Tens through Aces used for blackjack presentation, three spectators Mutus Nomen 39
Karl Fulves Speechless "Without Words" (meaning without word codes in layout) Mutus Nomen 44
Karl Fulves Close Packing "Without Words" Mutus Nomen 46
Karl Fulves Family Reunion "Without Words", done with twenty borrowed photos Mutus Nomen 48
Karl Fulves Body of Evidence "Without Words", non-card version with twenty doll-house furnishings, murder mystery presentation Mutus Nomen 50
Karl Fulves Introduction about cheating at cards Combo 1
Karl Fulves Personal Effects "New Maps", rectangle torn from newspaper is divided into grid, spectators circle words in the ads, performer later divines themRelated to Mutus Nomen 52
Karl Fulves A Gambling Effect performer memorizes a string of cards, then deals 7 blackjack hands and knows who has a good hand Combo 2
Karl Fulves Paper Folding Note Related to Mutus Nomen 54
Karl Fulves A Magical Effect think stop, then in next effect the color of all cards in top third are named Combo 2
Karl Fulves Date Certain "New Maps", up to 8 spectators fill in birthdates in grid which is cut apart and rearranged before it is divined Mutus Nomen 55
Karl Fulves The Secret combo system introduction Combo 3
Karl Fulves Bit by Bit combo system introduction, binary numbers Combo 4
Karl Fulves His & Hers "New Maps", 2 papers with 16 squares filled out with names by girl and her boyfriend and cut into loose squares, their own names are in same position Mutus Nomen 61
Karl Fulves One & One is Ten combo system introduction Combo 5
Karl Fulves Anything Squared "New Maps", mutus nomen with random words on paper squareInspired by
  • Magical Pleasantries (Tom Sellers)
Mutus Nomen 64
Karl Fulves The Value of Color combo system Combo 6
Karl Fulves Letters of Intent Mutus Nomen with alphabet cards Mutus Nomen 67
Karl Fulves Practice practicing combo memory system Combo 11
Karl Fulves The Odd Location spectator choses two cards and cuts them together into packet, other spectators as well Mutus Nomen 69
Karl Fulves The Dealer's Game memorizing the high cards at blackjack, with practicing tips Combo 15
Karl Fulves Murder at Midnight with triplets instead of pairs Mutus Nomen 72
Karl Fulves Advantage Play Combo 17
Karl Fulves Tracking dealing out 16 blackjack hands and memorizing the good ones Combo 19
Karl Fulves Bibliography selective Mutus Nomen 82
Karl Fulves Psycho nine spectators write day and month of birth on papers, later assigned to spectators with short readings Mutus Nomen 77
Karl Fulves The Specialist performer separates colors of shuffled deck Combo 23
Karl Fulves A Coincidence two cards in mutus nomen layout have odd backs, posed as problem Mutus Nomen 82
Karl Fulves Code For Oracle two suits named and removed, performer separates them from the back Combo 25
Karl Fulves The Lady Thinks shuffled deck, psychic from other side of room tells how cards should be dealt to separate reds from blacksRelated to Combo 27
Karl Fulves Map + Dowsing handful coins distributed on drawn map, one turned over, performer divines which one, using memory Combo 29
Karl Fulves Pickpocket a dozen people put a chip in either left or right pocket, performer memorizes all Combo 30
Karl Fulves Clenched Fist Note ten people put a coin in either left or right hand, performer memorizes all Combo 30
Karl Fulves Psy-Key advantage for an ESP guessing game, memory Combo 31
Karl Fulves Trick Dice die moved via quarter turns on grid, top numbers listed, performer memorizes the list Combo 34
Karl Fulves Crystal Persuasion red-black guessing game with 2 spectators, one gets everything right, the other according to chance Combo 36
Karl Fulves Expansionism memorizing color sequence of 32 cards, but really only sixteenRelated to Combo 38
Karl Fulves Shiner Gag mirror covered with tape Combo 39
Karl Fulves Cross Checking using one-way backs to expand combo memory system to 4 suits or other features, challenge location application Combo 40
Karl Fulves Mini Bridge 16-card version of bridge Combo 43
Karl Fulves After Hummer separating reds and blacks behind back, involving a layout on a grid on the table by spectator Combo 46
Karl Fulves Silent Speech memorizing sixteen cards after spectator's riffle shuffle, interlocking chains Combo 49
Karl Fulves Remote Viewing spectator shuffles cards once and deals about a third, then names a number and removes card from this position, performer names it, interlocking chains Combo 51
Karl Fulves Background credit information on Combo system and bibliographyRelated to Combo 53
Karl Fulves Combo & Card Counting brief mention Combo 54
Karl Fulves Lightning Numbers (added to later edition, no year given)Related to
  • The Fine Print #8 (1998)
Day For Any Date 44
Steve Mayhew Mexican Turnover variation, while turning over two cardsRelated to Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals 25
Guy Hollingworth The Cassandra Quandary card placed in envelope is actual later selectionRelated toVariations Drawing Room Deceptions 264
Milton Kort, Jack Avis Matcho Spectator freely selects one of four blue cards, magician deals out four previously placed red cards below the blue ones, the chosen blue card matches the corresponding red (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 1, no. 8, Oct 1969)Related toVariations Kort 79
Milton Kort, Karl Fulves That Darned Ace Spectator names any Ace, performer shows that Ace to have hindered him from getting a four of a kind Poker hand (three Kings and selected Ace), suit matches missing King Kort 95
David Regal For Marlo Selection placed with four of a kind travels to another four of a kindInspired byRelated to Close-Up & Personal 49
Reinhard Müller Afterimages selection in center found on top, then put among four jacks, card again is on top, card vanishes from the jacks, two versionsInspired by
  • Karl Fulves' “Persistence of Vision “ in “The Fine Print“ No. 2, 1995
Concertos for Pasteboard 131
Karl Fulves Introduction Lost Vampire Secrets 139
Karl Fulves Marked For Death selection first "vanishes" from face, then is found between odd-backed sandwich cards in deck, with "A Finesse Note" Lost Vampire Secrets 140
Karl Fulves Line-Up Move Variation at bottom of deckRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 143
Karl Fulves Unsolved Disappearances two cards paper clipped face to face on deck, top half cut and turned over, spread and cards next to clipped cards remembered, they vanish and now are the clipped cards Lost Vampire Secrets 145
Karl Fulves Entity a card vanishes from 4-card packet, two methods Lost Vampire Secrets 146
Karl Fulves Push-In Steal three outjogged cards stripped out and center card secretly pushed back Lost Vampire Secrets 147
Karl Fulves Bloodlines blood writing on paper, chemical Lost Vampire Secrets 150
Karl Fulves Hypodermic Needle Gag actually a pen, comedy prop Lost Vampire Secrets 151
Karl Fulves Next of Kin no extra card Lost Vampire Secrets 153
Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz Blood Brothers spectator's birthday divined (actually only the month) with clock type layout Lost Vampire Secrets 157
Karl Fulves Escapism indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet Lost Vampire Secrets 160
Karl Fulves Out Of Body indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet Lost Vampire Secrets 163
Karl Fulves At Stake four jacks and paper clip in envelope, spectator names any jack and this has clip on when removed Lost Vampire Secrets 166
Karl Fulves Clip through Card effect problems in which a straightened paper clip penetrates a cased card or impales a cardRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 168
Karl Fulves Vampire Slayer AS with paper clip is used to turn 4H over on table, 4H now is duplicate AS with another clip on, with alternate gaff Lost Vampire Secrets 169
Karl Fulves Igor two packets, card chosen in one matches up with vampire in other packet when counted simultaneouslyInspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
Lost Vampire Secrets 173
Karl Fulves The Dark Force Inspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
Lost Vampire Secrets 175
Karl Fulves Bite Out Of Crime two sandwich cards in box, first selection appears between, then second selection but with corner torn off Lost Vampire Secrets 177
Karl Fulves Quartered four jacks on table, selection placed under one, it magically quarters itself and one quarter is found under each, posed as problem Lost Vampire Secrets 180
Karl Fulves Fast Food two ordered ace through ten piles, card chosen from one, then counted simultaneously, card in other pile at same position changes to Jack of Spades and comes out in pieces from container (cauldron) Lost Vampire Secrets 181
Karl Fulves Stealth seven red cards, spectators eliminate 6, the last one changes into JS Lost Vampire Secrets 184
Karl Fulves PATEO Variation force done by two spectators, magician's choice on final decisionInspired by
  • PATEO (Roy Baker, Baker's Bonanza, p. 38)
Related to
Lost Vampire Secrets 184
Karl Fulves A Non-Sleight Additive Lost Vampire Secrets 186
Karl Fulves Among Us card in new pack order, a card is removed and after some spectator cuts replaced, no card is out of order afterwards Lost Vampire Secrets 187
Karl Fulves One Handed Top Palm Handling tapping side on table Lost Vampire Secrets 189
Karl Fulves Inter Alia new pack order, isolated card placed in deck where spectator cut, it's in its numerical positionRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 189
Karl Fulves Hunt To Kill two piles, red and black, one card moved from one pile to other and vice versa, position determined by die, exchanged cards are instantly sandwiched Lost Vampire Secrets 192
Karl Fulves Night Flight cardboard piece rides along as spread is flipped over on table, in center selection rises out sideways, for credit information see p. 139BRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 194
Karl Fulves True Colors five cards in envelopes, one selected, its card changes into vampire card Lost Vampire Secrets 201
Karl Fulves Chance By Choice two cards selected from packet, one changes into vampire card and other travels to envelope Lost Vampire Secrets 203
Karl Fulves Pulse Stopping with small skull that is produced afterwards Lost Vampire Secrets 159
Karl Fulves High Stakes square layout with four Jokers and four Jacks, values are spelt and object moved from card to card, spectator always ends on a jackRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 206
Karl Fulves The Good Book four jacks sticking out of book, numbers called an added, one of the jacks suddenly is at this page number Lost Vampire Secrets 209
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) The Ravelli Pop-out Related to Card College - Volume 4 1024
Karl Fulves Add-a-Number Pad Handling Lost Vampire Secrets 209
Karl Fulves Covered Elmsley Count cards sticking out of book during count Lost Vampire Secrets 210
Karl Fulves Over Exposed four queens in envelope, two card selected, those turn over and become blank Lost Vampire Secrets 212
Karl Fulves Strange Gods basically the backs of two cards with different-colored backs transpose Lost Vampire Secrets 215
Karl Fulves Fade Out card changes gradually, front and back Lost Vampire Secrets 218
Karl Fulves The Apparatus listing of gaffs that came with deluxe edition Lost Vampire Secrets 224
Roy Walton, Fred Kaps The Kaps Switch Related to Card College - Volume 4 816
Gerry Scharnböck Sprung deck bound by rubber band, card pops out at right angleRelated toVariations Concertos for Pasteboard 49
Karl Fulves Swindle Stab two jokers sandwich 2 selection one at a timeInspired by The Magic Thrust 13
Karl Fulves Stab At Nothing two jokers thrust into deck by spectator, not near the two selections, third joker appears next to selection, one of the jokers changes into selection The Magic Thrust 15
Karl Fulves X Finds X card marked on back lost, another card marked on back is stabbed in deck next to itself, it transposed with other card The Magic Thrust 18
Michael Skinner, Karl Fulves Hands & Table Double Cut The Magic Thrust 19
Karl Fulves Negative Thrust two selections in deck, deck in glass, joker inserted halfway, covered with handkerchief, then one selection is outjogged and joker in deck next to other selection, metamorphosis presentation The Magic Thrust 22
Karl Fulves Timed To Trap two cards reversed together in middle, card chosen, instantly sandwiched, sandwiched card is forced The Magic Thrust 23
Karl Fulves Future Thrust reversed card at beginning changes into later selection The Magic Thrust 25
Karl Fulves Crayola odd-backed joker changes into selection and back, posed as problem The Magic Thrust 28
Karl Fulves Stabbed By Memory two cards next to stabbed in joker remembered, one found by stabbing, joker put in wallet, then is back in deck next to other selection and in wallet is first selection The Magic Thrust 29
Karl Fulves, Tom Sellers Sellers Force Gimmick for two cards The Magic Thrust 30
Karl Fulves A Day Late half card pops out next to selection The Magic Thrust 32
Karl Fulves Popgun odd-backed joker in deck, selection pops out next to joker, backs transpose The Magic Thrust 34
Karl Fulves Ettevo first selection pops out, second selection travels to wallet The Magic Thrust 36
Karl Fulves Reverse Master Move Force bottom slip cut The Magic Thrust 36
Karl Fulves Sightless Stab joker tossed into banded deck underneath cardboard next to selectionRelated to The Magic Thrust 39
Karl Fulves, Joseph K. Schmidt Impromtpu Haunted Deck The Magic Thrust 40
Karl Fulves Nabbed In The Back two decks, backs of two cards transpose The Magic Thrust 42
Simon Aronson Euph-oracle (an Alternate Take) Elimination procedure to locate two selections, using Reverse FarosInspired by Try the Impossible 26
Karl Fulves Upside Down Hofzinser Change with a card at bottomRelated to The Magic Thrust 43
Karl Fulves Background Magic Thrust credit information, reprinted from Latter Day Secrets p. 216 The Magic Thrust 45
Karl Fulves, Howard Wurst, Bill Pawson Breath Test No. 43, card found by another cardRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 63
Unknown Encore Breath Test No. 44, method for repeatRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 64
Karl Fulves Tomorrow's Card No. 47, eight cards shuffled face-up/face-down, number of reversed cards and their identity predictedInspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
New Self-Working Card Tricks 67
Karl Fulves Minds in Duplicate chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 75
Karl Fulves A Friendly Ghost No. 51, two cards chosen from two decks match, card also predicted, non-shuffle Gilbreath principle (taking cards from top or bottom) New Self-Working Card Tricks 75
Karl Fulves Tea-Time Mystery No. 52, two cards from two decks are divined and then transpose New Self-Working Card Tricks 77
Karl Fulves Trapped in Time No. 54, odd-backed card in wallet finds selection, then face changes to signed selection New Self-Working Card Tricks 80
Karl Fulves Cue Cards No. 55, spectator and performer remember card and its position in five-card packets, found by each other New Self-Working Card Tricks 82
Karl Fulves Tricks with Aces chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 86
Bill Simon, Karl Fulves Unbalanced Aces No. 57, two packets dealt into two heaps eachInspired by New Self-Working Card Tricks 86
Karl Fulves Carbon Copy No. 59, two sets of Aces from two decks, shuffled with down/under and klondike, same order in the endRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 88
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis One Chance in Four No. 60, four Aces with numbers on back from different deck, packets dealt in front of each according to chosen number, at this position a match occursRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 90
Karl Fulves, Larry Becker Knockout Poker No. 62, spectator choses five cards from himself from face-up deck and for performer from face-down deck with dealing procedure, magicians gets Aces New Self-Working Card Tricks 92
Karl Fulves Speed Stacking No. 15, overhand stacking the already stacked cards to a different player, spectator previously removes as many cards that corresponds to the player My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 31
Karl Fulves Rouge et Noir chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 97
Karl Fulves Wild Bill's Game No. 16, performer wins with straight My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 33
Karl Fulves Transposed Thoughts No. 65, packet sorted in blacks and reds by spectator, two spectators remember bottom card of their pile, all assembled, performer transposes the two cards at their positions behind his back New Self-Working Card Tricks 98
Karl Fulves Red-Black Tricks chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 37
Karl Fulves Color of Thought No. 18, red card in one pile counted, that many black cards counted down in other pile, last card predicted, with follow-up challenge location My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 37
Karl Fulves Guess Again No. 67, eight cards pushed in deck by spectator and left out-jogged, all cards are paired with odd-colored card when cards are dealt off in pairsRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 101
Karl Fulves Card Roulette No. 19, two cards chosen by two spectators from small packet, cards counted through and spectators' cards do not show up, prime principleRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 38
Karl Fulves, Tony Bartolotta She Read Your Mind No. 68, spectator finds card which is divined by performer New Self-Working Card Tricks 103
Karl Fulves Flip Over Mystery No. 20, folding with matrix layout, two cards previously chosen are only odd-colored either face-up or face-down, or more subtle with odd-even My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 40
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Psychic Map No. 69, fifteen cards in matrix layout on table, some are turned over, covered with newspaper, performer reaches underneath and adjusts, when newspaper is removed all face-up cards are red and vice versa New Self-Working Card Tricks 104
Karl Fulves Center Vision No. 21, spectator remembers twenty-sixth card in shuffled deck and gives center portion to performer who finds selection, follow-up with another locationRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 42
Karl Fulves Games of Chance chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 108
Karl Fulves Backwards Bet No. 22, RBBR-RBBR-... set-up, performer guesses color composition of certain pairs after seeing other pairsRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 45
Karl Fulves Blackgammon No. 23, two packets are faced, spectator sorts the cards into red and blackAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 46
Karl Fulves Marked for Mystery chapter intro, single cards are marked for the following effects My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 49
Karl Fulves Stop or Else! No. 24, "Stop or else" written on Joker My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 49
Karl Fulves Partial False Cut cutting some cards from top into center to not disturb bottom half My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 50
Karl Fulves, Howard A. Adams Metal with Memory No. 25, three coins arranged and cards dealt according to their value, three Aces are found My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 51
Karl Fulves, William P. Miesel Cutting the Aces No. 26 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 53
Karl Fulves, Hen Fetsch Poker Logic No. 77, with two Royal FlushesInspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic"
New Self-Working Card Tricks 116
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Scrambled Stud No. 27, spectator remembers card and its position in ten-card packet, two hands dealt but selection and its mate face-down My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 56
Karl Fulves Thought Control chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 118
Karl Fulves, Charles T. Jordan Conceal and Reveal No. 28, three spectators cut off a pile and look at the bottom card, three piles made and spectators remove cards from each packet, selection must be one, performer reveals all My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 58
Karl Fulves Magic by the Book No. 87, this book is a force-book with one of three words as every seventh word at the start of each chapterRelated to New Self-Working Card Tricks 130
Karl Fulves Mind Reading chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 62
Martin Gardner, Howard A. Adams Make the Cards Match No. 88, five cards matched with other five cardsRelated to
  • "Packeten One" (Howard A. Adams, "O.I.C.U.F.E.S.P" Vol. 9)
New Self-Working Card Tricks 130
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Voodoo Clue No. 29, card chosen by dealing two piles from seventeen-card packet and moving cards from top to bottom according to an Eight and Nine removed by performer, card arrived at predicted My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 62
Karl Fulves Moving Marker chapter intro New Self-Working Card Tricks 133
Karl Fulves Magnetic Force No. 30, mates of two selections found on either side of another card My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 63
Karl Fulves Mental Case No. 89, case moved around on five-card row, final card's mate is in case New Self-Working Card Tricks 133
Karl Fulves Business Card ESP No. 31, two cards predicted on business cardsInspired by My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 65
Karl Fulves Cupid's Hotline No. 32, four-of-a-kind taken out, then one of those four, medium divines suit, office and home phone numbers are written down in the beginning My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 68
Karl Fulves Contemplation No. 33, one of thirteen card packet thought-of, spelling procedure for spectator My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 70
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis Four-Card Magic No. 93, four face-down cards, an Ace moved on top of them according to instructions, ends up on matching card New Self-Working Card Tricks 140
Karl Fulves Opposite Twins No. 34, Ace through Five of Hearts and Spades used, matching routine, Klondike My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 73
Karl Fulves Magic Maze No. 94, nine card layout, instruction game to find cardInspired by
  • trick on David Copperfield special
New Self-Working Card Tricks 141
Karl Fulves Mental Mate No. 35, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, spectator counts to number (ignoring face-up cards), then performer, the cards matchAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 74
Karl Fulves Revelation by Design No. 95, instruction game with sixteen card layout New Self-Working Card Tricks 143
Karl Fulves Greeks Bearing Gifts No. 36, four queens removed, one selected and found, repeated with diminishing number of queens, last one predictedAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 76
Karl Fulves Novelty Tricks chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 80
Karl Fulves Back Stop No. 37, a card shows up with writing "Stop! Back up 3 cards", and there the selection is found My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 80
Karl Fulves Suspense No. 38, card balanced between upright card case and deck, then it remains suspended (chair levitation like) when case is removedAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 83
Karl Fulves Introduction Related to Hex Squared 2
Karl Fulves Center Fold No. 39, joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each cardAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 86
Karl Fulves Further Reading references Hex Squared 5
Karl Fulves Krazy Kut No. 40, deck cut by performer, yet he names a card and its positionRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 90
Karl Fulves Card Recalled unknown card signed on back found with Hex Squared instructions Hex Squared 8
Karl Fulves Seen, Not Seen No. 41, card openly predicted, number up to ten named, repeated before both cards are shown My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 92
Paul Curry A Penny for Your Thoughts after some changes (written directions) the order of four coins and a rolled up bill is namedInspired byAlso published here Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 164
Karl Fulves Roll The Dice printed dice layout, dice roll selected by instructions on how to move on grid is predicted Hex Squared 11
Karl Fulves, Art Altman Faces and Aces No. 42, four cards removed, performer turns one over, cards shuffled back, all four reverse and selection is identified, other three change to Aces My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 95
Karl Fulves Crazy Calendar matrix with months, spectator choses his own Hex Squared 12
Karl Fulves The Deck is Stacked chapter intro, simple "let me show you one more" deck switch My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 97
Karl Fulves Tric Trac nine coins in square, one chosen, date predictedVariations Hex Squared 15
Karl Fulves Would I Lie? No. 43, three piles, card in center one remembered, cards taken from outer two piles in any combination, values added to count down to selection, no-shuffle Gilbreath My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 97
Karl Fulves Trac Two coin chosen from matrix with only two instructionsInspired by Hex Squared 17
Karl Fulves After Dark No. 44, spectator locates magician's card and vice versa My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 100
Karl Fulves Never Was eighteen coins in pairs in 3x3 square, one pair chosen, one of the coins in this pair vanishes, nickel & dime setInspired by Hex Squared 18
Karl Fulves Psi-X No. 45, cut and shuffle procedure, only selection (probably) at stack position afterwardsAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 102
Karl Fulves Hollywood Squared names of celebrities on cards in square formation, selection predicted Hex Squared 19
Karl Fulves Red-Backed Blues chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 105
Karl Fulves Portable Roulette 3x5 grid with various numbers, chosen one predictedRelated to Hex Squared 20
Karl Fulves One Second Flat No. 46, gag sequence in which apparently gambling secrets are exposed, finishes with color changing backs and a Royal Flush dealRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 105
Karl Fulves Construct A Hex how to construct a matrix and instructions for the movement on it for Hex Squared Hex Squared 21
Karl Fulves, Ronald B. Edwards Colors Can't Mix No. 47, odd-backed oil & water in which faces mix but not backs and vice versa, 4&4 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 108
Karl Fulves Cell By Cell further strategies on how to construct the matrix Hex Squared 27
Karl Fulves A Volatile Card No. 48, odd-backed prediction in pocket matches selection, prediction accidentally cut into deck and back of deck changes to match My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 111
Karl Fulves Pictorials visualisation on how the matrix works Hex Squared 31
Karl Fulves Subliminal Force No. 49, one of ten cards selected by putting paper clip on it, "You will choose the only red card" My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 113
Karl Fulves Entrapment strategy on how to enlarge the matrixRelated to Hex Squared 32
Karl Fulves Any Named Ace No. 50, red and blue backed cards mixed, sixteen-card square dealt out, spectator moves coin around to instructions and ends up on previously named Ace My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 116
Karl Fulves Run The Table strategy on how to construct the matrix Hex Squared 33
Karl Fulves Roll the Dice chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 119
Karl Fulves Free Will strategy on how to construct the matrix Hex Squared 36
Karl Fulves Cast of Cards No. 51, poker deal, values determined by roll of dice show up in one handAlso published here My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 119
Karl Fulves Restoration four red-backed and 4 blue-backed cards torn in half, one card signed on face and a half kept, card chosen from 3x5 square made from rest, matching half found Hex Squared 40
Karl Fulves Poker with Dice No. 52, pair of Jacks located with dice and counting procedure My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 120
Karl Fulves Word Game word chosen from matrix layout Hex Squared 44
Karl Fulves, John Scarne, George G. Kaplan Triple Find No. 53, three dice rolled, two piles made from those numbers, three cards turned face-up correspond to numbers on dice My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 121
Karl Fulves Ouija Jr. 3x4 letters, word chosen by moving according to instructions, it's "ring" and the phone rings Hex Squared 47
Karl Fulves The Lost Die No. 54, two cards change position in small packet, selected with a visible and a drawn dieRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 123
Karl Fulves Flight Schedule 3x4 matrix with flight times, one selected and predicted (with multiple out) Hex Squared 49
Karl Fulves Introduction My Best Self-Working Card Tricks
Karl Fulves, Howard A. Adams The Odds Against No. 55, five cards torn in half, halves matched, using two diceInspired by My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 125
Karl Fulves Outguessed performer and spectator have five cards each, spectator choses another card from grid layout according to rules and can replace one of his or performer's cards with it, still performer has better poker hand Hex Squared 52
Karl Fulves Personality Tests chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 1
Karl Fulves X-Ray Vision chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 128
Karl Fulves Someone Like You No. 1, five cards chosen from shuffled deck, according to color composition a description of the spectator is read, it's the only one that matchesRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 1
Karl Fulves Illuminator No. 56, reversed card corresponds with value on die My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 128
Karl Fulves Symmetry "This section considers some aspects of symmetry in regard to the distribution of reds and blacks in the layout." Hex Squared 58
Karl Fulves The Odd Couple No. 2, one of four cards selected, all shuffled back in deck, performer locates it My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 3
Karl Fulves Mystery Sight No. 57, four dice thrown and covered with cups, cards used to divine die values My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 129
Karl Fulves Symmetry Too Hex Squared 59
Karl Fulves, Theodore Annemann Riffle Shuffle Reversal two handlings My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 5
Karl Fulves Repeat Miraskill No. 58 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 131
Karl Fulves Symmetry III Hex Squared 60
Karl Fulves Compatibility No. 3, number of red cards in one pile corresponds with number of black in another My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 7
Karl Fulves, Ralph W. Hull, Bob Hummer Eyeless Vision No. 59 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 134
Karl Fulves Flat Roulette 5x5 layoutRelated to Hex Squared 61
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Most Wanted List No. 4, list with twelve descriptions, one kind and all others ugly, value chosen with two numbers and description at that position is the kind one, small packet counting force My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 8
Karl Fulves Card to Wallet chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 136
Karl Fulves Homing Device 4x4 layout with life themed words, two phase routine in which first phase gives idea that any word is possible Hex Squared 63
Karl Fulves Impromptu Tricks chapter intro My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 11
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Prediction Wallet No. 60, behind-the-back load, "Look at the Wall(et)" prediction gagRelated to My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 136
Karl Fulves Seers 'R Us spectator decides how many instructions there will be, yet final position predicted with clear plastic and permanent X on it Hex Squared 71
Karl Fulves Calculated Cut No. 5, two selections located, small packet cut off and card at that position rememberedInspired by My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 11
Karl Fulves Dracula's Calling Card No. 61, unknown card in wallet, selection changes to Dracula card (Jack of Spades) and card in wallet is selection My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 139
Karl Fulves Spellathon 3x4 card layout on table, card selected via instructions and spelled to in rest of deck to find selected card Hex Squared 73